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Argos Sofas – Something for Everyone at a Great Price!

4 Apr

When it comes to home decoration Argos is quite unbeatable. Great prices and an endless range of furniture for every room in the house. Maybe not looked at as trendy as other home stores like habitat or John Lewis, Argos nonetheless can cater for every pocket and every style. If you’re decorating your living room, many of the Argos sofas will most definitely dress your room in style while not hurting your pocket that much. You can also go to the high end of the range and purchase an expensive little number that can make your living room look like a million dollars, but we don’t find this necessary. There are too many choices at a great price for you to find the perfect one for your room – one that will cater for your needs while also looking fabulous!

Here we’ve decided to display a nice range of Argos sofas by categories: 3 seater sofas, extra large, a range of Argos leather sofas, a nice range of Argos corner sofas and finally an Argos sofa bed range for you to choose from. Remember that Argos furniture can be delivered to your doorstep.

3 Seater Sofas

Extra Large

Leather Sofas

Corner Sofas

Sofa Beds

As you can see, this amazing store provides all sorts of home decorations for your home as well as products for your garden, all types of accessories, toys for children and adults alike, etc. Shopping with this company is an experience as everything is either done through the catalogue and online. Returning goods if you’re not happy with them has never been easier, and prices are extremely competitive. More upmarket places like Habitat and John Lewis will probably cater for finer ranges but they also come at a price. But with Argos sofas or any other product you can rest assured you’re buying quality products for the price you are paying. Bad news is that if you’re not happy with your delivery you have to start the process all over again – but if you’ve got the time and need to buy cheap sofas or at least furniture that is not pricey, this store is most definitely the one to go for! Oh, and best of all, they are everywhere so you don’t have to travel far to get your catalogue or order.

Choosing the Best Small Sofas for Small Rooms

13 Mar

Choosing the Best Small Sofas for Small Rooms

Angelo HOME Sutton Loveseat with 2 Pillows, Golden Honey

There are many reasons for wanting to shop for small sofas for small rooms.  The children may have left the nest and you have a small bedroom that you’d like to convert to a sitting room or your special getaway, or you have an apartment with a small living space.  Perhaps you have a nursery for your baby where you’d like to be able to add a comfortable, but compact seating space.  Your child’s bedroom may be quite small and you’d like a solution for sleepovers.  Whatever the need, you can make things work with small sofas for small rooms.

Angelo HOME Sutton Loveseat with 2 Pillows, Golden Honey

This particular small sofa would make a lovely addition to any home decoration scheme.  Its solid wood construction and extra padded upholstery make it a very comfortable, sturdy piece.  The color of this particular sofa is suitable for any decor.  It measures 48 inches wide and requires minimal assembly. Great for bringing life to area rugs.

Contemporary Style Mocha Brown Fabric Sofa Loveseat

While this sofa is wider than the previous one, at 64 inches, it will still fit into a tight space.  It is made from durable cotton and is easy to keep clean.  This not so “little” sofa can seat up to 3 people.  It has chunky wooden feet and the color will suit most decors.  No assembly is required.

Emma Studio Tufted Sofa

This 49 inch wide sofa has great styling.  The tufted back gives it a classic look.  The only assembly required for this small sofa is to attach the sturdy wooden legs.  The wooden legs and frame are made of hardwood.  The high back and arms and padded seating offer a great deal of comfort.

P’Kolino Little Sofa – Sleeper

This cute little sofa, although geared towards children, is very versatile.  At 31 inches, it has pockets for “little” things and can convert into a sleeping surface.  The high density foam provides comfort for both sitting and sleeping and it is covered in stain-resistant fabric.  The wide base makes it very sturdy and child proof.  It weighs very little and requires no assembly.

List Price: ()
Availability: ()

All of these choices are available in a variety of great colors, and, if used in your living room, will be well-reflected in your living room lighting.  If you have a primarily white decor, all of these small sofas for small rooms will certainly suit and accent your color scheme.

