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Our Favorite Bathroom Seashell Decorations

25 Feb

Our Favorite Bathroom Seashell Decorations

Bathroom Seashell Decorations

Have you ever walked into a bathroom that’s blah, plain, non-descript and just plain boring?  Beige walls, white tiles, brown countertop and while sink, tub and toilet, or an equally boring palette of colors….  People spend time, effort and thought in decorating their kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, but when it comes to home decoration, the lowly bathroom sometimes suffers in the process or is disregarded altogether.   A bathroom can be spiced up even if it’s still builders’ beige.  Have you considered a particular theme?  How do you want your bathroom to feel?  Do you want to feel like you’re walking into a spa?  Or perhaps you prefer a French Provincial look.  How about a visit to the beach?  There is a vast array of bathroom seashell decorations available that can help you get the beach theme to work.


Bathroom Decorating Ideas

If you select a beach theme for your bathroom, you can accomplish the look by using either wallpaper, stenciling, in your shower curtain and hooks, in the color of paint that you choose, accessories and wall art or even changing your toilet seat.  A nice sandy color of paint and water blue accents will add to the beach theme.  You can check out decorating magazines or do some online research to find seashell bathroom decor ideas.  A seashell themed toilet seat will certainly make a great topic of conversation amongst your friends.  You could stencils underwater grasses on the walls as well and also add themed stickers to walk in showers.

Even if you’re going for a spa feel in your bathroom decorations, you can still use some of the same ideas that you used in your seashell bathroom decor.  For a spa feel, you can add wooden accents, either by using a wooden rack to hand luxurious bathrobes or a wooden stand for your toilet tissue.  A nice rock water fountain is also pleasing to the ear and the eye.  Big fluffy white towels are typical of what you find in a spa, so you can add some of those to add to the spa theme. Corner toilets are great for displaying decorations, and natural elements like sand can be arranged in a way that is pleasing to the eye as well as adding to your decor.

So now you have two options for your neglected room, bathroom seashell decorations or an offshoot of that idea gearing more towards a spa feel.


Bathroom Designs – Creating Beautiful Personal Spaces

24 Sep

Bathroom Designs – Creating Beautiful Personal Spaces

One of the most important parts of a house is the bath room; as such, many homeowners want the best bathroom designs for their homes. Bathroom design ideas differ in the way they use colors and space. Because these places are used for bathing, shaving, brushing and many other personal activities, it is important to use bathrooms designs which the users find pleasant and which give them a sense of comfort.

What Color to Use

Creative Commons License photo credit: Creative Commons

In choosing what color to use, one can get an idea from the overall home decoration. Complementing good colors with pretty bathroom decorating ideas can enhance the appeal of this area of the house. For instance, if the whole house has a country motif, brown or earth hues can be used. A big free standing bathroom mirror can serve as a focal point, particularly if its frame is beautifully carved wood.

If the house has a Tuscan theme, then warm reds, rich golds and vivid greens may be used. The essence of the Tuscan theme is oneness with earth and nature. Therefore tuscan bathroom designs can be achieved by integrating the beautiful shades found in our environment. Handmade pottery which may or may not contain decorative plants can serve to enhance the overall Tuscan look.

A house with tropical decor would benefit best by using the look of the sea and the tropics. Sky blue and warm yellow are very fitting for such a house. The addition of sheer curtains for the windows, a corner bathroom vanity placed strategically to reflect the view from the outside and seashell bathroom decor   can further strengthen the tropical effect.

Of course, it is also good to personalize bathroom color schemes. Some people prefer the minimalist interior design style; and they usually opt for whites and blacks. Other people nowadays live in modern apartments and condominiums which are not exactly generous with space. Therefore, small bathroom design should be used. This design maximizes the use of decorative mirrors to create an optical illusion of space. Check out glorious walk in shower designs for even more space saving and ease of use.

Tile Designs and Styles

Creative Commons License photo credit: Creative Commons

Experimenting with bathroom tile designs can add zest to the area. Aside from being used for the flooring, tiles can also be used for the walls. One can choose plain tiles of the same color but one can also choose abstract or geometric designs. It is good to consult with tile manufacturers and sellers in order to come up with the most appropriate tile design. One good idea is to create an illusion of a path going to the bath tub or shower. Another good idea is to use tiles arranged in such a way that they give an effect of concentric circles, with the tub or the shower at the center of these circles. For the comfortable or country styled bathroom, placing tub chairs in front of a nicely tiled wall will add accent to the country decor.

