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The Modern Kitchen – Taste, Elegance and Ergonomics

27 Jan

The Modern Kitchen – Taste, Elegance and Ergonomics

Kitchen Accents 3

Think twice and you will find that the modern kitchen is the place where housewives spend the better of their day.

If it comes in an open-door combination with the dining room, chances are the children and father squad will be rubbing shoulders with that cooking mum and wife for two meals a day… at least. Being that frequented ascribes this family locus a vital task – to teach taste. The modern kitchen is then the handiest mentor as it enshrines the latest designer findings as regards elegance and ergonomics and, what is more, originality.

A quick tour around several models can drive this point home.

Lean geometry singles out original spots

Modern Kitchen

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The careful descent down to the three-color range has made the otherwise striking colors not only tolerate each other but also accentuate the available planes. The kitchen doors and the kitchen cupboards form a lean geometry of horizontal and vertical lines that as if point to the original centerpiece of the room – the centered table and chair ensemble alongside the stove.

This non-standard immediate proximity between the two is an achievement of ergonomics – food is a hand away. Not least, contact with food from its cooking through serving to eating creates that necessary tantalizing effect to all the senses that makes one cherish each and every bite of it. Electric underfloor heating would save you from placing dated carpets and at the same time allow for more ample storage or decorative areas.

Unostentatious background to make tidbits stand out

Modern Kitchen 2

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The straight lines that go straight vertical and straight horizontal point to the interplay between the background and the foreground. Their repetitiveness as a background helps one easily put his eye to all the kitchen appliances and tidbits that create the coziness in the hearth of that modern kitchen.

Light is king

Modern Kitchen 3

photo by ☺ Lee J Haywood

Good kitchen lighting is essential. This particular model teaches a very good lesson about the importance of daylight. The ample use of windows and glazed surfaces – the kitchen tiles, kitchen cupboards and the kitchen table – and the bright red color choice of the kitchen curtains sing the hymn of light against the muffled tones of a fitted kitchen. Your children there will feel as if outdoors in such a setting, regardless whether wintertime or summertime.

A modern kitchen is a must for all parents who want to usher their kids straight into the the 21st century because it introduces the huge strides that kitchen designers have gone to make full use of available, space, light, materials and the interplay in between them. A modern kitchen passes their fast-learning experience on.

Kitchen Cupboards – Tips for Appealing Kitchen Storage

17 Sep

Kitchen Cupboards – Tips for Appealing Kitchen Storage

Because the kitchen is a place where food is prepared, it has to have storage units such as kitchen cupboards. Originally, a cupboard just referred to a table with shelves that displayed cups, saucers and plates. Eventually, the term was used to refer to a closed storage unit. The term is now used interchangeably with the word cabinet.


Generally, like kitchen doors, the material used is wood. Among the popular wood types are maple, cherry, alder, oak and beech. Cherry is usually more expensive than either oak or maple. One can also opt for plywood and particle board/chipboard which are both less expensive than solid wood. Particle board is a wood product made of wood by-products such as ships, shavings and saw dust. Melamine or fiber boards are also good alternatives.


The six-sided box or carcase is the prototype for a kitchen cupboard. The frames and the kitchen cupboard doors are made of solid wood most of the time, whereas the other five sides consist of plywood or particle board. It is important for buyers or DIY owners to choose just the right plywood or particle board formulation because the cupboard may become deformed if the material is not rigid or strong enough. The recommended plywood thickness is 3/8 inch to ¾ inch for the sides and ¼ inch for the bottom.

How to Improve the Look

There are many cupboard ideas which can be used to complement the home decoration. One can opt for raised panels or flat panels. New kitchen cupboards have slab or frameless designs and are appropriate for a fitted kitchen with limited space. You also have to think of making room for other necessary appliances like the popular combi boiler or practical and decorative accessories like your kitchen curtains. Keep in mind that these newer storage options provide a more streamlined appearance.

To maximize the aesthetic impact of these storage units, the appropriate colors should be used. If one wants a tropical kitchen design, warm pastels could be used, together with kitchen curtains that allow in the breeze. If one wants a minimalist interior design look, white or black accents or metal finishes could be added to the doors of the cabinets.

