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Our Favorite Bathroom Seashell Decorations

25 Feb

Our Favorite Bathroom Seashell Decorations

Bathroom Seashell Decorations

Have you ever walked into a bathroom that’s blah, plain, non-descript and just plain boring?  Beige walls, white tiles, brown countertop and while sink, tub and toilet, or an equally boring palette of colors….  People spend time, effort and thought in decorating their kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, but when it comes to home decoration, the lowly bathroom sometimes suffers in the process or is disregarded altogether.   A bathroom can be spiced up even if it’s still builders’ beige.  Have you considered a particular theme?  How do you want your bathroom to feel?  Do you want to feel like you’re walking into a spa?  Or perhaps you prefer a French Provincial look.  How about a visit to the beach?  There is a vast array of bathroom seashell decorations available that can help you get the beach theme to work.


Bathroom Decorating Ideas

If you select a beach theme for your bathroom, you can accomplish the look by using either wallpaper, stenciling, in your shower curtain and hooks, in the color of paint that you choose, accessories and wall art or even changing your toilet seat.  A nice sandy color of paint and water blue accents will add to the beach theme.  You can check out decorating magazines or do some online research to find seashell bathroom decor ideas.  A seashell themed toilet seat will certainly make a great topic of conversation amongst your friends.  You could stencils underwater grasses on the walls as well and also add themed stickers to walk in showers.

Even if you’re going for a spa feel in your bathroom decorations, you can still use some of the same ideas that you used in your seashell bathroom decor.  For a spa feel, you can add wooden accents, either by using a wooden rack to hand luxurious bathrobes or a wooden stand for your toilet tissue.  A nice rock water fountain is also pleasing to the ear and the eye.  Big fluffy white towels are typical of what you find in a spa, so you can add some of those to add to the spa theme. Corner toilets are great for displaying decorations, and natural elements like sand can be arranged in a way that is pleasing to the eye as well as adding to your decor.

So now you have two options for your neglected room, bathroom seashell decorations or an offshoot of that idea gearing more towards a spa feel.


Kitchen Tiles – Value Added Decorations to a Stylish Home

12 Aug

Kitchen Tiles – Value Added Decorations to a Stylish Home

Tiles are significant additions to your home decoration. The best part when choosing kitchen tiles is that there are a lot of options. With different sizes, colors and even textures, they help a homemaker or an interior designer achieve superb designs for kitchens. A kitchen tile is not only used on the floor but also on the walls, backsplash and even countertops. Apart from being attractive, tiles are durable and water and stain-resistant.


There are various kitchen tiles ideas to choose from. If the concept involves a love for the sun, the sea and the breeze, then the best option is tropical decor. This style brings the refreshing beauty and calmness of tropical islands to the kitchen. It would greatly help if the tropical tiles are combined with kitchen curtains with Hawaiian beach or tropical flower prints. There is no need for a complete makeover as long as the area has cabinets and appliances and has a lot of sunlight coming in.

On the other hand, if one prefers an antique yet artistic and simple but elegant style, an excellent choice is the Tuscan decor. The theme of this style focuses on the elements of wood and earth. The use of this style should not be a barrier for installing modern kitchen cabinets and kitchen canisters. This ancient-modern infusion fascinates a lot of people because it gives them a nostalgic feeling. Country decor is similar to the Tuscan decor but the central themes of this style are comfort and hospitality which comes with country living. Mexican tiles could be utilized to put some natural accents. Dark ceramic tiles could be used to create a rustic atmosphere. A wood counter is the perfect match for the country theme.

Create Impact

After picking out what style to apply, the next step is to create an impact. Using colored-tiles with contrast increases the appeal of decorations. Various decorative kitchen tiles that could be bought at cheap prices make the kitchen look and feel unique.

It is a fact that kitchens can be messy because they are always being utilized. A good kitchen has to maintain cleanliness and a soothing atmosphere. The following are some kitchen tiles ideas that will help achieve the “perfect” kitchen.

To make the impression of wide space, dark-colored tiles should be used for the kitchen flooring. Kitchen floor tiles should also be durable and easy to mop, because work in the kitchen involves spillage and dropping of utensils from time to time. Kitchen glass tiles should not be installed on the flooring since they break easily. For the said reasons, glazed and porous tiles are also not recommended.       For kitchen tile backsplash ideas, one has to keep in mind that the backsplash will get all the dirt and spills of daily cooking. Thus, the tiles used should be easy to clean and tough.

