Bathroom Storage for the Perfect Bathroom

31 Aug

A well-designed bathroom has to have strategically-placed bathroom storage for various showering materials and hygiene-related implements. This place in the house has to be kept clean and tidy but it has to give a homey feeling at the same time. The first goal is achieved by using the appropriate storage ideas and the second one is achieved by using decorations that complement the overall theme of the house.

Ideas for Space Savers

The bathroom storage furniture used depends on how much space is available. If there is enough floor space to spare, bathroom storage floor cabinets may be used. One should choose the appropriate material since the floor is prone to water spillage. For instance, wood is less preferable than plastic or metal in the bath.

On the other hand, if there is not enough floor space for adding storage units, one can resort to bathroom wall cabinets. These do not have to be bulky and may be placed in a horizontal arrangement near the ceiling. Vertically placed shelves may also be placed in corners. Placing plastic or wicker baskets on these shelves maximize the capability of the shelf to hold bathroom implements like soaps, scourer for cleaning the shower head from limescale, cleaning products and also other containers. These baskets can also be used to hold towel or tissue rolls.

For bathroom towel storage, one can choose the basket-on-the shelf method as mentioned, or put towel hooks on the wall near the toilet. This area is also usually left blank but it is a great place for towel hooks and racks. Aside from keeping the space tidy, the towels are also kept ventilated, preventing undesirable mildew growth. Accessories that complement the home decoration can also hang on hooks or racks placed on the wall.

The space underneath the sink is also underutilized if there is no bath storage placed there. One way to circumvent this is to use bathroom storage cabinets with built-in drawers. Great bathroom decorating ideas include using tasteful decorative drawers and a free standing bathroom mirror to make the place look more spacious.

Places to Find Great Bathroom Space-saving Ideas

While one can take a trip to the local furniture or hardware store to browse storage implements, one can also choose bathroom furniture by browsing shops in the Internet. Aside from saving gas, shops like Bath and Beyond, Ikea, the Container Store, and Restoration Hardware offer a wide array of bathroom storage cabinets. Whether one is looking for a white bathroom storage unit or even a multicolored one, these places offer the best designs. When one wants a great and top-of-the-line corner bathroom vanity or any other storage furniture, Lowes is just the right place.

The bathroom should be a relaxing and clutter-free place since it is where one usually observes good hygiene. A big challenge is how to keep it this way when the space is limited. Closets are not always present in this part of the house. By using the ideas and going to the places stated herein, a homemaker will surely achieve a bathroom that equally features cleanliness, orderliness and beauty.

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