One great way of adding a unique look to the kitchen is to use the right kitchen cupboard handles. The basic forms are bows, bars, D handles and knobs. These kitchen cupboard door handles can be made of aluminum, brass, chrome, ceramic or wood. When one is choosing handles, the general look of the kitchen should be given a thought. It is best to opt for the handle which can serve its function and provide visual satisfaction to the kitchen’s occupants. Like the handles used in the pantry, the ones used for cupboards should be comfortable to use and durable enough.

When one does not plan to revamp the kitchen but just want to add some uniqueness and spice to the area a look, kitchen cupboard stickers are an option. These simulate the look of the cupboard and usually come in kitchen appliance or utensil motifs (e.g. tea pot, cups, pitchers).

Excellent Sources

A search engine can turn up a lot of online stores but only a few are as reliable as Lowes, Ikea, Menards and Sears. These companies are known for their commitment to excellence and homemaker satisfaction. Whether one is looking for cupboards for the kitchen or for anywhere else in the house, one cannot go wrong when visiting these places.

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Kitchen Doors – Boosting the Look of Your Beloved Kitchen

17 Sep

Kitchen Doors – Boosting the Look of Your Beloved Kitchen

The kitchen, with welcoming kitchen doors, is a place where good food is prepared and memorable moments are spent. As such, it has to be designed in such a way that makes it exude an atmosphere of beauty and comfort.

Door Materials and Designs

A kitchen door can be made of steel, glass, wood, and laminate. The material that one chooses usually depends on the overall home decoration. Wood doors, particularly oak kitchen doors, complement a house with country decor. One can respray kitchen doors and cabinets made of plain wood to gain a new look. This is an excellent alternative for people who want to revamp their kitchens but do not want to waste old kitchen and cabinet doors. When using wood, one can choose between solid wood and wood veneers. In general, veneers are cheaper and are available in small pieces that can be arranged to cover the door in its entirety.

When one is aiming for a minimalist interior design, one can opt for glass doors. Clear glass can be used to create an illusion of space whereas frosted glass can be used to conceal the interior of the kitchen. A minimalist kitchen design with white decor and glass doors is always a sight, particularly if something in the kitchen provides a contrast. One winsome idea is to use a black or red pantry or cabinet door to create a focal point in a white-themed kitchen.

Laminated doors can be used when Tuscan is the general theme of the home decorations. Tuscan decor features warm and earthen colors. There are a lot of colors and textures available for laminate doors. One great idea is to go for bold hues of reds, browns and golds for the doors and for the kitchen tiles, then add airy Italian kitchen curtains to achieve that complete Tuscan effect.

Stainless steel may also be used particularly for professional and kitchen unit doors. This material is particularly advantageous for a fitted kitchen because even if the space is minimal, splatters or grease on this door can be wiped away easily. It is a low-maintenance material that is available in various colors, which can be chosen to provide the preferred kitchen look. An exterior kitchen door that opens to the back of the house is exposed to the elements. Therefore, it has to be resistant to water, wind, insects and fungal growth. A stainless door is also good for this purpose.

Door Handles

Kitchen door handles also add character to the kitchen. There are bows, knobs, bar handles and D handle designs for kitchen cupboard doors. When buying a handle for the door of the kitchen, it is important to measure the distance between two holes (hole centers) where it will be placed. Most modern kitchens start at 64 mm handles. The door handles available in the market begin at this number and increase in length in 32 mm increments.

Where to Find the Best Doors

When searching for kitchen door options, one can visit Lowes, Ikea, Howdens, Wickies and Mfi. These stores feature various designs that fit different kitchen lifestyles. Whether one is looking for replacement kitchen doors or simply searching for ideas on how to improve the home kitchen, these places provide excellent choices at the right prices.

What is a Fitted Kitchen?

28 Aug

What is a Fitted Kitchen?

In the past, a kitchen was simply a place where people prepared and cooked food. In modern times however, where space maximization, process efficiency, and style, are prioritized, a fitted kitchen has become a valuable design. The basic fitted kitchen definition is this: a standardized kitchen lay-out where the stove, the hot and cold water sink, the refrigerator, and the kitchen cabinets are arranged in such a way that one can work from one place to another without encountering obstacles.