Kitchen wall tiles also enhance space and improve appearance. For textured walls, one may choose either rough or smooth tiles. Smooth textured tiles result to gleaming kitchens because they reflect light. They are easier to clean because smooth areas do not accumulate dirt easily. However, if the rustic look is preferred, it is better to choose tiles with rough texture. If a decision cannot be made between these two textures, kajaria kitchen tiles could be used because they offer both grace and flexibility.

The Art of Decorating

The kitchen is the “stomach” of the home and there are different means to make it look artistic and beautiful. It could be tiring but very rewarding. With help of an infinite assortment of tiles and patterns, a magnificent personalized tiled kitchen is now accessible and affordable. Good luck and happy decorating!

Photo by Patrick Hoesly **Courtesy of

kitchen tiles

The Usefulness of Bedroom Chairs

1 Jul

The Usefulness of Bedroom Chairs

The usefulness of the bedroom chair is often overlooked until you have an excess of furniture and plonk a couch in your bedroom. Once established in the room, though, bedroom chairs – or boudoir chairs as some people like to call them – become indispensable not just to jazz up yourbedroom interior but also as very practical items. In fact, you really won’t know how you managed with out one. Boudoir chairs are multi functional items that really make the bedroom work. It could be somewhere to sit and read in peace away from the children, or somewhere to hang your clothes when the floor is full, what you want from a bedroom chair will depend very much on you and your lifestyle.

Chairs for Bedrooms

If you have the space you probably have romantic ideas of a chaise reclining in the corner of your room, do your research well if looking for small bedroom chairs. Ethan Allen is a great place to start your search when space is of an optimum. There are many smaller contemporary versions on the market, but you may have to seek them out. Love seats are really appropriate bedroom chairs and a great present for newlyweds. It could be you need a nursing chair for all those exhausting night feeds. Do take at look at antique chairs if you want a classic or investment piece that is timeless.

Here are some of our favorite bedroom chairs from Amazon:

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The cost of getting an item re upholstered is not that enormous and with all the superb fabrics available, you can get waterproof breathable fabrics you can sponge down that are really functional but will look sumptuous for years to come. Pottery Barn has a good range of fabrics worth taking a look at to give you some ideas.

Hanging chairs for bedrooms are great style pieces and Ikea is always worth a visit if you are looking for fun furniture items to give your bedroom that extra wow factor. Remember that you have to hang the chair from a beam, so you think about the practicality of where you can place it and the safety element if you have small children running around, before you make the investment.

When thinking of bedroom interiors take into account the younger ones in the family too! Childrens bedroom decor can benefit immensely with practical items; an example would be the forever comfy bean bag chairs, but if you are thinking  about adding one to up-style your baby nursery decor, do take into account that they are not suitable for young babies or toddlers to use unsupervised as if a little one falls asleep on a beanbag the danger of overheating arises. Small bedroom chairs will look sweet and cozy in their rooms, choose bold colors to compliment the existing decor if you want to add more life to the room, but do remember that dark fabrics will hide the stains a lot better (something to keep in mind when children are around!)

Consider a table with benches for the play area of the kids room. Foam pull out sofas and chairs can be an ideal cheap solution for kids sleepovers, when making your selection bear in mind the amount of bouncing the chair may be subjected to. Again you will probably want to look at Ikea for innovative modern kids design ideas.

Practical Design

Practicality will probably override a lot of your desires; it could be you need chair beds for those overnight guests and if Grandma is staying you may want something much more substantial. There are lots of comfy chairs for bedroom use that transform into beds for occasional overnight visitors. Consider the mobility of the user; an older person will want a chair that is easy to get out of so consider the traditional elegance of a Queen Anne style chair. Ashley Furniture has good range of furniture solutions but do not restrict your self to bedroom chairs when searching, many suitable contemporary furniture items can be found in the lounge section of department stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond. Also, check out the post on 5 fabulous bedroom chairs from Ikea for some dreamy designs!

Here are som more great options from Amazon:

Budgeting Sense

Always look in the for sale section for items that will accent your home decoration. It is a good idea to not have your ideas too firmly fixed in your head if you are hoping to bag bargain bedroom chairs, as this could limit you. A little creativity goes a long way and with this in mind, you may consider looking at nearly new items from your local thrift store, or getting hand me down boudoir chairs from a relative or friend. Remember that there’s nothing like great comfy chairs for bedroom relaxation and unwinding from stressful days!