Places to Visit

Creative Commons License photo credit: Creative Commons

There are many ways of learning how to design a bathroom but the best ideas and materials are found at Lowes, HGTV,  Kohler, Bed Bath and Beyond and Shower Curtains for that particular accessory. These establishments not only provide unique and beautiful ideas; they also allow customization of the area where personal toilet is done. Whether a person is looking for affordable DIY ideas for storage, fixtures, vanities and other essentials or for the more costly, but definitely worth it designer bathroom ideas created by the masters , these places will give exactly what is needed.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Creative Commons

Seashell Bathroom Decor Ideas – Paint Effects for Stencils

6 Sep

Seashell Bathroom Decor Ideas – Paint Effects for Stencils

Many people like to add a personal touch to their rooms, and so they should as home decoration is really something that should always depict our personality. This is not also because it looks good to other people, but because it is important we feel as comfy as possible at home. One of the recurrent themes people like to add to their bathrooms is the seashell bathroom decor style. It provides the room with lots of opportunities to show off corners, accents, accessories and many other highlights that can create a great atmosphere in otherwise a boring room. Needless to say, if you are into stenciling you should have a go at creating great seashell decor around the room to make it just that little bit more unique. If you are looking for particular seashell bathroom decor ideas, here we will provide you with the information you need to achieve great paint effects when stenciling the room in this style. (**Also check out our post on bathroom seashell decorations if you want to improve the look of your scheme with a few accessories)

Choosing Colors

Take care to choose appropriate colors to create the effect you want. Stencil a practice piece onto paper and try a variation of colors to ensure you are pleased with the result. Different colors can make a design look entire different. Use spray adhesive to fix your practice paper onto the surface on which you wish to produce the design so that you can assess its effects before applying the stencil.

Applying Water Based Colors

Water based paint dries quickly, so it tends to layer rather than blend. It is best applied by using a swirling movement or gently dabbing, depending on the finished effect you wish to create. Once you have applied a light base color, you can add a darker edge for shading. Alternatively, leave some of the stencil bare and add a different tone to that area to obtain a shaded or highlighted appearance.

Blending Oil Stick Colors

Oil sticks mix together smoothly and are perfect for blending colors. Place the colors separately on your palette and mix them with white to obtain a variety of tones or blend them together to create new colors. You can also blend by applying one coat into another with a stippling motion while stenciling. Blending looks most effective when applying a pale base coat, then shading on top with a darker color.


A simple way to add highlighting to your design is first to paint in your stencil in a light tone of your main color, then carefully lift the stencil and move it down a fraction. Then stencil in a darker shade; this leaves the highlighted areas around the top edges of the pattern.


After painting your stencil use gold to highlight the edges. Load a fine art brush with gold acrylic paint and carefully outline the top edges of the pattern. Use one quick brush stroke for each pattern repeat, keeping in the same direction. Other methods are to blow bronze powder onto the wet paint, draw around the pattern with a gold flow pen, or smudge on gilt wax cream, then buff to a high sheen.

Applying Spray Paints

Spray paints are ideal on glass, wood, metal, plastic and ceramic surfaces. They are quick to apply and fast drying, but cannot be blended although you can achieve subtle shaded effects. Apply the paint in several thin cooats. Mask off a large area around the design to protect it from the spray, which tends to drift. Try to use sprays out of doors or in a well ventilated area. Some spray paints are non toxic, making them ideal for children’s furniture.

Photo by RobW **Courtesy of


5 Fabulous Bedroom Chairs from Ikea

6 Sep

When it comes to your home decoration, Ikea IS the place to buy trendy, modern and clean cut furniture ffor incredibly low prices. If we compare the price tags from Ikea to those of other places -considering style and design-, Ikea comes at a bargain, really.

Well, there are many MANY accessories I absolutely love at Ikea. I remember going to one of the first ones in Europe many years ago (not saying my age) and ABSOLUTELY loving it. The place reeks design. Down to the playground area. It is innovative, colorful, fun, and, best of all, not expensive for what you get. Sure, the downside is that you have to assemble the furniture yourself at home. But, isn’t it fun? Even when “things go wrong” there is such a great sense of achievement when we finally put assemble that wardrobe we cursed for five hours during the process…

One of my favorite things in Ikea is looking for accessories to give the perfect accents to your home interior decorating. You will be able to find virtually anything you need. And something is always bound to surprise you. If anything, the names will! Some of them sound just plain rude in English, while others just have that cheekiness about them. Also, being able to stop in the middle of the shopping process to have a great Swedish meal is just fantastic. Ok, maybe the meal is not that great, but the cheap cheap hotdogs surely are! And really addictive also!

So, back to the accessories. Chairs are not just a plain necessity in any home, they can also make great ornamental accessories. If you are thinking of changing your bedroom interior (or already planning it), do not proceed without saving some room for your bedroom chair. They will not also look just stylish, modern or cool, they will also offer a corner for sitting while you fold your clothes or just talk to your partner or children. The chair is such a comfortable piece of furniture, and there are many bedroom chairs from Ikea you can purchase for very little money that will do both these tasks just right. One thing: they will most probably not be in the bedroom interiors section! You will have to peruse through the office, living room and dining section to select the perfect chair for your particular needs.

I’ve selected 5 chairs that I think will add that extra oomph to any bedroom. From highest in price to lowest. Here they are:

Extorp Armchair

Beautifully designed. The flowery pattern will embellish your room if that is that style you’re after. It is comfortable and modern at the same time. It also adds freshness to your decor.


