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How to Basic Ideas for Decorating the Perfect Kids Bedroom

Basic ideas for decorating the perfect Kids bedroom, a personalized space where your child can study , play , dream and sleep at ease , be happy.

A review of the basicsof a kids room , to awaken the ingenuity and imagination of children. The 10 basic ideas of how to decorate a perfect children's room , create a space where you can concentrate to study and also can dream , meet friends and be alone and entertained. Always thinking about his character and his affinities , to the measure of his personality.

How to Basic Ideas for Decorating the Perfect Kids Bedroom

First choose the theme and the color palette , thinking about what your child may like best , where you can relax and stimulate your imagination. It has to be a space where you can have fun and relax to study or read , we will have to create mini spaces inside the room to be the maximum functional for the child and above all very happy.

Once you have taken this into account , you can choose the lingerie , cushions , carpets , accessories , such as cupboards , lights , vinyl and glass , curtains , dolls , toys , shelves , bed , and so on. Depending on your budget or your desire , you can buy it done or with a little grace do it yourself. Almost everything you show in the images are valid examples of  DIY.

Create your own look

The look you are looking for in space , the common thread that unites the aesthetics of the bedroom , and which will create a global and balanced image , will help you define the colors , themes and objects you choose. Choose from classic , romantic , industrial , minimalist , modern , vintage , rustic , bohemian and nordic , with this concept you can choose all objects from space.

A wall to imagine

The walls are very tempting , I think if you have clear the wall , the rest comes alone , decide if you want something masculine colors darker and saturated , if you look for something more superhero colors vivid and motifs , something more romantic pastel colors and floral motifs , Something more classic with stamped wallpaper or something more Nordic with very graphic drawings and geometric figures.

How to Basic Ideas for Decorating the Perfect Kids Bedroom

Once the wall isdesigned , you already have 90% of the room dressed , the rest are details , but please do not leave it without working! Make imaginative photos to your children , and print them on a giant vinyl , hook it to the wall , it looks great.

A tip do not put all the walls the same , if one is slate , and in the other smooth with some small vinyls , pictures , mobiles , pompoms , I leave 7 Simple DIY's to decorate your walls , I think you will love it.
A light to follow

Another element that will help you to give that personal touch and create an intimate space , where to relax for sleep or to dream , is light. What great differences there are of look in these two examples , one more romantic and the other clearly childish , but both very intimate. If it is a room with low light , play with artificial light , to create ambiences and color the wall , will divert attention from the lack of light , create imaginative spaces , story worlds.

How to Basic Ideas for Decorating the Perfect Kids Bedroom

A place to sleep

Choose a bed that follows the aesthetics of the chosen theme or color , feminine , rustic or minimal. And if you already have a bed , customize it , painting it or with the lingerie , sheets and cushions you just give the touch you were looking for , with the prints of the sheets , forms of the cushions and curtains. You can even make yourself the head of the bed or the cushions , to customize the room.

How to Basic Ideas for Decorating the Perfect Kids Bedroom

A world to dream

A very important place for a child , his own plot , you can not enter , unless you leave , a space to create , think , dream , look at the shrews. Find a corner , buy a mosquito net , add a carpet on the floor or cushions , add some details on the wall or some lights on the ceiling , and you have already created space.

How to Basic Ideas for Decorating the Perfect Kids Bedroom

An atmosphere to study

Inevitably , he tries to create a suitable environment in which he feels comfortable and unlike the previous one , he is not distracted and can concentrate. The best is a table or desk against the wall and have everything by hand (pen , books and notebook) to study , not have to get up and distract with other things you like more , be seperated or separated with a screen Of the fun area.

How to Basic Ideas for Decorating the Perfect Kids Bedroom

A space to play

It creates toys adapted to its age and way of being , it is not necessary to acquire and consume constantly , everything that comes to the market. With a swing , a doll , a book and a space to dream , they will be more than happy. The important thing is that they have the space to be able to do it , a place of their own , where if they mess up , do not mind. An idea creates a racing circuit on the floor with or a dollhouse on the Washi Tape wall.

How to Basic Ideas for Decorating the Perfect Kids Bedroom

If you like recycling you can create with your child your own toys , such as toys made with cardboard , a selection of toys bought or made with cartons and boxes of house , the important thing is that both options are recycled cardboard , they are ecological toys .
Your own closet

Forget about the idea of a closet for a lifetime , adapt the space you have , your clothes are short and they do not have as much as we do , next year will not do well , look at what fabulous ideas and above are easy to do.

But if you have a closet adapt it , personalize it , draw , or washitapea a bit or paint the closet with Chalk Paint and turn the cabinet on a blackboard or put vinyl.

How to Basic Ideas for Decorating the Perfect Kids Bedroom

An object to embrace

Some children find it hard to go to sleep or be alone , there are precious collections of rag dolls or cushions of a thousand shapes or patterns that will help to personalize the room and feel more accompanied. Remember that these ragdolls can be made by yourself.

How to Basic Ideas for Decorating the Perfect Kids Bedroom

A space to read

It is important to motivate your imagination , an area for reading is basic for a child , I leave you a couple of ideas so you can see how simple it is and how motivated they will feel. A place to lie down and imagine.

How to Basic Ideas for Decorating the Perfect Kids Bedroom

With these ideas and these furniture you can create the most personal and magical space for your child to be happy.

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