Baby Nursery Decor on a Budget

30 Apr

Money shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to your baby nursery decor. With a little imagination and spare time you can pump up the look of your baby’s room in no time. It is a matter of planning before hand, being very realistic with the amount of money we can spend, realizing that we are designing the room for a baby and not ourselves, not forgetting that it is always a good idea to make sure the room’s look goes hand in hand with the rest of our home decor.

Lets have a look at a few simple baby nursery decorating ideas:

You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a fun and wonderful room for your baby; no matter how tight your budget is you can really create a fantastic atmosphere in the nursery. The most important thing when you start decorating is safety. So make sure you have checked all safety rules before buying or borrowing tools and/or  furniture for the room.

Try to use second hand items; see what you can get from friends, neighbours and family. Things like the baby bath, the first stroller, etc; most people will have many items in storage. Don’t be afraid to ask; it won’t be long till you will be able to return them to the owner as babies grow fast! Displaying your photo baby shower invitations is also a great decor idea, they can act as great reminders and add a nostalgic touch.

Find deals in thrift stores, classified advertisements in local newspaper and an Internet shopping portal like Ebay and note that because newborn articles have been used only for a few months they are generally in very good condition even if they have been through several owners.

If you decide bo buy new furniture to add to your existing home decoration, try to be practical when baby nursery decorating by choosing things that remain useful as the baby grows. Do not buy furniture that is too newborn like so you it can continue to be usefull for at least the first five years of his or her childhood.

If you travel a lot, might consider buying a travel cot can be easily dismantled and put in a suitcase or bag.

Choose colors that will coordinate with toys and other items in the room. Believe me, toys will become a huge part of your baby nursery decor!

Try to do the work yourself; purchase second hand furniture and re-paint it with bright colors and symmetrical forms. Buy fun fabrics to make your own curtains, quilts and cushion covers. And why not paint the walls? Or try to find cheap baby wallpapers to decorate the room. If you find the task too complicated (or haven’t got experience), embellish the walls with adhesive strips or use different color pint around windows, ceilings and doors. Remember: if you are on a budget, the colors you choose should grow with your baby!

Baskets, drawers and shelves are cheaper than cabinets when it comes to storing toys, clothes and other essentials. If you need lots of storing space, place shelves on the walls. Many DIY stores sell kits that are easy to assemble and don’t cost much.

The best source for ideas will come from experinced parents who have gone through the whole ordeal themselves. Everyone will be more than happy to share their ideas and items no longer needed.

As you can see, when it comes to your baby nursery decor it can be fun, easy and inexpensive!

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