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Eero Aarnio Hanging Bubble Chairs for Rooms: Sophisticated and Chic!

18 Mar

The bubble chair adds grand style to any bedroom. Sophisticated, chic and unique, hanging bubble chairs for rooms are one of the most popular bedroom chairs nowadays. Eero Aarnio is probably the best well known “brand”, the man behind the name was a Finnish interior designer (and furniture designer) well known for his spectacular chairs in fiberglass and plastic. He created the famous Bubble Chair after his popular Ball Chair, designs that became incredibly well known through films amongst other places during the 60s, and are as popular nowadays if not more.

It’s not easy to find really cheap bubble chairs and the cheapest we’ve seen on sale on the net is still above $500+ (from well over $3000!). Amazon offers a great variety of hanging chairs for bedrooms, and the prices are quite unbeatable. Whether you want the chair to enhance the look of your girls bedroom, or just to upbeat the look of a bedroom you’ve grown tired to look at, hanging bubble chairs for rooms are perfect if you have that little bit of extra cash to spend in your home decoration. Have a look at the offers we suggest at

The popular hanging bubble chair by Eero Aarnio in silver:

A timeless classic. These home decorations are not cheap and come at a cost, but they are definitely worth the look and glamour they add to any room at home. Made with acrylic material, the bubble has been grown to the right size with added cushions for comfort and style.


The bubble chair in black:

In red :

A different option in blue (not an Aarnio) from Evinco Design:

Not as well known, but still chic and glamorous, the shell color is perfect to match any blue home decor or to just add an accent to your room.


Finally, the stand if you haven’t got the right fitting for the chair to hang:

Whether you’re looking into enhancing your minimalist interior design at home, or just add a feature that can be seen in many music videos and films, Eero Aarnio hanging buble chairs for rooms are the timeless classic that will set you apart from the rest.


Shopping for Bunk Beds

7 Mar

Shopping for Bunk Beds

bunk beds

To add storage and functionality to any child’s room, bunk beds are your best bet. They work well in both a boy’s or girl’s bedroom and can be found in multiple styles to suit your home decoration tastes.

Wooden Bunk Beds

If you prefer wood, you will likely be happy with the designs and styles available on the market that will suit nearly any bedroom interior.  The bunk bed designs in wood offer a multitude of storage solutions, from the single loft bed with built in dresser and desk – a great spot for bedroom chairs – to combinations of twin/twin, twin/full or full/full with under-bed storage and storage in the stairs.

A few options to choose from (priced from highest to lowest):
  • Woody Creek Stair T/F Bunk Bed – Front Load with Underbed & Matts – Package – This solid pine model has a twin bed on the upper level with a full on the bottom.  There is under-bed storage as well as storage in the stairs.  The stairs come pre-assembled and this item includes the mattresses.

List Price: ()
Availability: ()

  • Bunk Bed Twin over Full Mission Style with Trundle in White -This Mission style bunk bed is sturdy and stylish.  The upper twin combined with the trundle bed under the full lower bunk is a good solution for sleepovers.  This set does not include the mattresses.

  • Honey Oak Finish Twin/twin Convertible Wooden Bunk Bed -This bed does not include the mattresses and requires some assembly.  Reviews do indicate that this model is practical, attractive and very sturdy because of its bracing.

List Price: ()
Sale Price: ($336.37)
Availability: (Usually ships in 4-5 business days)

Metal Bunk Beds

If you’re looking for a modern, rugged looking set of bunk beds, you should consider metal.  They are priced lower than their wooden counterparts and are very sturdy.  They will fit in with most children’s bedroom decor.

Some options, priced from most to least expensive:
  • Powell Monster Bedroom® Twin/Full Bunk Bed – This model has a twin over and a full under design.  It is made from durable, sturdy tubular steel and requires some assembly.  The mattresses are not included in the price.

  • Walker Edison Twin over Twin Bunk Bed – With its twin over twin design that converts to two twin beds, this model is very practical.  Its clean, sleek lines suit any decor.  Some assembly is required for this durable tubular steel bed.

List Price: ()
Availability: ()

  • Walker Edison Twin over Full Bunk Bed – Even though this is a twin over full, this unit is the least expensive of the bunk beds listed.  The price does not seem to affect its stability.  It can take a little longer to assemble than others, but comes with assembly tools.  It is made of sturdy tubular steel.