Extorp Tullsta

A vibrant red that will sure add that needed accent for a red bedroom. You can also renew the covers, which is always a plus.

extorp tullsta


Magnificent chair in navy blue, fabric is a mix of cotton a polyester. A dream in any bedroom.


Skruvsta (swivel chair)

This fantastic swivel chair will add the retro touch to your room. Light in color, alternative in style.


Solsta Olarp

Perfect for any type of white decor. Simple, elegant and small enough to fit almost any room.

Solsta Olarp

For your childrens bedroom decor check out the Evert sool. Its simplicity is just perfect for any kids room, but it is the price that makes it a real winner!

**Please note that the prices of these bedroom chairs will differ in different countries, that’s why they are not listed in this post. Also, most of the designs come in different colors for you to choose from, which is a plus. See also hanging bubble chairs for rooms.

Bathroom Storage for the Perfect Bathroom

31 Aug

Bathroom Storage for the Perfect Bathroom

A well-designed bathroom has to have strategically-placed bathroom storage for various showering materials and hygiene-related implements. This place in the house has to be kept clean and tidy but it has to give a homey feeling at the same time. The first goal is achieved by using the appropriate storage ideas and the second one is achieved by using decorations that complement the overall theme of the house.

Ideas for Space Savers

The bathroom storage furniture used depends on how much space is available. If there is enough floor space to spare, bathroom storage floor cabinets may be used. One should choose the appropriate material since the floor is prone to water spillage. For instance, wood is less preferable than plastic or metal in the bath.

On the other hand, if there is not enough floor space for adding storage units, one can resort to bathroom wall cabinets. These do not have to be bulky and may be placed in a horizontal arrangement near the ceiling. Vertically placed shelves may also be placed in corners. Placing plastic or wicker baskets on these shelves maximize the capability of the shelf to hold bathroom implements like soaps, scourer for cleaning the shower head from limescale, cleaning products and also other containers. These baskets can also be used to hold towel or tissue rolls.

For bathroom towel storage, one can choose the basket-on-the shelf method as mentioned, or put towel hooks on the wall near the toilet. This area is also usually left blank but it is a great place for towel hooks and racks. Aside from keeping the space tidy, the towels are also kept ventilated, preventing undesirable mildew growth. Accessories that complement the home decoration can also hang on hooks or racks placed on the wall.

The space underneath the sink is also underutilized if there is no bath storage placed there. One way to circumvent this is to use bathroom storage cabinets with built-in drawers. Great bathroom decorating ideas include using tasteful decorative drawers and a free standing bathroom mirror to make the place look more spacious.

Places to Find Great Bathroom Space-saving Ideas

While one can take a trip to the local furniture or hardware store to browse storage implements, one can also choose bathroom furniture by browsing shops in the Internet. Aside from saving gas, shops like Bath and Beyond, Ikea, the Container Store, and Restoration Hardware offer a wide array of bathroom storage cabinets. Whether one is looking for a white bathroom storage unit or even a multicolored one, these places offer the best designs. When one wants a great and top-of-the-line corner bathroom vanity or any other storage furniture, Lowes is just the right place.

The bathroom should be a relaxing and clutter-free place since it is where one usually observes good hygiene. A big challenge is how to keep it this way when the space is limited. Closets are not always present in this part of the house. By using the ideas and going to the places stated herein, a homemaker will surely achieve a bathroom that equally features cleanliness, orderliness and beauty.

List Price: ($29.99)
Sale Price: ($24.64)
Availability: (Usually ships in 2-3 business days)

List Price: ($142.99)
Availability: ()

List Price: ($29.99)
Sale Price: ($21.47)
Availability: (Usually ships in 24 hours)

List Price: ($15.00)
Sale Price: ($15.17)
Availability: (Usually ships in 24 hours)

List Price: ($163.13)
Sale Price: ($88.56)
Availability: (Usually ships in 4-5 business days)

List Price: ($68.93)
Sale Price: ($67.24)
Availability: (Usually ships in 24 hours)

Planning your Bathroom Wall Cabinets

23 Jun

Planning your Bathroom Wall Cabinets

As you consider fixtures and fittings for the look of your new bathroom? Whether it’s applying the finishing touches to a complete revamp or prettying up the existing items when considering bathroom wall cabinets, white is always a safe bet if you like to regularly update your accessories to give a new angle on your style. Bathroom wall cabinets are key for displaying your bathroom decorations as well as crucial for achieving the style and design you are striving for. You do not want to be constantly replacing tiles or doing major repairs because you want a new theme (check out tropical decor for ideas).

Plan for the Future

When selecting larger items for your room; such as corner bathroom vanity units or even medicine cabinets, think about the longevity of the item and how it will cope with and integrate into changes. More expensive units should be seen as long term investments. Simply by hanging a new shower curtain or changing to black or colored accessories you can revamp a bathroom. White is a favored good solid base color for a reason as it is looks fresh and clean and is easily adaptable when the time comes again to incorporate new design aspects. However, if you have set your heart on a traditional oak bathroom then indulge your style.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom mirror wall cabinets have double the benefit, as they provide storage to conceal all the bits and pieces concerned with personal hygiene whilst ensuring that everything is to hand by the mirror to get that super cool, hair gel look. When space is an optimum as is often is especially with a second or en suite bathroom, combining functionality and style is such an easy thing to do with the offerings contemporary bathroom stores give you.