The Triangular Arrangement

The most natural arrangement is triangular, where the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator, are placed respectively at the vertices of the triangle. This kitchen design is very applicable for houses with minimalist interior designs because of the clean and uncluttered look. Specifically, fitted kitchen units include the single-file unit (one-way galley) where all three components are in a single line, the double-file unit (two-way galley) where two cabinet rows are along opposite rows with one row containing the sink and the stove and the other containing the refrigerator, and the L-kitchen where the cabinets are placed along two walls at right angles. In the U-kitchen, the cabinets are placed along three adjacent walls. The two-way galley, the L-kitchen and the U-kitchen are the most common units used.


Aside from containing the stove, the sink and the refrigerator, a modern version also features floor cabinets upon which kitchen worktops are located. The original worktop material was formica but now, modern kitchen cabinets have worktops made of granite, wood, marble or tiles.   Kitchen tiles for the floor and the worktops can match each other or provide a contrast. A factor to consider is durability and resistance to water since the kitchen, like the bathroom, is also exposed to water, fluids and heat most of the time.


It can feature various themes, and when it comes the design, colors, etc, it is important to allow our personality to shine through. A tropical kitchen theme can be achieved by combining tropical colors (e.g. yellows, reds and blues), using tropical decor such as decorative wire baskets (made of beads and strings) and placing soft and light kitchen curtains that allow the breeze to come in. A minimalist look can be achieved by using clean lines, moving furniture adjacent to the walls, and using elevated but accessible cupboards. If the whole house has a country decor, dark kitchen tiles and wooden worktops can be used.


While fitted kitchens are appropriate in homes which have limited space or which want a well-integrated look, some people may actually want to have an unfitted one and install mixed work surfaces and unconnected furniture. This is fine as long as the free-standing furniture do not increase the risk of mishaps in the kitchen.


Fitted kitchens prices differ depending on what kind of designs and colors are preferred. Cheap fitted kitchens are usually manufactured in a single color and feature white decor but may be bought with accessories that give a different look to the unit when interchanged. These accessories may have a magnet that facilitates the ease of attachment to a metal base. Used fitted kitchens provide a good option for people who do not have enough funds to buy a new one.

When looking for a used fitted kitchen, one should consider the age of the unit and its appropriateness according to one’s needs. If one has enough funds, more expensive brands could be considered. These bespoke units have designs and finishes that are customized to the customer’s preferences.

For more adventurous people, kitchen fitting may provide a challenging but fulfilling activity. Considerations include the availability of space, safety and the sources of gas and electricity. One can get ideas and materials at Ikea, a company that is a fitted kitchens UK provider.

When working through your home decoration, whether you’re re-vamping the room or just remodelling it from scratch, using techniques that allow you to optimize space and time will give you a great sense of accomplishment!

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fitted kitchen

Kitchen Tiles – Value Added Decorations to a Stylish Home

12 Aug

Kitchen Tiles – Value Added Decorations to a Stylish Home

Tiles are significant additions to your home decoration. The best part when choosing kitchen tiles is that there are a lot of options. With different sizes, colors and even textures, they help a homemaker or an interior designer achieve superb designs for kitchens. A kitchen tile is not only used on the floor but also on the walls, backsplash and even countertops. Apart from being attractive, tiles are durable and water and stain-resistant.


There are various kitchen tiles ideas to choose from. If the concept involves a love for the sun, the sea and the breeze, then the best option is tropical decor. This style brings the refreshing beauty and calmness of tropical islands to the kitchen. It would greatly help if the tropical tiles are combined with kitchen curtains with Hawaiian beach or tropical flower prints. There is no need for a complete makeover as long as the area has cabinets and appliances and has a lot of sunlight coming in.

On the other hand, if one prefers an antique yet artistic and simple but elegant style, an excellent choice is the Tuscan decor. The theme of this style focuses on the elements of wood and earth. The use of this style should not be a barrier for installing modern kitchen cabinets and kitchen canisters. This ancient-modern infusion fascinates a lot of people because it gives them a nostalgic feeling. Country decor is similar to the Tuscan decor but the central themes of this style are comfort and hospitality which comes with country living. Mexican tiles could be utilized to put some natural accents. Dark ceramic tiles could be used to create a rustic atmosphere. A wood counter is the perfect match for the country theme.