Select and Design Home Decorations to Reflect your Own Style

28 Jan

Select and Design Home Decorations to Reflect your Own Style

Home Decor 2

People, men and women alike, are sometimes confused selecting home decorations due to the ever changing styles in interior design. Others are slaves of present fashions or all the vogue being around in fashion and home decor magazines. A home decoration, however, should reflect your personality and be in line with other furnishing, even the colour combinations are important.

Cheap Home Decor is Not a Bad Decor

Home Decor 3

photo by Massimo Norbiato

You should not be bothered and feel disconcerted if you are on a tight budget and cannot afford all those expensive home decorations you see at the boutique stores. Just go window shopping and select those items you like wholeheartedly and you will suddenly reveal that your home turned into something special not only for you but for friends and guests. Cheap home decor has nothing to do with bad home decor, many famous interior designers take advantage of cheap little accents to make a house look gorgeous.

Every single item matters, from bedroom chairs to a dining bench, from your kitchen furnishing to your bathroom towels. They are all details that show the state of your mind and inner conception of the world. Hanging chairs for bedrooms, are speaking of your mentality and cannot be replaced by a sofa without losing the entire effect that reflects all your spiritual make-up. Look at the relevant posts in this website to get more ideas for these particular home decorations.

Finding the Right Balance

Home Decor 4

photo by Massimo Norbiato

You should, however, find the right balance between exposing your mentality too aggressively and creating a place that is intended for everyday living. Too many candles would create an ecclesiastical home spirit while mirrors would give you an illusion for more space in small rooms. Try to find the balance between modern and traditional, too. Your bedroom chairs made of massive oak will look ridiculous together with a water bed, those are two disparate interior conceptions, not to mention the bad taste such furnishing combinations reveals.

Design is your Weapon

Home Decor 5

photo by alt text

Remember that home decoration is an important element of your home decor and is able to make an average house look like one depicted in reputable home decor magazines. Try to avoid eccentricity if you are not that type of person, more traditional home decorations can also create an artistic or whatever atmosphere you like if properly selected and placed.

Whatever your design ideas, you should bear in mind that if you feel comfortably among the home decorations you selected wholeheartedly, there is a good chance that your guests will share the same experience with you and will find your home a cosy place.

Home Decorating Pictures and Ideas

19 Jan

Home Decorating Pictures and Ideas


Your home is your sacred spot so no wonder you are looking for some home decorating pictures and ideas that will really make your home a special place for you. After a long hard day at work or taking care of the children, you need to have a time to relax and by decorating your house to suit your needs, you will often find yourself in a state of bliss. Have a look at these fabulous pics and get your own ideas flowing!

living room - purple and blue

Photos by ooh_food

home decorating ideas - vibrant minimalism home decorating ideas 2 - red and white
Photos by: by DNA Art Online

Your home decoration should reflect you and should have a sense of unique style. Maybe you just love art work and different types of paintings? Then you can make a theme through out your home with your favorite artist. Walls in your home need to look alive and this will brighten up the whole room as well, so give your walls some love by putting up pictures or art work. Also, the right color schemes play an important part. Check the next pics to get ideas of what could work in your home:

home decorating ideas 3 - black and white color scheme mixed color scheme
Photo by :: ADELINE :: Photo by Tapisserie Decoration

living room dark scheme

Photo by ooh_food

Maybe your home is a bit more modern and you are going for the modern look and feel? Maybe some modern kitchen cabinets are in order. Match your cabinets to your table and create a whole new look in your kitchen. If you are going with the modern look you will want to choose the darker colors such as black cabinets with cherry wood trim perhaps? Something along those lines as black is the one color that all modern designs tend to have.

home decorating ideas 3 - elegant kitchen decor modern kitchen decor
Photos by kobiz7

kitchen decor

Photos by ooh_food

When it comes to being peaceful there is no doubt about it that the bedroom designs need to be done so in a way that the seem to just wipe away all the stress. Before going to sleep you will need to feel nice and relaxed and one way to do this is have a nice cool and earthy toned room that just screams serenity. By adding some nice bedroom chairs you can make your bedroom into a tranquil little place. After all, how can you fall asleep if your environment is not soft and subtle…

bedroom decor - lime green

bedroom decor - miniamlistic design

wall bedroom decor

Photos by ooh_food

Bathroom designs are often another big topic when it comes to discussing how to decorate and transform one’s home. Depending on the size of your bathroom will of course depend on how much free range you have to work with. Take into consideration the size and what type of message you would like to send when you are decorating your bathroom. For lovers of the seashell bathroom decor style, check out the uniqueness of the layout in the relevant pic:

bathroom decor 1

seashell bathroom decor

Photos by ooh_food

These home decorating pictures and ideas are to help you decide what you want to do with your home, so enjoy them and let your creativity be seen.