If you are looking for bathroom wall cabinets with mirrors or space savers that can be free standing or wall mounted also consider a cabinet espresso, which combines pull out drawers with shelves above,  an impressive but small article of bathroom furniture. Of course the timeless classic of bathroom wall shelves can never be overlooked and no matter what you will probably need a high shelf to keep any dangerous items such as household chemicals or razors out of the reach of small children. Remember when planning your bathroom, even if it only has an occasional visit by a small child, safety must be a major consideration.

Design Inspiration

Ikea really has to be recommended for all types of accessories, from bathroom wall storage cabinets to the bath mat, and really can put some zing into your bathroom whilst complimenting any bathroom color schemes on the smallest budgets. If change is your thing, check out the wide range of cost effective solutions available to you.

Another highly recommended store has to be Pottery Barn for a wealth of ideas and inspiration. From a simple mirror cabinet, to an innovative linen cabinet, this classy store has a fabulous organic bathroom range you will love. Bed Bath and Beyond also have a good extensive range worth investigation. Do not be tempted to splash out in your bathroom before you have browsed lots of stores to really see what is available. By selecting different components for your home decoration you can have a unique modern look that your friends will want to emulate.

Your New Bathroom – Choices, Ideas and Final Touches

15 Jun

Your New Bathroom – Choices, Ideas and Final Touches

The decision is made! the budget is set the finances are in place and finally you are planning your new bathroom after re-thinking the whole of your home decoration or perhaps just revamping that useful room from scratch. You will be full of excitement as you begin to ponder the many aspects of your new bathroom design. The excitement may fall off slightly as you realize the hard work and planning involved in general bathroom remodelling. Many stores offer a planning service, or you can download an application to help you with this crucial stage of your design. If you are getting the professionals in to fit your room, you will almost certainly be given advice and assistance, however be careful not to let over zealous salespeople talk you in to over spending.

Making the Right Choices

Whatever the fuss involved be sure that you make the right choices at the planning stage and once you have made your major decisions you are advised not to change them as this could affect aspects such as drains and other practical considerations. If you are simply replacing the bathroom suites for new bathroom suites with the same measurements then you will not have to worry so much, but if you are looking at a brand new bathroom with a new interior design then things could become unsettled as ideas are tried and tested in the planning stage. Compromises may well have to be reached on many aspects, including the style if space is limited and the price.>

New Bathroom Ideas

New ideas may involve a double basin corner bathroom vanity unit to save space and introduce storage for all the bits you accumulate. Initially it will be the choice of larger items you are selecting; you may want a roll top old styled cast iron bath or be examining the latest new bathroom trends. Do research your ideas thoroughly as you may find items that have the slightly smaller dimensions you require, also check on the price comparison websites for the best deals, remembering that delivery often costs money so factor this in when calculating the  costs of your new look bathroom. Home Depot has an excellent range of fixtures and stylish fittings to compliment your new bath or shower room, do consider the finished look at the design stage, but do not get carried away by the finishing touches quite just yet.

If you are planning a new small bathroom with limited space, perhaps in a small flat or as an additional room; it could be you are fitting an en-suite for example. You may want to forgo the new bath tub and instead just install a roomy shower enclosure, this gives you more room for your sink and may allow you to incorporate storage into your new room. Another idea is to consider installing an integrated-membrane wet room. Often having level-access these rooms are ideally suited to people with disabilities and suppliers will advise on all aspects including accessories such as grab rails. A wet room is a really modern addition to your home and certainly worth considering if you can afford the costs involved.

Final Touches

When the major planning of your new bathroom is done you can get down to the more fun aspects of bathroom color schemes. Your tile floor will probably have been considered in the design stage but now you can really begin to see your design coming together you will be examining the range of wall tiles available. Remember if you wish to sell your home, or are adding new bathrooms as an investment for when you decide to move on, it is a good idea to stick to neutral shades. White is a good color for tiles and you can introduce your personal style with accessories. Shower curtains, bath caddies, bath mats and towels can transform the simplest room into an exotic oasis (see seashell bathroom decor) and can also be changed as regularly as wish to inject a new exciting look into your decor with minimal cost. Exciting.

Photo: by Lorena **Cortesy of – Creative Commons-


Bathroom Decorations – Tips and Ideas

14 Jun

Bathroom Decorations – Tips and Ideas

If it’s contemporary or retro traditional or quirky, bathroom decorations should be looked at as an important part of the general home decoration overall look, as most guests will at some point want to use the room. Your bathroom decor is crucial if you intend to sell your home as most buyers when making a decision place a large part emphasis on the bathroom and kitchen. Even if you intend to stay you will want the very best your finances can stretch to. A cheap solution is to make good any damage to your tiles.

