Which Bathroom Color Scheme?

4 Jun

The right color schemes for bathrooms is really up to the style you are particularly trying to achieve, but the traditional bathroom color scheme should aim towards something that is soft and soothing at the same time especially if you like relaxing in the hot bath. A scheme like this would bring in a refreshing, spacious feel even to small bathrooms, driving out dinginess while still filling the room with color.

Harmonious Hues

The key to creating a restful scheme is combining harmonious hues or different tones of one color. The bath could be painted then in a darker color like green, while silvery blue slate floor tiles and splashback tiles in watery greens and greys would look glorious as they would, especially if you harmonize with accessories in aqua colors like towels.

Jade and Terracotta

With jade-green louvred shutters and walls painted in a deep shade of terracotta, a small bathroom can recreate the feel of an old Italian villa. Scumble glaze any MDF bath paneling to give it the look of the beach hut weathered by brine and breeze; throw into relief by adding a chocolate brown flooring. White tiles will suit it nicely, set them diagonally for extra interest and provide the necessary light contrast for all the dark, moody tones.

Black and White

When it comes to bathroom color schemes black and white are not really an easy combination to live with in rooms where you spend a lot of time, but in a bathroom it can look smart and striking, and is a classic choice if you want a more hard-edged, masculine style. Big chequerboard tiles and black rubber flooring can make a really dramatic statement. To slightly alleviate the darkness of the monochrome scheme, the bath can be apinted chocolate brown (gorgeous!) and the walls or upper walls if you’ve got tiles in light mustard

The Modern Look

In any type of home decoration the modern look can be really striking, and when it comes to the restroom, an idea would be to combine hard edge industrial style of galvanized metal with a lush grass green on the walls. Cutting edge and very appealing. Bathroom paint color schemes don’t have to be soft and mild all the time. cover the bath panels and splashback in pre-weathered zing titanium alloy. You will find that despite all the metal, the look has an essentially natural character; enhance it by adding a sisal-effect flooring and wicker chair. Leafy pot plants in bright green can join in with a stunning lime green wall color to suggest a tropical feel.

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