Photo Credit: *janine*

Home Decorating Ideas

Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

13 Jan

Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

The first thing that most people see when they enter your home is generally your living room, so would you like some decorating ideas for living rooms? Home decoration is all about your personality and your style and often says a lot about who you are. Let’s have a look at the four areas you really have to look at when decorating this room:

1) Lighting
2) Color Schemes
3) General Decor & Style
4) Choice of Furniture

So when you are thinking about some ways to make your living room a bit more like you, think first about the living room lighting. Lighting in any room often sets the tone and this especially true when it comes to your living room.

If you spend a lot of your free time in your living room then chances are you will want it to be a relaxing environment. Go for some soft and subtle lightening versus the bright lights that you may need in your kitchen or home office. The soft lighting will help to promote a feeling of peace and relaxation and will of course make the room much more inviting. Speaking of an inviting room, what are the living room color schemes? This is where your personality can really shine, go crazy with your ideas and make your living room a place where you will always want to be in. Bright colors often give off the inviting feel where warm and dark colors can transform your living room into a more romantic and cozy environment. The choice is really yours of course, just think about what you want your living room to say about you. Mix colors and lighting in a way that compliment each other. A candle chandelier, for example, would go well with elegant tones or hues (shades of just the one color, like taupe, can do wonders in your room); while spotlights in the right places can match different color themes, from minimalist interior design to bright and vibrant tones.

When it comes to the living room decor, this is where you can also have a lot of fun. You can go with the traditional decor or maybe choose a more minimalist interior design like for instance the Feng Shui home decorating style. Whatever you choose just make sure that your living room has a personality that matches your individual style; giving identity to your rooms.

There are many different couches and chairs that come with covers as well, these covers can be purchased in variety of colors. If you can’t decide you can always change the covers until you get the perfect look. You could even change up the colors all the time, to match your ever changing moods. A living room is a place where you get to unwind from your hectic day, so shouldn’t it be a place where you can just feel your stress melt away? As you can tell there are many directions you can go when it comes to decorating ideas for living rooms, just have fun and be creative.

Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

photo credit: ooh_food

Home Decoration – Turn Your Place into a Real Home

15 Aug

Home Decoration – Turn Your Place into a Real Home

Many different as well as glorious types of home decorations are always welcome additions for improving the look and aura of one’s residence. A house provides a cozy and intimate atmosphere if the right home decor is carefully chosen to fit the preferences of its occupants. Apartment decorations also aid in making the inhabitants feel that they really belong to the place. The home interior can be relaxing or stimulating depending on what home accessories are used. For instance, brightly colored décor could give a sense of warmth and enthusiasm whereas neutral tones could provide a sense of peace.


The Importance of Good Interior Decoration

In giving makeover to an old home, modern decoration could provide good contrast. Antique furniture in the living room, combined with strategically placed wall decoration such as light sconces and abstract paintings can provide inhabitants a sense of combined history. If abstract paintings is not your cup of tea but you still want to add elegance and sophistication to your walls, photo to art might give you the quality you are looking for as well as adding that personal touch. While  photo to art can improve your home décor, the use of modern home decoration furniture all throughout can also be useful if the dwellers prefer less clutter and cleaner lines. Cheap home decor is also possible with the use of the right accessories, some imagination, time and patience. There are so many ideas you can implement in your house – good planning will allow you to sketch things before you take action. Sometimes it is the simple things – the little details – that make all the difference.