Bathroom Decor & Tiles

It could be that you simply want to revamp your bathroom with a lick of paint and a few bath decor accessories. However if you have broken or cracked tiles, or need to remove an unwanted fixture from a tiled surface, it is worth looking at ways to replace them. When purchasing your bathroom decor tiles it is always a good idea to buy slightly more than you need in case you need to carry out repairs further along the line.

  • Tip on Replacing a Damaged Tile To remove the existing tile, scrape away the around the tile, a grout saw is the best tool for this and then break up the tile using a hammer and chisel. Once you have removed the first piece you can get under the edge of the tile to pry the remainder away. Then smooth the area, an old chisel and paint scraper will usually do the job. You can then use your replacement tiles to make the area good as new
  • Introducing a Decorative Tile If you have no replacement tiles, or want to introduce a splash or color to fully compliment your new themed bathroom decor; using the damaged areas as you basis for your designs draw out with precision and care where you want the new tiles to go, this could be in a random fashion or a by inserting a whole row, or smaller blocks of decorative tiles. When planning think about how many tiles you will have to remove and the difficulty that could pose; a small bathroom could be swamped by introducing too many decorative tiles. Remember your new decorative tiles are wall art not just a functional aspect of your bathroom.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

You will almost certainly have a theme in mind for your bathroom. However, to get inspiration for bathroom decorating, have a look at around, and get ideas for every aspect of modern bathroom apparel by researching what is available. Have a look at the wonderful range of consoles and cabinets to perfect your look and for space saving ideas consider introducing a corner bathroom vanity set.

  • Rustic Bathroom Decor Investigate Pottery Barn for rustic bathroom decor they also have a range of organic bath towels, shower curtains and rugs to compliment most theme bathroom decorations. If you are inspired by traditional country themes, for contemporary up to the minute ideas, it is certainly worth a look. Linens and Things are another store that offers invaluable insight into what you can achieve and don’t forget to check out the clearance bath section.
  • Beach Theme Bathroom Particularly suitable for a small bathroom on a budget, a beach theme bathroom is a fun way to introduce all the elements of nature without the expense. Use sea shells as soap holders for that seashell bathroom decor look, and instant mural sea wall transfer stickers to add to the style. The look can also be complimented by accessories in muted tones for a calming effect, or bright striped tones for a cheerful seaside look. It is also worth looking at Bed Bath and Beyond who have a fabulous range of beach themed items. For great accessories check out our bathroom seashell decorations post and make sure to revamp old styles with new decorations!
  • Kids Bathroom Decorations If your kids are lucky enough to have there own bathroom, you can really let loose when decorating bathrooms. Bold colors and practical safety features such as funky bath slip mats will probably dominate, consider nautical themes, and you really must take at look at Ikea for cute child friendly design ideas.
  • Zebra Bathroom Decorations When it comes to bathroom color schemes, using black and white is a stylish way to create a timeless bathroom. If you have this style and want bathroom decorations ideas to add a funky twist try complementing the theme with zebra bathroom decorations. A zebra shower curtain and shower accessories makes a dramatic impact and coupled with bathroom towel decor to match, with bathroom decorations you can instantly transform a traditional room into something that compliments your individual style.
List Price: ($16.30)
Sale Price: ($11.00)
Availability: (Usually ships in 1-2 business days)

List Price: ($63.44)
Availability: ()

List Price: ($9.95)
Sale Price: ($5.55)
Availability: (Usually ships in 24 hours)

The Right Corner Bathroom Vanity

7 Jun

The Right Corner Bathroom Vanity

If you are looking at refurbishing your existing bathroom have you thought about a corner bathroom vanity unit? Bathroom design has come on in leaps and bounds since the early days of wash stands and a jug and basin, but if you like to harp back to the traditional days by incorporating traditional features in your home decoration you can still have up to the minute contemporary bathroom suites. Corner bathroom vanity units are increasingly popular as you can use all those fiddly wasted areas by installing corner bathroom vanities to add additional storage in a timeless fashion.

Storage and Style

If you are looking for a “his and her” basin, for your home a good way to achieve this is by the installation of fitted bathroom corner vanity cabinets as they can really help to optimize space in the smaller bathroom allowing a double sink to fit where you really thought you would only mange to place a vessel sink. Kohler really understand that all the storage gained underneath the double basin would normally be lost but with incorporated cupboards and shelving everything you need for the bathroom experience can be tucked nicely away. Don’t forget to incorporate some form of high shelf even if it is concealed within a cupboard to keep all the dangerous bathroom requirements such as razors and hazardous chemicals away from small children.

Free Standing

For free standing bathroom corner vanities have a look at Belle Foret for an outstanding range of units which can really bring your bathroom to life. Another stockist with an outstanding choice for the largest bathroom or the smallest wash room is Fairmont Designs who really do an extensive range from hand carved to cutting edge contemporary pieces.


For more solutions investigate Lowes who have a range of bathroom furniture and fittings from faucets to toilets that can really add to your sense of bathroom style.