Many wood bunk bed sets come with storage solutions while the metal ones don’t.  However, because of the lower price of the metal bunk beds, extra under-bed storage could be purchased.  Both the wooden and metal bunk beds offer space saving, attractive solutions for small spaces.

Wardrobe Designs Evolved Significantly in a Few Decades

4 Feb

Wardrobe Designs Evolved Significantly in a Few Decades

Wardrobe Designs 1

Wardrobes are integral part of human bedroom design since centuries and wardrobe designs evolved from huge four-section items to modern designs where form follows function. Bedroom interior is unthinkable without wardrobes which originally are intended to help us store apparel but during the ages have become a sort of home decoration, too. Bedroom interiors vary in style and you have a wide choice of traditional and modern designs to select from, including bedroom chairs and various elements of home decoration.

Modern Wardrobe Designs Bet on Functionality

Wardrobe Designs 2

photo by favaro JR

Apart from its function to add good looking appearance to our bedrooms, wardrobes should offer functionality and be of use where need for storing clothing appears. They can further enhance the look of the room; think of canopy beds and adding to the style with the furniture you choose to display around them. Wardrobes are an important element of childrens bedroom decor, too, for allowing kids to keep in one place not only clothing but toys and other personal belongings. Most items intended to adorn rooms of children are painted in lively colours as opposed to the dark colours used in painting wardrobes a few decades ago. Find good ideas for your bedroom interior on magazines or the Internet and try to emulate them at home.

Materials Matter

Wardrobe Designs 3

photo by Th♥mås Lǔ

Modern wardrobe designs feature wooden, metal and plastic elements with wooden wardrobes still topping the list of the most popular home decoration of this kind. This style will allow you to also display modern accessories like DVD stands and ultra-chic spotlights in a way that they blend with the rest of the home decor. And while antique furniture stores offer solid wardrobes we all know since Victorian times but modern plastic materials gradually replace nail-studded wardrobes made of wooden materials.

Such new materials allow designers to create modular wardrobes, offering improved functionality while being less space sensitive. A corner wardrobe can save space, for instance, but it is far harder to make such a piece of furniture using wood and metals.

Affordable Prices Are Widespread

Wardrobe Designs 4

photo by Nature form furniture

Some people might be homesick for the solid wooden wardrobes of their childhood but modern wardrobe designs also contributed to the decreasing price levels and affordability of wardrobes. A typical wardrobe now sells for around USD 500 to USD 600, on average, while it could cost fortune a century ago.

Wardrobe designs have changed to serve new purposes and meet new requirements and you will hardly find a wardrobe featuring wood-carving craftsmanship. Not that wood-carving is old-fashioned or something, but designers realized that the primary purpose of an item determines its natural beauty and functionality became a king amongst modern furnishings makers.

Moreover, wardrobe designs managed to break up the ancient idea that bedroom interiors should follow and use dark coloured schemes and today’s customers are able to enjoy vivid colours in their boudoirs. We have to admit that such an interior is far more inspiring than the one existing in our grandfathers’ bedrooms!

Why Hanging Chairs for Bedrooms is a Good Choice

17 Dec

Why Hanging Chairs for Bedrooms is a Good Choice

Decorating a Bedroom with Chairs

The way a house is decorated and furnished gives it a unique personality which reflects the individual living there. Starting with the buying of the furniture, to how the furniture is placed in each room – it all requires a lot of planning and thought beforehand. Hanging chairs for bedrooms provide something new that will add flair to a room, while providing comfort without taking up too much space. Strategically placed chairs next to baskets in nooks will add flair to the home decoration. Using everyday items in out of the ordinary ways adds a customized touch to bedroom interiors. If the decorating is to be done on a budget, then it is a good idea to search flea markets and garage sales for unique pieces. Amazon is also a great place to buy your furniture, prices are good and you get to choose from a vast range of products.

Here are our favorite hanging chairs from Amazon:

List Price: ()
Availability: ()

List Price: ($303.69)
Sale Price: ($303.69)
Availability: (Usually ships in 24 hours)

List Price: ()
Availability: ()

List Price: ($114.99)
Sale Price: ($114.99)
Availability: (Usually ships in 1-2 business days)


More Specialized Bedroom Chairs

A couple of comfy chairs for bedroom provide space to sit and chat with a friend, watch TV, or read, while enhancing the bedroom interior. Even if a room is small, a hanging chair can be adjusted easily in one corner to provide the perfect place to sit and relax. Old clothing or decorative tablecloths can be turned into throw covers for the chairs, adding a personalized touch.

