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4 Picture ideas for Filling the Empty Wall in Different Ways

Everyone happens to us , and I also include myself , that we have at home some wall or empty corner without decoration that waits for us to have a good idea and that finally looks nice and great. Today we are going to see 4 Picture ideas for Empty wall that can serve to inspire you and fill those walls.

These walls with nothing that we all have at home in many occasions are not so for pleasure , but for lack of ideas or because in others we have pictures or sheets and we do not want to load more the decoration with these. Well I want to show you 4 ideas that you can make yourselves at home and with very little budget to decorate these walls. With washi tape , threads , nails , stickers and some photos we will make these walls look nice and complete your decoration. Also I think they are very good ideas to give them a twist more and personalize it or inspire us for different ideas.

1. Fill your Empty wall with Constellations and Stars

This idea seems very original , and best of all very easy to do. With circular stickers and other star-shaped stickers and a little bit of thread we made this lovely DIY. With that we are clear that constellations we want to put is enough.

4 Picture ideas for Filling the Empty Wall in Different Ways

2. Make a hilorama on your wall with your favorite phrase.

This option I also like a lot , you know what I like to do hiloramas so this option had to be included. Simply by moving from the wood to our wall the nails we already have almost ready this simple and precious DIY. Just a few nails and colored thread is what we need. Perhaps what more work is going to cost us is to choose a phrase that we like.

4 Picture ideas for Filling the Empty Wall in Different Ways

3. diy ideas for blank wall with Washi tape and a little imagination

Simply with a few rolls of Washi tape we can create the compositions or drawings that we want to fill that empty wall of our houses. In this case our imagination is the one that puts the limit so if we dare we can do from compositions like the one we see in the photograph as for example figures of origami or origami.

4 Picture ideas for Filling the Empty Wall in Different Ways

 4. DIY Ideas For Empty space in Bedroom ; A geometric composition to place our photos. 

On this occasion we will also use nails and thread as in point 2 , but in a totally different way. For this DIY we need very little material and make a sketch with the geometric composition that we have thought. For this example the words are over and it is best that you see the necessary steps to do it.

4 Picture ideas for Filling the Empty Wall in Different Ways

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