Often if you require a corner bathroom vanity sink it makes sense to have it built in to accommodate the odd shapes that can hinder design in your bathroom. If you are a DIY enthusiast you will be able to purchase all the necessary components and build it yourself, then add custom built tops to give a really professional finish.

Mix and Match

Dreamline bathroom vanities manufacturers a range of bathroom equipment, you may find useful to incorporate into your new bathroom scheme. It can be a good idea to look around at all your options before settling on what you want. Often it is a more cost effective option to buy your various components from different stores to get the look that is individual to your needs. Be aware that sometimes names may be misleading your white corner bathroom vanity in a totally different store could well be called a sink cabinet, a useful piece of information when searching online.

When selecting bathroom furniture or a mirror to fully compliment your design it is a good idea to stick to the specialist shops as the products will be suitable for bathroom interior conditions. Always pay attention to the manufacturers’ advice for care and cleaning to ensure your bathroom stays in excellent condition.

Seashell Bathroom Decor

13 May

Seashell Bathroom Decor

Thinking about adding that seaside feel to your bathroom? Out of all the bathroom decorating ideas you could think of, seashell bathroom decor is most definitely popular due to its freshness, sense of calm and natural beauty. There are many accessories to compliment this particular decor; from shower curtains to soap dishes, shower hooks, bath rugs, hand towels, tumblers, lotion pumps, tissue box covers, baskets, wallpaper borders and even seashell toilet seats. Don’t neglect your bathroom; when it comes to people’s home decor this is one of the rooms that are easy to forget. Your bathroom deserves as much attention as the rest of the house, and a theme is always a good idea if you want to add style and personality to your room. Seashell bathroom decorations are easy to find and, best of all, quite inexpensive. You can have a complete makeover in no time while at the same time spending little money.

Seashell Bathroom Decor IdeasBasics for the Scheme

Lets have a look at what would constitute the basics in order to achieve the desired theme:

  1. Colors: Think of the soft colors of nature when decorating your bathroom. Light browns and blues are evocative of the sand and the sea. Shells are a great accessory and display wonderful colors as well as being a classic and many items display this very charming motif. There are many hues to consider; think of shades of blue and yellow, white, aqua and peach or any other tone that is gentle and calm.
  2. Natural elements: You can add your own personal style by using natural elements like pebbles, shells and sand to decorate your bathroom. You can be really creative with these elements and use them as ornaments on your cabinets, next to the mirror or around the bath area.
  3. Bathroom accessories: You could have seashell curtains and other seashell bathroom accessories. Add framed seashell photos to the room; they will spring up the theme and not many people think of using these. Check out our bathroom seashell decorations post for great inspiration with a vast range of appealing and visually exciting  accessories!

Some people are really inspired by the theme and like to create a strong visual impact with this type decor. You can take it further and also decorate other rooms in the house. Seashells are indeed very beautiful elements and seem to convey the mysteries of the ocean. Use them to encance the overall desired effect.

Seashell Bathroom Accessories

Where would you start? You really need to nail this theme down in order to get the right seashell bathroom accessories without going over the top, which is a mistake many people make. Stick with one color scheme (see below), and follow with every accessory you buy. Toilet seats, drawer knobs, lights, curtain hooks, soap dish, toilet brushes, and shower curtains  are some basics you could consider.

Choosing the Right Color Schemes -

When thinking of the colors that reproduce the feel of the ocean, there are also other interesting bathroom color schemes you can take into consideration. Here is a guide that can help you:

1) Seashell Decor:

White, Lilac, Powder Blue

2) Mosaics and Fish:

Terracotta, Sea green, Cream, Pale blue-green, Deep blue-green

3) Treasure Island:

Electric Blue, Lemon yellow, cherry Red, Warm yellow

4) Nautical Theme:

Burgundy, Grey, Silver ceramic paint, White, Black

5) Coral Reef:

Sea green, White, Orange, Deep blue-green, Red, Ultramarine, Lemon yellow, Gold spray paint

6) Rock Pools:

Cream, Iridescent orange, red, Iridescent pink, Sugar pink, Gold acrylic

Sketching and Planning

Use a pad to sketch and plan how you want your bathroom to look, how you will incorporate all the different elements and accessories. Before you start sketching, relax and think of the sea. One of the first things that come into mind is the refreshing and calm feel; try to capture it with color and imagination. The floor could re-create the feel of sand by incorporating its tones and hues – yellow, gold, white, beige, light browns and teal. For the New England look, paint your floor either plain white or blue and white stripes.

Some Seashell Bathroom Ideas you Can Easily Implement

For a seashell bath decor add the right patterned curtains or blind as well as the soap dish and bathmat. Place candles with embedded seashells and starfish in the corner of the bath or on a shelf next to the bath. If you can’t find the right candles place regular ones amongst sand, pebbles and shells on a bowl. You could use the big scallop shell as a soap dish or a candle holder with fine sand beneath it. If you still have an old fashion cord to pull the light switch on attach a couple of shells to the end, or how about placing the right mat to compliment your seashell bath decor theme? The beauty of the cord is that it would give the wind chime effect that will always remind you of the sea, and the mat works as a reminder every time you get ready for your bath.