Bedroom chairs constitute an essential part of bedroom designs and it matter not whether they are picked up from an inexpensive place or a specialized store like bedroom chairs from Ikea. Adding accessories like mirror frames next to the chairs can make a small room appear larger in size. In the girls bedroom, wrought iron posts can be used as curtain rods to give the room a more elegant look. Additionally, when designing a little girl’s room it is a good idea to keep her hobbies and interests in mind.

If a room is small in size, then slightly smaller than regular sized kids beds and small bedroom chairs can be used. Ornate birdbaths from a thrift shop can be used as a nightstand in a small room. It is also possible to hang a small bedroom chair in the shape of a pod to add spunk to a child’s room. Old glassware or antique cups can be placed around the room as candleholders. Smaller rooms should make use of soft lighting, Also, lights close to the bed will give a more spacious look to the room. Another thing to keep in mind when dealing with smaller rooms, is to paint them in lighter shades. Colors like cream or white will make a room look bigger than it really is, while colors to avoid would be shades of blue, green, or mauve, as they give a cramped look.


Hanging bubble chairs for rooms are very very much in demand nowadays and seem to never go out of fashion. Here are some more popular types: the bean pod, hammocks, cushioned hanging chairs and also the egg shaped chairs.

Choose the Bedroom Chairs That Best Fits your Needs

Bedroom chairs are an important element in the decoration of a room, because besides adding to the beauty of the room they provide a practical place to sit and work or relax. If the room is not very big, then small chairs for bedrooms can be used. The main advantage for using hanging chairs for bedrooms is that it is very comfortable to sit in, yet doesn’t take up much space. Most importantly, when decorating a room, remember to accommodate only those items that go with the theme. From comfy bedroom chairs to wall hangings and baskets for keeping magazines, each item must be selected with care and love. Don’t forget to choose the decorative stuff that you’ll love to look at, as well as take care of. Hanging chair for girls room is something to consider if your little one is demands that her room looks trendy as well as comfy!

Foto by Sterin

hanging chairs for bedrooms

New Steel “C” Stand for Hammock Air Chairs

Bedroom Designs and the Art of Decorating

6 Nov

Bedroom Designs and the Art of Decorating

Furnishing and redecorating the rooms in the house is very inspiring work as it helps the personality of the individual to shine through. Choosing and looking through bedroom designs, then selecting the furniture designs that will make the room come alive entails a lot of work. Starting with the baby nursery decor and moving on to the girls bedroom – each requires bedroom design ideas on an individual basis. If the rooms are small then small bedroom designs need to be concentrated on, with an emphasis on small bedroom furniture designs. If rooms are bigger and more spacious, then different kinds of bedroom design ideas need to be searched and looked for.

Some people are satisfied with a basic bed, a nearby bedside table, and a simple chest of drawers. Others prefer something in wrought iron over wood or even a dresser that is trendy or comes with a vanity that has mirrors. Still others want to sleep like kings and want canopies. The choices are endless. Throughout the article we will see images of completely different designs, all of them with a point to make in terms of style and personality – see which one defines you or is closest to what you like, who you are, and how you like to represent yourself through your home decoration.

bedroom3 bedroom4
by ooh_food by Supermariolxpt

Selecting Furniture and Thinking of Color and Light

Whatever the individual needs, a good place to start searching for bedroom interior design is home decoration magazines. A second source is HGTV (house and garden television). Once a general idea about the bedroom interiors has been obtained, the next step is to concentrate on decorating ideas.

Depending on the size of the room, strategically placed bedroom chairs next to the kids beds give the room a full look and provide a comfortable place to sit on. Bedroom chairs from Ikea can be used to fill up a room. These chairs come in a variety of colors, so it can be matched to the linen, cushions, futon covers etc.

bedroom1 bedroom2
by Big Grey Mare by fromtherightbank

Many pieces of interest that have multiple functions like seating and storage spaces combined can also be obtained from Ikea. If a child likes to read in bed, a headboard that also acts as a bookcase can be ideal. In a small room, some well placed decorative mirrors make the room appear bigger, in fact, the illusion they create can be absolutely stunning!

For bedrooms that are compact, a tall and thin furniture design is more appropriate, as opposed to heavy or dark as these tend to give a cramped look. Light decoration can be used to compliment the modern look in a room; think hanging bubble chairs for rooms; they are a fantastic option and allow the light to really expand through the furniture and beyond. Also, remember that clever use of light can also make a room appear larger than it actually is. The same occurs with color: the right tones, hues and shades can create miracles in any dull room or area of the house.