Many people still think they have to spend a lot of money in order to achieve desired results. But this can’t be further from the truth. Choosing the right cheap home decorations will allow you to make wonders in almost any room. Grab ideas from magazines and the Internet, and you are on to a winner.

For example, family room or bedroom decoration could include photos depicting special events in the family’s life. Displaying photos of family members reaffirm how much they are valued within the family. However, entertainment devices should not overwhelm the bedroom. Sleep experts recommend that televisions be avoided in the bedroom in order to ensure that the occupants get a good night’s sleep. It is important to keep in mind that a bedroom design should promote a relaxing environment.

A room like the visited bathroom usually just have the basics – the tub, the toilet bowl and the tiled walls and floor. This plain set-up is not exactly visually appealing. This could be improved by placing accessories such as pottery pieces or plants. Strategically placed mirrors and even other type of clever cheap home decorations could also help make bathrooms look spacious, thereby avoiding a claustrophobic look. Also, don’t understimate the power of color. Sometimes, a lick of paint makes all the difference and it might be all you need to revamp your room for the time being.

Formulate Home Decorating Ideas

Many home decorators and interior decorating companies offer special services and home decorating software to assist homemakers in achieving their dream homes. While one can do some interior designing without help, it is also good to seek out ideas from external sources. This way, the best choice can be made without wasting time and money. For instance, decorating software can be used during the planning stage. When the results presented by the software are satisfactory, then one can proceed to finding the actual products that would fulfill the design.

Decorating Concepts and Products


Home decoration stores and interior design companies are not only found in the local neighborhood; there are also stores present in the internet. When looking for beautiful concepts and products, Ikea, Pier One and Interior Design could provide excellent solutions. Pottery Barn and Bed Bath and Beyond also offer many choices for decorations and accessories which are needed for producing a home that looks good and feels good.

Ideas for general home decoration should not be limited by lack of experience or insufficient artistry. With the internet at the tip of one’s hands, it is just a matter of finding the home decor products that meet your taste and budget. When the right home decorations are conscientiously chosen and lovingly placed inside the home, the occupants will really live up the motto that “home is where the heart is”.

Photo by Swami Stream **Courtesy of


Tuscan Decor – Decorating in the Tuscan Style

21 Jul

Tuscan Decor – Decorating in the Tuscan Style

When considering revamping your home decoration with new decorating styles, Tuscan decor has a lot to offer and can be achieved quite easily. This style of decorating is rustic and worn, so if you have textured walls it is a good way to work with what you have to achieve Tuscan inspired decorating style. The inspiration may be rolling hills of Italy or the rustic influences of farmhouse villas or Italian hand painted ceramics, but your art does not have to be Italian, it just needs elements that reflect Italian decor to you. Your decorating is about your personal taste and applying aspects of the theme to your home can be about tapping into ideas to reflect your personality.

Setting the Scene

Nature has a wealth of inspiration to offer when you are choosing colors and textures and Mediterranean decor has many aspects you can draw on to inspire you. If it’s Tuscan kitchen decor you seek, you may find you are able to reflect the concepts by adding a ceramic kitchen canisters, and mimic the tones or style of that in your kitchen curtains. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a Tuscan kitchen look so ripping up the old floor to put in new floor tiles is not necessary when some wrought iron trivets and natural stone place mats to accessorise what you already have will give you the required ambience.

Your Tuscan style decorating may simply reflect the Italian love of food, the kitchen being the place that you welcome loved ones to eat and relax around natural hues and fibres. Additions such as a rustic metal pot rack hanging from the ceiling and a ceramic salad bowl set may be the additions that compliment and pull your theme together.

Living Room Color Schemes

Natural tones and fabrics, Tuscan colors such as sand and pebble, all variations on creams or off whites and greys with elements of browns and green with probably dominate. Darker woods and metals will be brought into the room; it could be metal curtain poles and finials to compliment your existing curtains, it is always cost effective to utilise what you already have in your home.

