Bedroom Designs and the Art of Decorating

6 Nov

Furnishing and redecorating the rooms in the house is very inspiring work as it helps the personality of the individual to shine through. Choosing and looking through bedroom designs, then selecting the furniture designs that will make the room come alive entails a lot of work. Starting with the baby nursery decor and moving on to the girls bedroom – each requires bedroom design ideas on an individual basis. If the rooms are small then small bedroom designs need to be concentrated on, with an emphasis on small bedroom furniture designs. If rooms are bigger and more spacious, then different kinds of bedroom design ideas need to be searched and looked for.

Some people are satisfied with a basic bed, a nearby bedside table, and a simple chest of drawers. Others prefer something in wrought iron over wood or even a dresser that is trendy or comes with a vanity that has mirrors. Still others want to sleep like kings and want canopies. The choices are endless. Throughout the article we will see images of completely different designs, all of them with a point to make in terms of style and personality – see which one defines you or is closest to what you like, who you are, and how you like to represent yourself through your home decoration.

bedroom3 bedroom4
by ooh_food by Supermariolxpt

Selecting Furniture and Thinking of Color and Light

Whatever the individual needs, a good place to start searching for bedroom interior design is home decoration magazines. A second source is HGTV (house and garden television). Once a general idea about the bedroom interiors has been obtained, the next step is to concentrate on decorating ideas.

Depending on the size of the room, strategically placed bedroom chairs next to the kids beds give the room a full look and provide a comfortable place to sit on. Bedroom chairs from Ikea can be used to fill up a room. These chairs come in a variety of colors, so it can be matched to the linen, cushions, futon covers etc.

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by Big Grey Mare by fromtherightbank

Many pieces of interest that have multiple functions like seating and storage spaces combined can also be obtained from Ikea. If a child likes to read in bed, a headboard that also acts as a bookcase can be ideal. In a small room, some well placed decorative mirrors make the room appear bigger, in fact, the illusion they create can be absolutely stunning!

For bedrooms that are compact, a tall and thin furniture design is more appropriate, as opposed to heavy or dark as these tend to give a cramped look. Light decoration can be used to compliment the modern look in a room; think hanging bubble chairs for rooms; they are a fantastic option and allow the light to really expand through the furniture and beyond. Also, remember that clever use of light can also make a room appear larger than it actually is. The same occurs with color: the right tones, hues and shades can create miracles in any dull room or area of the house.

Have you thought about wallpaper? It is very much “in” again, and there are glorious designs available both online and on the shops for you to choose from. Have a look at different wallpaper designs and choose the appropriate one for your room. One idea is to just wallpaper one wall, so your eye will instantly be drawn to that area. Play around with stripes, floral prints, damask prints, geometrics or funky wallpapers for different looks!

bedroom5 bedroom6
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Finishing Touches

When setting up the kids room, colors and themes play an important role in decorating. Bedsheet sets and other items of interest for children in teenage years can be obtained from places like Bed Bath and Beyond. After all, the final look of the room is dependent on making sure that the various items in the room not only go together, but follow a plan. Pottery Barn carries furniture items and home decorating items that can also be used to make the bedroom come alive.

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When one is in the final stages of setting a room, do not crown the room with lots of small pieces of decoration which have no practical use. Too many pieces give the room an untidy, cluttered look, and take the focus away from one or two carefully selected pieces. Each piece selected should serve a function and draw attention to itself.

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