Have you thought about wallpaper? It is very much “in” again, and there are glorious designs available both online and on the shops for you to choose from. Have a look at different wallpaper designs and choose the appropriate one for your room. One idea is to just wallpaper one wall, so your eye will instantly be drawn to that area. Play around with stripes, floral prints, damask prints, geometrics or funky wallpapers for different looks!

bedroom5 bedroom6
by ooh_food by coco+kelley

Finishing Touches

When setting up the kids room, colors and themes play an important role in decorating. Bedsheet sets and other items of interest for children in teenage years can be obtained from places like Bed Bath and Beyond. After all, the final look of the room is dependent on making sure that the various items in the room not only go together, but follow a plan. Pottery Barn carries furniture items and home decorating items that can also be used to make the bedroom come alive.

bedroom7 bedroom8
by Angelina :) by ooh_food

When one is in the final stages of setting a room, do not crown the room with lots of small pieces of decoration which have no practical use. Too many pieces give the room an untidy, cluttered look, and take the focus away from one or two carefully selected pieces. Each piece selected should serve a function and draw attention to itself.

How to Look for the Best Kids Beds

10 Sep

How to Look for the Best Kids Beds

When children have outgrown the nursery, the best way to ingrain in them a sense of autonomy is to give them their own space with corresponding kids beds. Different beds fit different set-ups. One responsibility of parenthood is to ensure that childrens beds are chosen according to their ages and their needs. There is no doubt that you will be able to find very nice designs throughout the different stores. There is a lot of imagination put into creating beautiful pieces of furniture for the young ones at home, so it won’t be difficult to find one you fall in love with as much as your child. And, the good news is that most accessories have also been well thought off so you will be able to compliment the room beautifully to create amazing, young and stylish decor.

The Basics of a Good Bed

It is important to consider the kids bedding when buying the kids bed. A good mattress is needed to provide comfort for the aches and pains from growing up and to allow play at the same time. For instance, toddlers beds should be able to withstand tantrums and jumping while being soft enough to allow a good night’s sleep. These things should also be able to provide enough support while the child is asleep so that his body and bones would grow better.

The Space Factor

The average house is limited in space and it follows that the bedroom will also have spatial limitations. Bunk beds for kids can be used to solve this problem. These are stacked vertically and are ideal for multiple children occupying the same room or children who like inviting their friends for sleep-overs. One important consideration is to buy kids bunk beds with safety rails and secure ladders. These help ensure the safety of the children by preventing falls.

Another space-saver is the loft bed. Kids loft beds enable the use of the floor space for other things. This kind of bed may have an open space underneath for storage, a desk or a drawer. A kids closet organizer may also be put into this space rather than having to allot space for another closet. Another unique idea to maximize space is to substitute the kids beds headboards with twin bookcases.

The Kid’s Bed Preference

While an infant may not yet be able to voice out what type of bed he wants, the option to choose independently should be given to a toddler or a grade-schooler. The kid’s bedroom interior should feature a design that matches his/her personality and lifestyle.

Once the child leaves the nursery, parents might want to consider exchanging the baby nursery decor with something more appropriate and more likable for the child. The childrens bedroom decor may not match the home decoration. This is not such a big deal since the bedroom is a private sanctuary. For the girls bedroom, (and not in all cases), the most common bedroom interiors include an all-white or pink color scheme with a four-poster bed. For boys, common interior ideas include space and galaxy with glow-in-the-dark decorations or a feature of their favorite superheroes.

Where to Find Beds for Kids

It is not that hard to find just the right bed for one’s children. Aside from selling cheap home decor, Ikea and Sears provide multiple affordable options for well-designed beds. Toys R Us and Ashley Furniture are also the places to go to when trying to find excellent choices. Pottery Barn Kids and Toys R Us feature many beds for the young ones which are sure to satisfy parents and children alike.

There are many kid’s beds available in the market. Whether one is looking for a specific type such as a trundle bed or a car bed or whether one is looking for great cheap deals or discount, these are available just by browsing through the places mentioned. The key principle is that one should buy kid’s beds which incorporate the space factor, the needs of the child who will use it and the budget of the family.

