Bathroom Color Schemes

29 Oct

Let’s have a look at very interesting bathroom color schemes that will make the room spark back to life! Whether you’re going for a seashell bathroom decor, the clean cut look or a calm, nice and relaxed feel, the colors you use in your bathroom will determine the mood and ambiance as much as the style and decor.


Bring a sophisticated sheen to bathtime with the gleam of copper. Metallic paint can give a gorgeous roll-top tub an opulent glow, while shelves edged with copper leaf are just to dream of. With this scheme, flooring looks good with a cooper lookalike touch. Sage green and cream would provide the perfect understated backdrop, and grey towels could add accent color without stealing the spotlight from the glamorous copper style.


Using light colors throughout your bathroom will add a sense of space to the smaller room, which is something you can play with throughout your home decoration in general. Too much white can give a clinical feel, but cream crease a clean look that’s easier to live with. Stick to white for the suite, though; not only is a white suite more versatile but it also provides a crisp contrast for the cream, giving it a contemporary edge. Add a touch with gorgeus bathroom vanity sinks and place wood paneling on the walls for a warm and cozy feel. Carved wood cabinets and picture frames will provide your bathroom with great character.


Spicy colors warm up any cream scheme, and yellow ochre paintwork on the basin and loo housing would add a regal touch. Mix it with orange and cream tiles alternating to make a subtle splashback.

A blind in crisp ginger and white ticking can really brighten up windows and mirror corners. Baskets and wooden accessories work with earthy colors to create a lovely and natural feel. Handmade framed pictures (i.e. paper and willow cane) add an ethnic touch as well as extra color.

Small Spaces

Although light shades give bathrooms the illusion of space, deep colors can also work wonders in small bathrooms, adding drama and warmth. Use them plain rather than patterned, and stick to simple styling. An example would be a room with a hint of oriental style, rose pink, honey-colored wood and buff mosaic to create a very welcoming mix.

Earthy shades turn up the heat in chilly high-ceilinged rooms in a way that draws attention to and makes the most of its original features. Three colors to keep in mind: deep reds for the walls, a slightly darker shade on picture rails and a pale yellow between rails and covings. Also, warm caramel tones of wood flooring and loo seats complement the rest of the colors.

Purple and Yellow

Yellow and purple are lovely complimentary colors. When combining these two very strong tones, keep the deeper one for the lower part of the room. It “grounds” the scheme, while the brighter shade keeps the atmosphere airy. Continue the wall colors over shelves and skirtings. A scheme of two bold colors needs touches of a third for balance. A sharp green does a really good job with purple and yellow.

If You Can’t Decide…

If you can’t decide which color to go for, try them all together! Bright yellow, turquoise and lilac used cheek in jowl in the same small area might sound like a recipe for disaster, but they bring a fun, lively look to any bathroom. More colors can be included as accents: deep pink, orange and green can add both light and dark tones. Also check out living room color schemes.

So there, plenty of lovely bathroom color schemes for you to choose from!

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