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The latest way to decorate children's bedroom

If you design the room of his youngest son , but do not know where to start today in this article we will give some ideas on how to decorate the children's bedroom. First start planning everything small , once grown , need in your room. If the baby's room decorated it to your liking , to be practical , functional and meet the needs , know now that you've grown your needs and desires are greater.

The best advice is to involve children in choosing a room is the room where will hide their secrets , where they will learn , invite friends , it better be agreed and according to your tastes. But how to decoratechildren's rooms?

The latest way to decorate children's bedroom

The latest way to decorate children's bedroom
The latest way to decorate children's bedroom

When you have to buy and choose the boys' dormitory drop them off to decide with them about colors and discuss with them about the layout of the furniture. The necessary furniture , of course , a bed with a bedside table , a wardrobe , a desk with a comfortable chair and beautiful. If space is tight , you can use a modular bridge bed , or designs that propose a loft bed with a desk underneath and next to a large piece of furniture: so even if the room is narrow will be room for all.

The latest way to decorate children's bedroom

The latest way to decorate children's bedroom

Nursery Decor 

If the room has more space , can be designed in such a way as to separate the sleeping area of ​​the dedicated to study , where besides the desk and chair can also install a comfortable library and shelves. It would be nice also place a bulletin board or a blackboard where you can write your thoughts appointments and not to forget anything. 

Kids Bedroom Decor 

Do not forget also a more intimate space where you can listen to music or read a good book: A large cushion on the floor or a comfortable chair in a corner , perhaps near a window , they are ideal. Do not forget lighting: a central lamp is essential (the guys do not like frills) and a comfortable desk lamp or land in the area dedicated to the study and relaxation.

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