A big conch shell will bring to life any corner or window sill, shelf, top of cabinet, etc. Instead of an ordinary frame on a plane mirror why not use driftwood incorporated with some shells. All of these can also add to the style of your home decoration in general. Remember to keep consistent within the rooms (colors could be a joining theme-thread).

Have a look at any other accessories needed to complement and finish your new seashell bathroom decor but try not to go over the top always remembering less is more.

**Nothing beats nature. For great seashell bathroom ideas, bring the beach back home
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Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Whether Large or Small, Your Bathroom Decor should Always be taken into Account

25 Dec

Whether you have a large or small bathroom at home, it is really fun and easy to come up with fantastic bathroom decorating ideas to jazz it up a little or for a full make-over. If you decide to go for the latter, make sure your bathroom is clean and that you clear up any accessories or furniture before you start (also allow for the walls to dry after you clean them thoroughly). Decide if you want to paint the walls or use wallpaper. A combination of both could also look great.

Bathroom Decor with Accessories

Borders near the ceiling or right against it usually look fantastic in the bathroom. If you are particularly looking for small bathroom decorating ideas white, creams and  off-white are the colors you should go for. Tiles are also great to add on the walls; you could add a strip around the middle section on all walls for consistency. Moroccan style tiles are really popular and add that “spice” to the bathroom. Again, your accessories should always match.

There are hundreds of bath and shower curtain designs, colors, styles and patterns. You might want to consider plastic shower doors that depict different landscape scenes or in vibrant colors that match your walls. They are a good choice as they allow plenty of light into the bathroom which is usually needed especially if there are no windows.

One of the most popular bathroom decor ideas is to add color by spray painting some of your accessories. Choose a color that is original and nowhere to be found in the bathroom; not only it will make your accessories stand out but it will also create fantastic luminosity and spots where the eye can rest easily. Make sure the color combination falls under the same scheme. Varnish your accessories first so as time passes they are still untarnished. Spray paint and allow to dry before placing; with a color this accented you will be amazed at the results.

Roll your towels nicely and place inside wicker baskets. If the color of the wicker doesn’t go with the rest of your bathroom decor, don’t be afraid of adding color to them. Match with a nice floor mat and the different toothbrush accessories. Make sure to visit our bathroom seashell decorations post to have a look at great accessories that can highly improve the look of your new and exciting scheme!

Make your own Shower Curtains

This is one of the easiest and more effective bathroom decoration ideas. Although it is true that you can find shower curtains in almost every color imaginable, there is nothing more fulfilling than creating your own. Take the right measurements first and double check so they fit accordingly (if you have a bath, measure the length, width and height). Allow for the curtain to fall underneath the height of the bath if you happen to have both incorporated in one. Choose the right material (plastic or waterproof) and cut according to the measurements taken. Buy an extra 1meter to the measurements taken. You will have to also cut holes for the hangers and place plastic accessories. You can find them at many DIY stores or large department stores.

Your chosen material should be washed thoroughly before you start working with it. Fold it in half so you end up with two sheets of equal measure. Fold again the top of the material in rectangular shapes so we can add the holes for the curtain rod.

Cover Shelves for Protection

Decorating ideas for bathroom shelves can also include covering them with small curtains with the appropriate matching colors to cover your personal accessories like creams, ear buds, deodorants, etc. Measure the length and width of your shelf or shelves; three different curtains would look ideal (two for the sides and one for the front).

Your material should be durable like a mix of cotton and polyester. It will not only provide your shelves with the right protection but it will add a fantastic touch to your bathroom decoration. You can use Velcro to attach the material in a way that you only have to flip it to access your personals. If you find that making your own covers is too complicated or haven’t got the time, take the measurements, choose a great material and have them professionally made. Shelf covers will make your bathroom stand out as they can really add originality and are a great decor accessory.

Plants and Bowls

When looking for decorating ideas for the bathroom plants and bowls will give you that edge without having to spend a lot of money. Nature elements always look good in almost any room, and the bathroom is the right place to display them.

Have you got a free standing bathroom mirror? Add a large plant next to it so the reflection adds warmth to the room. Smaller plants like cacti would look great on the top shelves next to your bathroom accessories or on corner cabinets.

Bottles, glass bowls filled with pebbles or sand will also look attractive and add an edge to your bathroom decor. Seashells, potpourri, bath salts, floral arrangements and scented candles can be placed along the shelves and can be really pleasing to the eye. Seashell bathroom decor is very popular and there are many different accessories to complement it. Use different color candles to place in every corner of the bathroom; some may go on the side of the tub and the other alongside mirrors and shelves above the sink.

Your see through glass bowls can be used to place your hair clips, cotton, manicure accessories and many other commonly used items in a bathroom. For kids bathroom decorating ideas place plastic toys like rubber ducks or bath books alongside your other decorative items. They will add color and a lovely spark to the room.

When it comes to bathroom decorating ideas the key is to experiment with elements that will add originality, style and functionality to the room. This idea can be extended to other rooms thus improving your home decoration in general therefore creating a sense of identity and consistency.

