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Living Room Accessories

Living Room Accessories
Living room accessories are the design element, which help to give a finishing touch to your living room design project. If you constantly feel that something is missing in your living room, then try adding just one of the accessories mentioned below and you’ll immediately feel the difference.

1) Curtains and drapes

Living Room Accessories
These have a dual purpose in any interior space. Firstly these are used to control the amount of natural light entering in the living room. Curtains can be made of cloth, bamboo mats or even artificial material like vinyl in the form of blinds. No matter how you use them they provide a secondary function of creating visual element in the living room. Creative use of curtains can make a big impact in your living room decorating project.

2) Indoor plants

Living Room Accessories
These are very overlooked design element but can have an amazing impact in creating a homely and calm living room space. Just add one indoor flowering plant in your living room and you'll immediately feel the kind of charming effect it produces. While picking up indoor plants you can have a flowering plant with seasonal blooming periods. This will automatically create different mood in different seasons o the year.

Make sure you opt for a shade loving plant for this purpose because some indoor plants do require occasional sunlight to remain healthy. If you are unsure about the particular details of the plant then you can always ask the nursery guy when you buy it.

3) Lamp shades 

Living Room Accessories
These are great for creating a romantic ambience in your living room. Stained glass shades when used in combination with general-purpose lighting can create amazing focal points in the living room.

The light that penetrates the shade surface gets a tinge to it's color and illuminates the entire surroundings with this thing. This produces awesome light and shadow effects. If used with proper planning can be a very beautiful way to make a big difference in the living room.

4) Statues

Living Room Accessories
Small to medium sized statues can make a big difference in the living room. If you combine a statue with another accessory such as a plant stand in the form of a mermaid or a sailor or even a lampshade as a flag post in the hands of a sailor then this can quickly define the scale of the living room as compared to human relations. Look around the online marketplaces to grab some beautiful tabletop or freestanding statues.

5) Wall decor 

Living Room Accessories

Sky is the limit when it comes to picking up wall decor items. The most common forms of wall decor items are wallpapers, digital photo frames, wall paintings, mirrors wrought iron artifacts, wall hangings and many more varieties of all these. While picking up a wall hanging you can be very creative and pick a piece with multiple functions. For example you can have a small wrought iron wall hanging with a built-in letter holder or even candleholder.

Thus living room accessories come in a variety of forms, shapes and sizes. You can brainstorm more creative ideas by dogging deeper into what and how you want to decorate you own living room. Simple ideas can lead to some beautiful and breathtaking designs so never hesitate to experiment with your own creative ideas.

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