List Price: ($654.99)
Sale Price: ($568.87)
Availability: (Usually ships in 2-3 business days)

List Price: ($194.50)
Sale Price: ($178.97)
Availability: (Usually ships in 2-3 business days)

List Price: ($409.99)
Sale Price: ($388.42)
Availability: (Usually ships in 4-5 business days)

List Price: ($114.99)
Availability: ()

List Price: ($225.90)
Sale Price: ($125.19)
Availability: (Usually ships in 24 hours)

List Price: ($124.99)
Availability: ()

Girls Bedroom – Going Beyond the Basics

19 Aug

Girls Bedroom – Going Beyond the Basics

Are you looking for ideas on how to decorate the girls bedroom? Well, for every child, the bedroom serves both as a haven and a place for creativity. Because the bedroom is more than a place for sleeping, it is important that the childrens bedroom decor can also get their creative juices flowing. The best combination of bedroom design ideas would be the placement of items which balance both relaxation and stimulation and which cater to the children’s interests. Decorating the baby bedroom, the girls bedroom, or the tween bedroom are great chances for parents to feature their artistry and thoughtfulness.

The Baby Nursery

In general, baby nursery decor should be soothing. This is because the infant spends most of his time sleeping. The basics of a nursery include a crib, a table, a chair and a dresser. However, enhancing the child and the mother’s comfort is also a top priority. The nursery could be made more comfortable by adding an easy chair and a footstool for the mother. If the parents plan to spend long periods within the nursery, a daybed could be added. Toys should be appropriate to the infant’s age.

The Girls Bedroom

The girls bedroom is a feminine sanctuary which can feature the girls’ preferences and quirks. However, one should not be limited to the traditional motifs on how to decorate girls bedrooms. Most girls bedroom decorating ideas revolve around making the room as girly as possible. With so many resources in and out of the internet, a dream girl’s bedroom is just a click or a drive away.

Among the essentials of a girly bedroom is the girls bedroom set. Bedroom sets can consist of loft beds or bunk beds. The girls bedding should be soft enough for comfortable sleep but should be strong enough to endure playing and jumping over the bed. Bed coverings include bedspreads, coverlets and comforters. With cold weather, the children might prefer comforters because these are usually heavily quilted and are able to provide more warmth.

Other girls bedroom furniture include decorative mirrors. Whether the occupant is a little girl or an adolescent, mirrors will not be wasted because all girls are fond of checking their appearance. Other decorative additions include soft flowery fabrics for curtains and pastel colors and etchings for the walls. If the girls are interested in the ocean or in astronomy, the room could be patterned on these themes, respectively.

The Tween Girls Bedroom

Between 9 to 12 years, girls become “tweens”. During this period, they want to be independent and they want their bedrooms to be expressions of their personality. They might even want to revamp their entire bedrooms and shift their previous Barbie-themed decorations to punk-themed ones. When having a bedroom make-over for a teen, it is best to have a consultation between the daughter and the parents. Combining both practicality and the girl’s personal preference is a good way of approaching the tween girls bedroom. It is also good for the parents to allow the tween girl to do the decorating herself. This way, she learns how to become responsible and when to ask for help.

Where to Find Girls Bedroom Ideas

Excellent furniture and designs are offered by Pottery Barn, Ikea, Hgtv, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Overstock. These places do not just offer the best deals for decorating different kinds of bedroom interior; they also provide access to different kinds of home decoration. For a homemaker who wants to surprise and please the children or all of the house’s occupants, these are the best places to explore.

The Usefulness of Bedroom Chairs

1 Jul

The Usefulness of Bedroom Chairs

The usefulness of the bedroom chair is often overlooked until you have an excess of furniture and plonk a couch in your bedroom. Once established in the room, though, bedroom chairs – or boudoir chairs as some people like to call them – become indispensable not just to jazz up yourbedroom interior but also as very practical items. In fact, you really won’t know how you managed with out one. Boudoir chairs are multi functional items that really make the bedroom work. It could be somewhere to sit and read in peace away from the children, or somewhere to hang your clothes when the floor is full, what you want from a bedroom chair will depend very much on you and your lifestyle.

Chairs for Bedrooms

If you have the space you probably have romantic ideas of a chaise reclining in the corner of your room, do your research well if looking for small bedroom chairs. Ethan Allen is a great place to start your search when space is of an optimum. There are many smaller contemporary versions on the market, but you may have to seek them out. Love seats are really appropriate bedroom chairs and a great present for newlyweds. It could be you need a nursing chair for all those exhausting night feeds. Do take at look at antique chairs if you want a classic or investment piece that is timeless.