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Decorate Your Bathroom with a Free Standing Bathroom Mirror

15 Dec

If you have been thinking of decorating your bathroom with a free standing bathroom mirror you will be able to choose amongst three different styles: articulated mirrors that usually attach to the wall (next to the sink); small mirrors that have been designed for close-ups (for shaving and plucking) and large free standing mirrors (full length) which will take a lot more room in your bathroom but will add a lovely touch to your home decoration so they are the ones to opt for is your priority is style over practicality. Also, with these types of mirrors you can always check out the full length of your body before getting ready in your dressing room or bedroom. The downside is that steam will get on the way if you have just taken a shower or a bath.

You can find frames in all sorts of materials for the larger mirrors (from bamboo frames to wood, plastic and metal) and also a great variety of colors. The smaller mirrors (articulated and the ones designed for close ups) will usually come in metal frames or plastic, and the colors vary but the majority come in silver and white. They are extremely practical for the bathroom but the one to go for is the larger free standing mirror as it will look stunning placed anywhere in the room and also will add a fantastic touch of sophistication. Accessories are of extreme importance in general as they are really what “make” the rooms what they are. Check out Your House, Your Home for great home accessories as well as fantastic tips and advice.

The bathroom is by far one of the rooms we most frequently visit. It is also the room visitors will need to go to and thus it really needs to be taken care of not only in terms of cleanliness but also style and personality. There is no more gratification for your guests than to visit the bathroom and find that they can look at themselves in a full length free standing bathroom mirror; these types of mirrors are fantastic to pump up anyone’s vanity! No doubt the smaller free standing versions will be necessary for cosmetic touch-ups; have both mirrors in your bathroom or choose from many beautiful bathroom mirror cabinets for the perfect combination in terms of practicability.

Selecting a specific model might not be the easiest if you have a very precise idea of what type of decor and style your are looking for. The trend dictates that bathroom must play with decorative lines and at the same time be harmonious, simple, elegant yet practical. You will find a huge array of different styles when it comes to choosing your mirrors. Remember to comply with the color schemes you have dictated with the rest of the accessories to coordinate appropriately with the rest of the decor. Also you need to check walls if you are attaching the articulated mirrors to them for space and feasibility.

What are you waiting for? Find the perfect free standing bathroom mirror that will add and compliment to your decor and at the same time help your personal hygiene!

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How to Design a Bathroom

7 Dec

Many people struggle with the idea of how to design a bathroom, but with some simple decorating ideas you can most definitely remodel your bathroom decoration whether large or small. Also, if you take your time and not stress about it, it will be a lot of fun! Think of it as changing your home decoration style, rather than heavy duty work. The mental approach is the key, as with many other things in life.

Visit large department stores like Ikea; their design ideas will definitely trigger off your imagination. As most bathrooms are quite small you have the advantage of being able to paint the walls yourself without having to use the services of professionals which in the end will be hurting your budget. Before you set to do this task, make sure you do a bit of house cleaning and decluttering around major areas and inside the bathroom, and also clean the walls thoroughly and wait for them to dry before you start.

Always try to choose a light type of color for your bathroom walls: you want to make sure you add luminosity through your choice of tones and shades (which is particularly important if your bathroom does not have any windows!). If you like white but you want to experiment with other colors, paint at least one of the walls in white or cream or another option would be to paint half the wall with the desired color and the other half with white. Another idea would be to paint them white and then glue and adhesive strip or a row of tiles (make sure they are all lined up at the same height in all of the walls), or just paint a 15cm line with a strong color to “give more life” to the walls (again, line them up so the height is the same in all walls). This will allow you to have contrasting colors that will also be very useful when choosing your accessories.

When thinking of accessories to match the contrasting colors floor mats, soap dishes, shower curtains, toothbrush holders, accessories for toilet paper and toilet seats are some of the many elements to consider. Also, you can place near the sink cabinet an attractive wicker basket or wire basket. Put inside the basket a sheet of clothing material that matches the contrasting color of your choice and place a few rolls of toilet rolls inside.

Think of different interior plants that might brighten up the decor in the bathroom and also are not expensive to buy. Place them on shelves, or on a stool or a simple wooden box covered with a pretty cloth. Choose leafy plants that do not need much light. Other elements you could place on the shelves would be old looking glass bottles, glass jars filled with pretty stones, colored salts or shells.

Candles always look very attractive in the bathroom and add a romantic atmosphere. Place them on the window sills and the shelves. Also, buy colorful soaps that add the “fun” element to your decor. Coordinate colors with walls and candles. Place different colored cotton balls in wicker baskets to bring some life into the room. Towels with strong colors will also look great, fold them nicely and arrange a nice pile to add “freshness” and enhance the contrasting color once more.

Sometimes playing around with different ideas for our home decor is fun and can be achieved with very little money. Whether you are wondering how to design a bathroom or any other room in the house, keep in mind one important factor: always stick with the budget you have allowed yourself and don’t worry about ideas. They just flow once you set your mind to remodel any room.