Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Whether Large or Small, Your Bathroom Decor should Always be taken into Account

25 Dec

Whether you have a large or small bathroom at home, it is really fun and easy to come up with fantastic bathroom decorating ideas to jazz it up a little or for a full make-over. If you decide to go for the latter, make sure your bathroom is clean and that you clear up any accessories or furniture before you start (also allow for the walls to dry after you clean them thoroughly). Decide if you want to paint the walls or use wallpaper. A combination of both could also look great.

Bathroom Decor with Accessories

Borders near the ceiling or right against it usually look fantastic in the bathroom. If you are particularly looking for small bathroom decorating ideas white, creams and  off-white are the colors you should go for. Tiles are also great to add on the walls; you could add a strip around the middle section on all walls for consistency. Moroccan style tiles are really popular and add that “spice” to the bathroom. Again, your accessories should always match.

There are hundreds of bath and shower curtain designs, colors, styles and patterns. You might want to consider plastic shower doors that depict different landscape scenes or in vibrant colors that match your walls. They are a good choice as they allow plenty of light into the bathroom which is usually needed especially if there are no windows.

One of the most popular bathroom decor ideas is to add color by spray painting some of your accessories. Choose a color that is original and nowhere to be found in the bathroom; not only it will make your accessories stand out but it will also create fantastic luminosity and spots where the eye can rest easily. Make sure the color combination falls under the same scheme. Varnish your accessories first so as time passes they are still untarnished. Spray paint and allow to dry before placing; with a color this accented you will be amazed at the results.

Roll your towels nicely and place inside wicker baskets. If the color of the wicker doesn’t go with the rest of your bathroom decor, don’t be afraid of adding color to them. Match with a nice floor mat and the different toothbrush accessories. Make sure to visit our bathroom seashell decorations post to have a look at great accessories that can highly improve the look of your new and exciting scheme!

Make your own Shower Curtains

This is one of the easiest and more effective bathroom decoration ideas. Although it is true that you can find shower curtains in almost every color imaginable, there is nothing more fulfilling than creating your own. Take the right measurements first and double check so they fit accordingly (if you have a bath, measure the length, width and height). Allow for the curtain to fall underneath the height of the bath if you happen to have both incorporated in one. Choose the right material (plastic or waterproof) and cut according to the measurements taken. Buy an extra 1meter to the measurements taken. You will have to also cut holes for the hangers and place plastic accessories. You can find them at many DIY stores or large department stores.

Your chosen material should be washed thoroughly before you start working with it. Fold it in half so you end up with two sheets of equal measure. Fold again the top of the material in rectangular shapes so we can add the holes for the curtain rod.

Cover Shelves for Protection

Decorating ideas for bathroom shelves can also include covering them with small curtains with the appropriate matching colors to cover your personal accessories like creams, ear buds, deodorants, etc. Measure the length and width of your shelf or shelves; three different curtains would look ideal (two for the sides and one for the front).

Your material should be durable like a mix of cotton and polyester. It will not only provide your shelves with the right protection but it will add a fantastic touch to your bathroom decoration. You can use Velcro to attach the material in a way that you only have to flip it to access your personals. If you find that making your own covers is too complicated or haven’t got the time, take the measurements, choose a great material and have them professionally made. Shelf covers will make your bathroom stand out as they can really add originality and are a great decor accessory.

Plants and Bowls

When looking for decorating ideas for the bathroom plants and bowls will give you that edge without having to spend a lot of money. Nature elements always look good in almost any room, and the bathroom is the right place to display them.

Have you got a free standing bathroom mirror? Add a large plant next to it so the reflection adds warmth to the room. Smaller plants like cacti would look great on the top shelves next to your bathroom accessories or on corner cabinets.

Bottles, glass bowls filled with pebbles or sand will also look attractive and add an edge to your bathroom decor. Seashells, potpourri, bath salts, floral arrangements and scented candles can be placed along the shelves and can be really pleasing to the eye. Seashell bathroom decor is very popular and there are many different accessories to complement it. Use different color candles to place in every corner of the bathroom; some may go on the side of the tub and the other alongside mirrors and shelves above the sink.

Your see through glass bowls can be used to place your hair clips, cotton, manicure accessories and many other commonly used items in a bathroom. For kids bathroom decorating ideas place plastic toys like rubber ducks or bath books alongside your other decorative items. They will add color and a lovely spark to the room.

When it comes to bathroom decorating ideas the key is to experiment with elements that will add originality, style and functionality to the room. This idea can be extended to other rooms thus improving your home decoration in general therefore creating a sense of identity and consistency.

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