As Tuscan home decor is about rustic and worn, your old wooden furniture will come into its own in this setting, the old mismatched bedroom chairs will be dragged from the boudoir, and one perhaps coupled with a wrought iron wall console table complete with stone top, whilst another sits by the old wooden storage box with the pewter lamp alongside. Your new design will get some uniformity as you apply natural linen seat pads or cushions to pull the mismatched items together and build the look you are attempting to achieve. Place an old leather tub chair in one of the corners to add a sense of style to the room.

Decorative mirrors have a place in all settings and Tuscan decorating is no different, try paint effects to create a parchment or stone look on frames that really do not match, this will to enable your existing items to blend in with your new look at a fraction of the cost of new and give you the satisfaction of knowing that your item is really unique.

List Price: ($45.99)
Sale Price: ($45.99)
Availability: (Usually ships in 24 hours)

Planning your Bathroom Wall Cabinets

23 Jun

Planning your Bathroom Wall Cabinets

As you consider fixtures and fittings for the look of your new bathroom? Whether it’s applying the finishing touches to a complete revamp or prettying up the existing items when considering bathroom wall cabinets, white is always a safe bet if you like to regularly update your accessories to give a new angle on your style. Bathroom wall cabinets are key for displaying your bathroom decorations as well as crucial for achieving the style and design you are striving for. You do not want to be constantly replacing tiles or doing major repairs because you want a new theme (check out tropical decor for ideas).

Plan for the Future

When selecting larger items for your room; such as corner bathroom vanity units or even medicine cabinets, think about the longevity of the item and how it will cope with and integrate into changes. More expensive units should be seen as long term investments. Simply by hanging a new shower curtain or changing to black or colored accessories you can revamp a bathroom. White is a favored good solid base color for a reason as it is looks fresh and clean and is easily adaptable when the time comes again to incorporate new design aspects. However, if you have set your heart on a traditional oak bathroom then indulge your style.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom mirror wall cabinets have double the benefit, as they provide storage to conceal all the bits and pieces concerned with personal hygiene whilst ensuring that everything is to hand by the mirror to get that super cool, hair gel look. When space is an optimum as is often is especially with a second or en suite bathroom, combining functionality and style is such an easy thing to do with the offerings contemporary bathroom stores give you.

If you are looking for bathroom wall cabinets with mirrors or space savers that can be free standing or wall mounted also consider a cabinet espresso, which combines pull out drawers with shelves above,  an impressive but small article of bathroom furniture. Of course the timeless classic of bathroom wall shelves can never be overlooked and no matter what you will probably need a high shelf to keep any dangerous items such as household chemicals or razors out of the reach of small children. Remember when planning your bathroom, even if it only has an occasional visit by a small child, safety must be a major consideration.

Design Inspiration

Ikea really has to be recommended for all types of accessories, from bathroom wall storage cabinets to the bath mat, and really can put some zing into your bathroom whilst complimenting any bathroom color schemes on the smallest budgets. If change is your thing, check out the wide range of cost effective solutions available to you.

Another highly recommended store has to be Pottery Barn for a wealth of ideas and inspiration. From a simple mirror cabinet, to an innovative linen cabinet, this classy store has a fabulous organic bathroom range you will love. Bed Bath and Beyond also have a good extensive range worth investigation. Do not be tempted to splash out in your bathroom before you have browsed lots of stores to really see what is available. By selecting different components for your home decoration you can have a unique modern look that your friends will want to emulate.

Tropical Decor at Home

14 Jun

Tropical Decor at Home

If you are considering tropical home decor for your new look, you will be keen to find ideas to help you transform your home decoration whether it is the one room you are looking to change or the whole of your habitacle area. Tropical decor will really make your room stand out from the rest and colors that spring to mind are the pinks of the flamingo, the yellows of pineapple, and the greens of the lime citrus fruit. Try placing vases in these colors around your home, full of exotic plants such as birds of paradise for a really effective look.

Where to Start

Tropical decorations to enhance your room must be considered with care and careful research will be of use to you. What exactly does tropical decorating mean to you? Your thoughts may conjure up the beach holiday you enjoyed with the exotic palm tree and the stunning plumage of the parrot in oranges blues reds and greens. With so many vibrant colors available where to start may be your main problem.