Cheap Home Decor Items can Dress your Rooms Nicely

2 Jun

Cheap Home Decor Items can Dress your Rooms Nicely

For ideas for cheap home decor items without compromising style read on for style ideas. The quickest cleanest way to get a new fresh style is to establish what needs to be changed and what can be incorporated from the old style. If you have pastel shades on your walls a quick wash down with sugar soap and a touch up of the hard wear areas with remnants from the last decorating job, or a tester pot in the same shade will save time money and mess.

A roll or two of wallpaper can give you a feature wall with little effort or cost. Select your wall with care, it could be the chimney breast, or perhaps alcoves you wish to wallpaper. Or perhaps a special paint effect on one wall, or a strong color, but remember you really only need on feature wall or strong color in a room unless it is enormous.

Effectiveness is the Word

By using mirrors you can double the effect of a feature wall, with a fraction of the cost and mess. Another classic idea is to define areas using rugs or accent colors. New seat pads for the dining chairs and a table runner, combine this with matching or coordinating cushions and curtains for the lounge and you can pull a scheme together nicely without costing the earth.

To define and separate try using a room divider, this could be a bead curtain or large plants placed strategically, perhaps on a box or small chest to good effect if there is not budget for a shelving divider like the sort you can find in Ikea for relatively good prices. Don’t forget in the kitchen you can change your kitchen canister sets, or kitchen utensils to get a fresh new look.  In the bathroom simply changing the shower curtain, or adding a new bathroom fixture set can give a really effective fresh new look.


If you have run out of original home decoration ideas, stroll around the thrift stores. The shelves are usually filled with all sort of inexpensive accessories that might give you an idea of what you are looking for; cheap home decor does not have to “show”; you can achieve it easily by combining existing fixtures and accessories with new ones that will cost you next to nothing.

List Price: ($8.75)
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Achieving Cheap Country Home Decor

2 May

If you think about it, country decor has different implications according to your viewpoint. Cheap country home decor can be achieved but what does country decor mean to you? Does it mean country cottage, Tuscan decor, shabby chic or Rustic?  Each one of them incorporate different colors and the variety of hues and tonal ranges can really make a difference in the general decor.  Lets have a look at each one of them.


Rustic themes would incorporate natural colors and textures such as pottery, wood, leather and wrought iron. Hessian fabrics with natural tones would sit well with the earthy shades of country style. Simply updating the curtain poles to wrought iron and installing a coffee table can change the ambience of a room. Add country style bar stools as part of the design.


For a Tuscan touch stay with the natural textures like stone and wood, metals such as irons and coppers. Colors like terracotta oranges deep reds and browns all work well to achieve this theme. Cheaper laminates can give an Italian Tuscan feel at a fraction of the price of tiles.

Sabby Chic

Shabby Chic is more the distinctly French vintage look, with blues and whites and floral prints coupled with candelabras. French boudoir style furnishings can be achieved by painting old wooden furniture using matt whites and off whites combined with paint effects such as distressed finishes. Try adding creams and whites trimmed with lace. Stripped painted boards work well for flooring with rag rugs to soften. Vases with roses next to rose printed fabrics and voiles at the windows. Day beds can look really effective or a chaise longue could also add to the look.

Country Cottage

A traditional country cottage look could involve floral curtains, antique style rugs and furniture which can be picked up relatively cheaply from auctions or thrift shops to help with the budget.  Paintings hanging on the walls, splashes of flowers and of course open fires complete the look.

As you can see achieving the look is only a matter of spending some time deciding how best to revamp the look of your rooms thus enhancing enormously your home decoration; cheap home decor is not difficult to achieve once you are familiar with the different styles and ready to make a few changes.

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Baby Nursery Decor on a Budget

30 Apr

Money shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to your baby nursery decor. With a little imagination and spare time you can pump up the look of your baby’s room in no time. It is a matter of planning before hand, being very realistic with the amount of money we can spend, realizing that we are designing the room for a baby and not ourselves, not forgetting that it is always a good idea to make sure the room’s look goes hand in hand with the rest of our home decor.

Lets have a look at a few simple baby nursery decorating ideas:

You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a fun and wonderful room for your baby; no matter how tight your budget is you can really create a fantastic atmosphere in the nursery. The most important thing when you start decorating is safety. So make sure you have checked all safety rules before buying or borrowing tools and/or  furniture for the room.

Try to use second hand items; see what you can get from friends, neighbours and family. Things like the baby bath, the first stroller, etc; most people will have many items in storage. Don’t be afraid to ask; it won’t be long till you will be able to return them to the owner as babies grow fast! Displaying your photo baby shower invitations is also a great decor idea, they can act as great reminders and add a nostalgic touch.