Create Impact

After picking out what style to apply, the next step is to create an impact. Using colored-tiles with contrast increases the appeal of decorations. Various decorative kitchen tiles that could be bought at cheap prices make the kitchen look and feel unique.

It is a fact that kitchens can be messy because they are always being utilized. A good kitchen has to maintain cleanliness and a soothing atmosphere. The following are some kitchen tiles ideas that will help achieve the “perfect” kitchen.

To make the impression of wide space, dark-colored tiles should be used for the kitchen flooring. Kitchen floor tiles should also be durable and easy to mop, because work in the kitchen involves spillage and dropping of utensils from time to time. Kitchen glass tiles should not be installed on the flooring since they break easily. For the said reasons, glazed and porous tiles are also not recommended.       For kitchen tile backsplash ideas, one has to keep in mind that the backsplash will get all the dirt and spills of daily cooking. Thus, the tiles used should be easy to clean and tough.

Kitchen wall tiles also enhance space and improve appearance. For textured walls, one may choose either rough or smooth tiles. Smooth textured tiles result to gleaming kitchens because they reflect light. They are easier to clean because smooth areas do not accumulate dirt easily. However, if the rustic look is preferred, it is better to choose tiles with rough texture. If a decision cannot be made between these two textures, kajaria kitchen tiles could be used because they offer both grace and flexibility.

The Art of Decorating

The kitchen is the “stomach” of the home and there are different means to make it look artistic and beautiful. It could be tiring but very rewarding. With help of an infinite assortment of tiles and patterns, a magnificent personalized tiled kitchen is now accessible and affordable. Good luck and happy decorating!

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Modern Kitchen Cabinets

14 Jul

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Finally it has happened, the kitchen you have dreamed of is in the planning stage and you are looking for modern kitchen cabinets to make the personal statement your home decoration needs to bring it into the 21st century. You will be browsing on line and checking out all the style magazines to research modern contemporary kitchen cabinets to find the look that will give you the affordable practical cooking and entertaining space you have dreamed of.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design

Where do you start when contemplating the new area? It could be you long for Italian minimalist interior design and you will need the painstaking ability to maintain that look built into your design plan. Every item of your kitchen paraphernalia will need to be carefully concealed behind the cabinet doors you select for the functional and aesthetic look you strive for. Try looking at Aster Cucine for truly fabulous ideas that shout elegance and class.  In modern kitchens, cabinets have racked metal wire shelving to efficiently store and conceal all the trappings required for the sophisticated cook to prepare elaborate mouth watering dishes, so when planning and designing be realistic about what you intend to do in your kitchen. Check out 20 electric range for your cooking needs when planning your kitchen design.

This very important room needs to be geared to meet the requirements of what you the individual require. If the look you fancy is modern black kitchen cabinets and you usually eat out, or pop a pizza in the oven you may be more at home downloading the Ikea kitchen planner to design and select an off the shelf solution for fitting into your home. Make sure you get the correct planner e.g. Ikea USA as expectations of design and measurements are not always homogenous and can vary according to cultural variations.

Consider the Details

Even with modern cabinets, kitchen door handles can actually be what makes your kitchen stand out from the rest, so don’t think you are limited by what you see in stores. Lowes have a good range of cheap styles that can be transformed into looking like a top of the range European style statement that is straight out of the Pedini showroom by really splashing out on really glitzy door handles. Try looking for something truly spectacular like crystal handles to really add the wow factor and set your kitchen apart. Cheap home decor can really come alive by paying particular attention to the details and going to town on the finishing touches.

Modern white kitchen cabinets are a popular choice they reflect light so are suitable for the smallest spaces and they allow you to easily accessorise with kitchen canisters and other personal elements you may wish to display. If you intend to sell or let your property, white is always a safe bet when you do not know the tastes of a new tenant or prospective purchaser. Items such as kitchen curtains or a stainless steel refrigerator or accessories can really add personality and charm to the basic kitchen. You can always add style, but removing a costly style statement can prohibit a potential buyer.

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