Consider brightly colored tropical wall decor to accent your lounge as an alternative to great swathes of colors. Your individuality will really shine through with this theme and your creativity will really be what makes the room compliment you and your fun loving lifestyle. Tropical furniture in Bamboo rattan, bamboo blinds and other accessories like wicker baskets and most types of wicker furniture will help you to achieve this look. Particularly if you draw on the vibrant colors you enjoy for soft furnishings, the cushion covers and curtains as well as rugs on the living room floor to further brighten the area.

Compliment the look with lamps in natural fibers like wicker, or large paper lantern type shades for the ceiling lights or use battery operated ambient LED tiki lights to change the color and mood of the area. You could also try fitting a fan light to the ceiling for that colonial feel and introduce plants such as the Sago Palm (Cycads) they are very Palm-like to look at whilst being only distantly related to the true palms. Orchids can also bring an exotic tropical feel to a room.

In the Bathroom

A tropical decorating style is well suited to a bathroom where you can incorporate coastal and nautical themes to give a tranquil holiday feel. Ttropical bathroom decor will easily incorporate nautical accents such as beach signs or island decor. For the seashell bathroom decor look consider using sea shells for soap dishes or a stained glass sun catcher in your bathroom window. Vibrant candles standing in buckets of sand, or glass vases filled with pebbles create a lovely relaxing environment when lit.

Tropical Breeze Decor

For a decorating tropical theme that really stands out from the rest have a look at the Tropical Breeze Decor store that will give you some pointers in acquiring the style you want in your home. If you want an outdoor tropical theme the suggestions above can easily be transferred to the patio, balcony or yard. You can really let your sense run riot with Moroccan blue and tangerines on the walls, or why not paint a palm tree and  with the addition of flamboyant or bamboo sun umbrellas and some bright loungers you have recreated your beach holiday.

List Price: ()
Availability: ()

List Price: ($20.99)
Sale Price: ($18.89)
Availability: (Usually ships in 24 hours)

List Price: ($49.95)
Sale Price: ($129.99)
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List Price: ($7.50)
Sale Price: ($7.50)
Availability: (Usually ships in 1-2 business days)

Which Bathroom Color Scheme?

4 Jun

Which Bathroom Color Scheme?

The right color schemes for bathrooms is really up to the style you are particularly trying to achieve, but the traditional bathroom color scheme should aim towards something that is soft and soothing at the same time especially if you like relaxing in the hot bath. A scheme like this would bring in a refreshing, spacious feel even to small bathrooms, driving out dinginess while still filling the room with color.

Harmonious Hues

The key to creating a restful scheme is combining harmonious hues or different tones of one color. The bath could be painted then in a darker color like green, while silvery blue slate floor tiles and splashback tiles in watery greens and greys would look glorious as they would, especially if you harmonize with accessories in aqua colors like towels.

Jade and Terracotta

With jade-green louvred shutters and walls painted in a deep shade of terracotta, a small bathroom can recreate the feel of an old Italian villa. Scumble glaze any MDF bath paneling to give it the look of the beach hut weathered by brine and breeze; throw into relief by adding a chocolate brown flooring. White tiles will suit it nicely, set them diagonally for extra interest and provide the necessary light contrast for all the dark, moody tones.

Black and White

When it comes to bathroom color schemes black and white are not really an easy combination to live with in rooms where you spend a lot of time, but in a bathroom it can look smart and striking, and is a classic choice if you want a more hard-edged, masculine style. Big chequerboard tiles and black rubber flooring can make a really dramatic statement. To slightly alleviate the darkness of the monochrome scheme, the bath can be apinted chocolate brown (gorgeous!) and the walls or upper walls if you’ve got tiles in light mustard

The Modern Look

In any type of home decoration the modern look can be really striking, and when it comes to the restroom, an idea would be to combine hard edge industrial style of galvanized metal with a lush grass green on the walls. Cutting edge and very appealing. Bathroom paint color schemes don’t have to be soft and mild all the time. cover the bath panels and splashback in pre-weathered zing titanium alloy. You will find that despite all the metal, the look has an essentially natural character; enhance it by adding a sisal-effect flooring and wicker chair. Leafy pot plants in bright green can join in with a stunning lime green wall color to suggest a tropical feel.

