5 Fabulous Bedroom Chairs from Ikea

6 Sep

When it comes to your home decoration, Ikea IS the place to buy trendy, modern and clean cut furniture ffor incredibly low prices. If we compare the price tags from Ikea to those of other places -considering style and design-, Ikea comes at a bargain, really.

Well, there are many MANY accessories I absolutely love at Ikea. I remember going to one of the first ones in Europe many years ago (not saying my age) and ABSOLUTELY loving it. The place reeks design. Down to the playground area. It is innovative, colorful, fun, and, best of all, not expensive for what you get. Sure, the downside is that you have to assemble the furniture yourself at home. But, isn’t it fun? Even when “things go wrong” there is such a great sense of achievement when we finally put assemble that wardrobe we cursed for five hours during the process…

One of my favorite things in Ikea is looking for accessories to give the perfect accents to your home interior decorating. You will be able to find virtually anything you need. And something is always bound to surprise you. If anything, the names will! Some of them sound just plain rude in English, while others just have that cheekiness about them. Also, being able to stop in the middle of the shopping process to have a great Swedish meal is just fantastic. Ok, maybe the meal is not that great, but the cheap cheap hotdogs surely are! And really addictive also!

So, back to the accessories. Chairs are not just a plain necessity in any home, they can also make great ornamental accessories. If you are thinking of changing your bedroom interior (or already planning it), do not proceed without saving some room for your bedroom chair. They will not also look just stylish, modern or cool, they will also offer a corner for sitting while you fold your clothes or just talk to your partner or children. The chair is such a comfortable piece of furniture, and there are many bedroom chairs from Ikea you can purchase for very little money that will do both these tasks just right. One thing: they will most probably not be in the bedroom interiors section! You will have to peruse through the office, living room and dining section to select the perfect chair for your particular needs.

I’ve selected 5 chairs that I think will add that extra oomph to any bedroom. From highest in price to lowest. Here they are:

Extorp Armchair

Beautifully designed. The flowery pattern will embellish your room if that is that style you’re after. It is comfortable and modern at the same time. It also adds freshness to your decor.


Extorp Tullsta

A vibrant red that will sure add that needed accent for a red bedroom. You can also renew the covers, which is always a plus.

extorp tullsta


Magnificent chair in navy blue, fabric is a mix of cotton a polyester. A dream in any bedroom.


Skruvsta (swivel chair)

This fantastic swivel chair will add the retro touch to your room. Light in color, alternative in style.


Solsta Olarp

Perfect for any type of white decor. Simple, elegant and small enough to fit almost any room.

Solsta Olarp

For your childrens bedroom decor check out the Evert sool. Its simplicity is just perfect for any kids room, but it is the price that makes it a real winner!

**Please note that the prices of these bedroom chairs will differ in different countries, that’s why they are not listed in this post. Also, most of the designs come in different colors for you to choose from, which is a plus. See also hanging bubble chairs for rooms.

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