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25 May

Finally it is the time to get on with the bedroom interior, nothing is more depressing than tired decor and whether you want to just pop on a coat of paint or complete an interior design bedroom you will want to choose with care. When considering decorating your bedroom interior consider what it is used for other than the obvious sleeping. A modern bedroom interior may need to combine many features and design ideas are many.

Paint or Wall Paper

Wall paper is back in fashion, but use it sparingly on a feature wall rather than slapping it all over as was the fashion in the 1980s. Consider the amount of contact the wallpaper will get, wall papering a wall by an entrance or with a light switch on it may not be the best idea in a family home, sticky fingers will soon leave marks on your lovely finish. It is probably best to use washable paint in the heavily used areas of the home. There are many beautiful washable colors that mix, match and coordinate with your wall papers and accessories for splendid bedroom interiors.

The Boudoir

Home decoration is what most of us can afford and whilst we dream of interior decorating, bedrooms by fabulous designers are out of our price range. Don’t be put of though, look around department stores. Macys have some fabulous cost effective linens and accessories to complement any bedroom. Often if you splash out a little on one item be it bedroom furniture or lighting to add to your light decoration, it can make the statement that gels the look and completes the wow factor.

Do you want you bedroom to be a sexy sumptuous haven for you and your husband to spend loving nights of passion, or a calming sea of tranquility to practice yoga, meditation or display your new feng shui bagua decorative item? Or perhaps you want to incorporate many aspects of your personalities? Combining elements of your lifestyle is the key to success when contemplating designs.

Storage will be something of utmost importance, unless you are lucky enough to have a separate dressing room you will need to make the most of the available space. Even the largest rooms can include clever storage ideas like window seats, particularly effective if you have bay windows. You may want to emphasize period features by giving your room a traditional feel. If you are ripping out old fitted wardrobes and looking at replacing them with free standing furniture there are many lovely integrated wardrobe systems that are designed for the modern home, with the interiors having every hi tech addition but the exterior look made to fit well into traditional homes.

Childs Bedrooms

Often a small bedroom interior is harder to work with as you need to maximize on space and storage. Usually the smaller rooms are the children’s rooms and whilst we think being smaller they need less room any parent will tell you the amount of thought required for a kids room to accommodate all the trappings of youth is no easy task. You might want to think of practical solutions like a kids closet organizer or furniture that incorporates storage boxes. Whatever the kids’ ages I recommend looking at Ikea; they stock such great storage solutions that will add to the childrens bedroom decor and have the contemporary look teenagers adore. Children can change there likes and dislikes quite quickly so it is a good idea for a bedroom interior to select accessories that can easily be replaced. Just by selecting lamp shades bedding curtains and rugs a room can be transformed quite cheaply.

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