Color Schemes for Bathrooms: Blue Hues

3 Jun

Color Schemes for Bathrooms: Blue Hues

Look at the color wheel and you will see that blue can give you a crisp and clean impact and also furniture and fittings can be as important as color in setting the scene. A sleek metal cabinet and stainless steel bath paneling can add to the modern color schemes for bathrooms, the clinical and also cutting edge feel. Reflective surfaces also earn their keep if you are wanting to work with color schemes for small bathrooms. Blue on the walls provides just enough color to make the look livable, while splashes of red could energize the scheme.

Cool blues and aquas, reminiscent of sea and sky, are popular choices for bathrooms. It’s easy to see why, as they are real feel good hues. The blue color scheme for bathroom will bring together a number of harmonizing shades; from watery aquas to rich turquoise, to create a look that is enrichingly colorful but also deeply relaxing.

Small amounts of pure white, in the bathroom fittings and on the skirting board, provide a clean contrast for the floor to ceiling color.

Adding Contrast

Contast is the name of the game if you want to jazz up your restroom. A bright and breezy bathroom will take deep pinks and sparkling whites, which will stand out against the sea of cool blue. For inspiring schemes, try painting different wall panels so they can act like stripes, leading the eye upwards and adding to the height of the room. They also draw together fittings like the basin, any shelves, or a free standing bathroom mirror if the room happens to be a spacious one, making the accessories and vanities stand out and really eye catching.

Repeat the deep pink in other areas of your bathroom like a window frame. Bathroom color schemes like deep Mediterranean blue mixed with aqua and pink work really well in almost any bathroom decor style, creating an electrifying contrast

that comes from accents you could add of bright pink. Look for inspiration in the smaller things, like the color of your plastic bath toy, for example. The yellow of a rubber duck is glorious and easy to mix with many different types of color designs. Paint your floorboards white to provide a light base for these types of strong colors; the clean white of the bath and simple sheer curtains will freshen up the look instantly. A nice color scheme for bathroom is to also play with different hues of the same color.

Colors play an important part to any home decoration, whether you decide to revamp the walls or just add that accessory that brings to life any dark corner in the room.

Photo by Egilshay **Cortesy of

blue chart

Cheap Home Decor Items can Dress your Rooms Nicely

2 Jun

Cheap Home Decor Items can Dress your Rooms Nicely

For ideas for cheap home decor items without compromising style read on for style ideas. The quickest cleanest way to get a new fresh style is to establish what needs to be changed and what can be incorporated from the old style. If you have pastel shades on your walls a quick wash down with sugar soap and a touch up of the hard wear areas with remnants from the last decorating job, or a tester pot in the same shade will save time money and mess.

A roll or two of wallpaper can give you a feature wall with little effort or cost. Select your wall with care, it could be the chimney breast, or perhaps alcoves you wish to wallpaper. Or perhaps a special paint effect on one wall, or a strong color, but remember you really only need on feature wall or strong color in a room unless it is enormous.

Effectiveness is the Word

By using mirrors you can double the effect of a feature wall, with a fraction of the cost and mess. Another classic idea is to define areas using rugs or accent colors. New seat pads for the dining chairs and a table runner, combine this with matching or coordinating cushions and curtains for the lounge and you can pull a scheme together nicely without costing the earth.

To define and separate try using a room divider, this could be a bead curtain or large plants placed strategically, perhaps on a box or small chest to good effect if there is not budget for a shelving divider like the sort you can find in Ikea for relatively good prices. Don’t forget in the kitchen you can change your kitchen canister sets, or kitchen utensils to get a fresh new look.  In the bathroom simply changing the shower curtain, or adding a new bathroom fixture set can give a really effective fresh new look.


If you have run out of original home decoration ideas, stroll around the thrift stores. The shelves are usually filled with all sort of inexpensive accessories that might give you an idea of what you are looking for; cheap home decor does not have to “show”; you can achieve it easily by combining existing fixtures and accessories with new ones that will cost you next to nothing.

