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Modern living room design

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Gray Living Room Design Ideas

Gray has been the go-to neutral for at least a decade, and it works beautifully in modern living rooms, like this one form Grand Design London. Cooler shades, in particular, speak to the aesthetic of modern design, and when combined with black furniture you get a sleek and urban look.RELATED: Gray Living Room Design Ideas
It can be a place for social gatherings, or a space to watch TV together in the evening or also can be used as a dining space when a room separator is implemented. So, before buying furniture for the living room it is important to take care of the functional needs.
In order to take some of the severity away from modern style, consider light but warm colors. The built-in wall unit in this room from Fiorella Design is most certainly modern in style, but the light wood tone adds softness. 
Comfort and Relaxation Raven Inside Interior Design, photo by Brandon Barre A modern living room with comfortable furniture, cozy fireplace and the stunning view is the perfect place …