Planning your Bathroom Wall Cabinets

23 Jun

As you consider fixtures and fittings for the look of your new bathroom? Whether it’s applying the finishing touches to a complete revamp or prettying up the existing items when considering bathroom wall cabinets, white is always a safe bet if you like to regularly update your accessories to give a new angle on your style. Bathroom wall cabinets are key for displaying your bathroom decorations as well as crucial for achieving the style and design you are striving for. You do not want to be constantly replacing tiles or doing major repairs because you want a new theme (check out tropical decor for ideas).

Plan for the Future

When selecting larger items for your room; such as corner bathroom vanity units or even medicine cabinets, think about the longevity of the item and how it will cope with and integrate into changes. More expensive units should be seen as long term investments. Simply by hanging a new shower curtain or changing to black or colored accessories you can revamp a bathroom. White is a favored good solid base color for a reason as it is looks fresh and clean and is easily adaptable when the time comes again to incorporate new design aspects. However, if you have set your heart on a traditional oak bathroom then indulge your style.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom mirror wall cabinets have double the benefit, as they provide storage to conceal all the bits and pieces concerned with personal hygiene whilst ensuring that everything is to hand by the mirror to get that super cool, hair gel look. When space is an optimum as is often is especially with a second or en suite bathroom, combining functionality and style is such an easy thing to do with the offerings contemporary bathroom stores give you.

If you are looking for bathroom wall cabinets with mirrors or space savers that can be free standing or wall mounted also consider a cabinet espresso, which combines pull out drawers with shelves above,  an impressive but small article of bathroom furniture. Of course the timeless classic of bathroom wall shelves can never be overlooked and no matter what you will probably need a high shelf to keep any dangerous items such as household chemicals or razors out of the reach of small children. Remember when planning your bathroom, even if it only has an occasional visit by a small child, safety must be a major consideration.

Design Inspiration

Ikea really has to be recommended for all types of accessories, from bathroom wall storage cabinets to the bath mat, and really can put some zing into your bathroom whilst complimenting any bathroom color schemes on the smallest budgets. If change is your thing, check out the wide range of cost effective solutions available to you.

Another highly recommended store has to be Pottery Barn for a wealth of ideas and inspiration. From a simple mirror cabinet, to an innovative linen cabinet, this classy store has a fabulous organic bathroom range you will love. Bed Bath and Beyond also have a good extensive range worth investigation. Do not be tempted to splash out in your bathroom before you have browsed lots of stores to really see what is available. By selecting different components for your home decoration you can have a unique modern look that your friends will want to emulate.

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