List Price: ($8.75)
Sale Price: ($8.75)
Availability: (Usually ships in 2-3 business days)

List Price: ($10.50)
Sale Price: ($10.50)
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List Price: ($12.99)
Sale Price: ($6.15)
Availability: (Usually ships in 1-2 business days)

List Price: ($15.99)
Sale Price: ($9.99)
Availability: (Usually ships in 1-2 business days)

Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

2 Jun

Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

Getting a new look for your home does not have to break the bank, or be all done in one go, so to reduce costs and the stress and strain of decorating you will want cheap home decorating ideas.

Preparation is Key!

Firstly preparation is the key to decorating; get some sugar soap from any DIY or thrifty store and give everything a good wash down before you begin. You may well be pleased with the results and if you have remnants of paint to touch up your hard wear areas such as around wall switches or skirting, you could using this cheap home decorating idea only need to buy paint for accents or features. This saves a lot of mess, time and money and can’t be ignored.

Inexpensive Stores

For good cost cutting ideas to help you with any type of home decoration, look at Kirklands! This community site is full of creative ideas giving you chic useful tips for cheap home decor. It is full of all sort of accessories and items to cater for all sort of styles. Plan the look you want; you might just need some wall art to brighten up your room, or rugs for defining areas. Keep everything tidy with closet organizers; it will help you envision what you want to achieve and can also look quite contemporary.

Cheap home decorations such as cushion covers and curtains can be found at stores such as TJ Maxx so if you want to accessorize check out your local store. For furniture nothing beats Ikea but also look at Pier 1 who also have a great range of imports. In fact try Abc Distributing while you are researching, as all the stores have a great range of stylish gifts decor and home furnishing to transform your home.

Just because it’s cheap home decore, does not mean it has to detract from style and class.  By mixing and matching fixtures, furniture, accessories and other elements here and there – perhaps buying an item such as mirrors or adding sophistication with a relatively inexpensive elegant mirrored end table – you could soon have the style to suit your taste and budget. Don’t forget to carry color samples to help you create the perfect match which is something really handy when revamping your home decoration.

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Cheap Home Decorating with Cheerful Cushions

Cheap Home Decorating with Cheerful Cushions

Achieving Cheap Country Home Decor

2 May

If you think about it, country decor has different implications according to your viewpoint. Cheap country home decor can be achieved but what does country decor mean to you? Does it mean country cottage, Tuscan decor, shabby chic or Rustic?  Each one of them incorporate different colors and the variety of hues and tonal ranges can really make a difference in the general decor.  Lets have a look at each one of them.


Rustic themes would incorporate natural colors and textures such as pottery, wood, leather and wrought iron. Hessian fabrics with natural tones would sit well with the earthy shades of country style. Simply updating the curtain poles to wrought iron and installing a coffee table can change the ambience of a room. Add country style bar stools as part of the design.


For a Tuscan touch stay with the natural textures like stone and wood, metals such as irons and coppers. Colors like terracotta oranges deep reds and browns all work well to achieve this theme. Cheaper laminates can give an Italian Tuscan feel at a fraction of the price of tiles.

Sabby Chic

Shabby Chic is more the distinctly French vintage look, with blues and whites and floral prints coupled with candelabras. French boudoir style furnishings can be achieved by painting old wooden furniture using matt whites and off whites combined with paint effects such as distressed finishes. Try adding creams and whites trimmed with lace. Stripped painted boards work well for flooring with rag rugs to soften. Vases with roses next to rose printed fabrics and voiles at the windows. Day beds can look really effective or a chaise longue could also add to the look.

Country Cottage

A traditional country cottage look could involve floral curtains, antique style rugs and furniture which can be picked up relatively cheaply from auctions or thrift shops to help with the budget.  Paintings hanging on the walls, splashes of flowers and of course open fires complete the look.

As you can see achieving the look is only a matter of spending some time deciding how best to revamp the look of your rooms thus enhancing enormously your home decoration; cheap home decor is not difficult to achieve once you are familiar with the different styles and ready to make a few changes.

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