Here are some of our favorite bedroom chairs from Amazon:

List Price: ()
Sale Price: ($164.82)
Availability: (Usually ships in 24 hours)

List Price: ($130.44)
Sale Price: ($128.75)
Availability: (Usually ships in 2-3 business days)

List Price: ()
Availability: ()

The cost of getting an item re upholstered is not that enormous and with all the superb fabrics available, you can get waterproof breathable fabrics you can sponge down that are really functional but will look sumptuous for years to come. Pottery Barn has a good range of fabrics worth taking a look at to give you some ideas.

Hanging chairs for bedrooms are great style pieces and Ikea is always worth a visit if you are looking for fun furniture items to give your bedroom that extra wow factor. Remember that you have to hang the chair from a beam, so you think about the practicality of where you can place it and the safety element if you have small children running around, before you make the investment.

When thinking of bedroom interiors take into account the younger ones in the family too! Childrens bedroom decor can benefit immensely with practical items; an example would be the forever comfy bean bag chairs, but if you are thinking  about adding one to up-style your baby nursery decor, do take into account that they are not suitable for young babies or toddlers to use unsupervised as if a little one falls asleep on a beanbag the danger of overheating arises. Small bedroom chairs will look sweet and cozy in their rooms, choose bold colors to compliment the existing decor if you want to add more life to the room, but do remember that dark fabrics will hide the stains a lot better (something to keep in mind when children are around!)

Consider a table with benches for the play area of the kids room. Foam pull out sofas and chairs can be an ideal cheap solution for kids sleepovers, when making your selection bear in mind the amount of bouncing the chair may be subjected to. Again you will probably want to look at Ikea for innovative modern kids design ideas.

Practical Design

Practicality will probably override a lot of your desires; it could be you need chair beds for those overnight guests and if Grandma is staying you may want something much more substantial. There are lots of comfy chairs for bedroom use that transform into beds for occasional overnight visitors. Consider the mobility of the user; an older person will want a chair that is easy to get out of so consider the traditional elegance of a Queen Anne style chair. Ashley Furniture has good range of furniture solutions but do not restrict your self to bedroom chairs when searching, many suitable contemporary furniture items can be found in the lounge section of department stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond. Also, check out the post on 5 fabulous bedroom chairs from Ikea for some dreamy designs!

Here are som more great options from Amazon:

Budgeting Sense

Always look in the for sale section for items that will accent your home decoration. It is a good idea to not have your ideas too firmly fixed in your head if you are hoping to bag bargain bedroom chairs, as this could limit you. A little creativity goes a long way and with this in mind, you may consider looking at nearly new items from your local thrift store, or getting hand me down boudoir chairs from a relative or friend. Remember that there’s nothing like great comfy chairs for bedroom relaxation and unwinding from stressful days!

Bedroom Interiors

15 Jun

Bedroom Interiors

If you are looking into bedroom interior designs there are a lot on styles on offer to select from. Bedroom interiors can be minimal with concealed storage and cool lines one idea to consider if this theme appeals to you is Japanese bedroom interior design. Platform beds and Shoji screens for your wardrobe doors give your room warmth; try adding some diffused lighting lamps to really add to the intimacy of your room. Sometimes mixing styles works wonders, especially when the overall decor seems to be dull.

Perhaps an opulent look with an eclectic mix of layered textures is more your style, this look can often be helped along by utilising existing items from other parts of your home to cut down on expense to give your bedroom interior a show room look and feel. Purples and blues and pinks spring to mind, with draped four poster beds dressed in luxury bed linens, and dark wood furniture for the extra touch.

Your home decoration should really suit your lifestyle, so when considering interior design ideas for bedrooms, factor in the suitability of the scheme. If you have small children bouncing on your bed, drapes may not be the best idea. However a canopy can still be used by looking into alternative styles such as a coronet canopy. Mirrors are a necessity in the bedroom and when well placed can add light to the dullest room. Consider bedroom chairs if you want to add to the style of the room. Whether jazzing it up or toning it down, sometimes a piece of furniture makes all the needed difference.

Your bedding will need to be chosen to ensure it can be washed and dried with ease and you do not have to spend hours ironing the duvet cover. You can however by making your selections with care have the look and feel you require. Try not to be too impulsive but wait to find the right color and style coupled with the practicality your busy life demands.

An interior design bedroom look is within reach of most of us. Research magazines look in shop showrooms and think how you can recreate an adaptation of that look to suit your budget and your lifestyle.

Photo by coco+kelley**Cortesy of – Creative Commons

bedroom interiors