Bathroom Designs – Creating Beautiful Personal Spaces

24 Sep

One of the most important parts of a house is the bath room; as such, many homeowners want the best bathroom designs for their homes. Bathroom design ideas differ in the way they use colors and space. Because these places are used for bathing, shaving, brushing and many other personal activities, it is important to use bathrooms designs which the users find pleasant and which give them a sense of comfort.

What Color to Use

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In choosing what color to use, one can get an idea from the overall home decoration. Complementing good colors with pretty bathroom decorating ideas can enhance the appeal of this area of the house. For instance, if the whole house has a country motif, brown or earth hues can be used. A big free standing bathroom mirror can serve as a focal point, particularly if its frame is beautifully carved wood.

If the house has a Tuscan theme, then warm reds, rich golds and vivid greens may be used. The essence of the Tuscan theme is oneness with earth and nature. Therefore tuscan bathroom designs can be achieved by integrating the beautiful shades found in our environment. Handmade pottery which may or may not contain decorative plants can serve to enhance the overall Tuscan look.

A house with tropical decor would benefit best by using the look of the sea and the tropics. Sky blue and warm yellow are very fitting for such a house. The addition of sheer curtains for the windows, a corner bathroom vanity placed strategically to reflect the view from the outside and seashell bathroom decor   can further strengthen the tropical effect.

Of course, it is also good to personalize bathroom color schemes. Some people prefer the minimalist interior design style; and they usually opt for whites and blacks. Other people nowadays live in modern apartments and condominiums which are not exactly generous with space. Therefore, small bathroom design should be used. This design maximizes the use of decorative mirrors to create an optical illusion of space. Check out glorious walk in shower designs for even more space saving and ease of use.

Tile Designs and Styles

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Experimenting with bathroom tile designs can add zest to the area. Aside from being used for the flooring, tiles can also be used for the walls. One can choose plain tiles of the same color but one can also choose abstract or geometric designs. It is good to consult with tile manufacturers and sellers in order to come up with the most appropriate tile design. One good idea is to create an illusion of a path going to the bath tub or shower. Another good idea is to use tiles arranged in such a way that they give an effect of concentric circles, with the tub or the shower at the center of these circles. For the comfortable or country styled bathroom, placing tub chairs in front of a nicely tiled wall will add accent to the country decor.

Places to Visit

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There are many ways of learning how to design a bathroom but the best ideas and materials are found at Lowes, HGTV,  Kohler, Bed Bath and Beyond and Shower Curtains for that particular accessory. These establishments not only provide unique and beautiful ideas; they also allow customization of the area where personal toilet is done. Whether a person is looking for affordable DIY ideas for storage, fixtures, vanities and other essentials or for the more costly, but definitely worth it designer bathroom ideas created by the masters , these places will give exactly what is needed.

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