Find deals in thrift stores, classified advertisements in local newspaper and an Internet shopping portal like Ebay and note that because newborn articles have been used only for a few months they are generally in very good condition even if they have been through several owners.

If you decide bo buy new furniture to add to your existing home decoration, try to be practical when baby nursery decorating by choosing things that remain useful as the baby grows. Do not buy furniture that is too newborn like so you it can continue to be usefull for at least the first five years of his or her childhood.

If you travel a lot, might consider buying a travel cot can be easily dismantled and put in a suitcase or bag.

Choose colors that will coordinate with toys and other items in the room. Believe me, toys will become a huge part of your baby nursery decor!

Try to do the work yourself; purchase second hand furniture and re-paint it with bright colors and symmetrical forms. Buy fun fabrics to make your own curtains, quilts and cushion covers. And why not paint the walls? Or try to find cheap baby wallpapers to decorate the room. If you find the task too complicated (or haven’t got experience), embellish the walls with adhesive strips or use different color pint around windows, ceilings and doors. Remember: if you are on a budget, the colors you choose should grow with your baby!

Baskets, drawers and shelves are cheaper than cabinets when it comes to storing toys, clothes and other essentials. If you need lots of storing space, place shelves on the walls. Many DIY stores sell kits that are easy to assemble and don’t cost much.

The best source for ideas will come from experinced parents who have gone through the whole ordeal themselves. Everyone will be more than happy to share their ideas and items no longer needed.

As you can see, when it comes to your baby nursery decor it can be fun, easy and inexpensive!

Crystal Decor: Harmony at Home

13 Jan

Crystal Decor: Harmony at Home

In addition to other types of decorative elements for your home, crystal decor will most definitely add harmony as well as a positive energy if you know what crystals to place and their properties.

Some people like to mix the idea of feng shui with crystal decorations as they are quite an original and innovative way to decorate your home. Mankind has been using stones and crystals for millions of years to turn them into jewelry, ornaments, talismans or even for medicinal purposes. They have always been associated with the spiritual or the esoteric: priests, warriors and kings used them for their “magical” healing properties. Crystals are stones that have a high power of vibration, according to some, and therefore can be used to work energetically to help enhance the harmony between the body and the mind.

Crystal Decoration

In addition to their curative values, they can also be used to add harmony to our homes when placed in different places according to their patterns, shapes, colors and type of stone. If feng shui home decorating is something that does not fall into what your budget permits, then opt for crystals decorations instead to achieve a very similar look and feel.

Black tourmaline will add a clean energy to your home. It should be placed where it “feels” needed; in spots where families argue or there have been fights in the past. It is also advisable to place behind the front door; this stone will always clear up negative or dense type of energies.

Hematite will help with the stability, strength and roots of the home. It will keep the house connected to the land. Its ideal location would be on each corner of the perimeters of the house.

The transparency of Quartz and Amethyst will also clear out any negativity or dense energy in your house. You can place them anywhere and they will look absolutely beautiful as ornaments: on a table or desk, on the shelves or cabinets, enhancing any black mirrored furniture, adding style to your window sills, near colorful curtains or wood blinds or just on your side table in the bedroom or by the main door. Wherever you place them, they will glaze wonderfully.

It is important to understand that crystal decorating is about where you place these precious stones rather than just placing them where you think they will look beautiful. Shape, color and effect has to be taken into consideration to make the most out of them at home. Place the beautiful amethyst stone on your desk at the home office as it will help you concentrate better.

Try the fashionable crystal pyramids. They come in all sorts of colors and are made with different types of crystals. Place a rosaen quartz pyramid where the family gathers every evening to help balance emotions.

If you prefer to add to your home decoration with larger objects, the size of crystals will be important; stones that are the size of a hand, for example, are suppose to keep harmony at all times. Group together smaller sized stones for a lovely crystal decor effect.

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The Art of Light Decoration at Home

5 Jan

Illuminating the home properly is essential and the right light decoration can enhance our home decor enormously when it is done right. The sunlight brings vitality and spaciousness to any given space, and light decorations through artificial lights pointing at different spots and corners are fundamental to creating the right atmosphere and environment in order to define the style and meaning of a room.

Although this type of lighting seems to be a secondary issue, the truth is that the right type of lighting decoration is not looked at properly in most homes.

People are like birds, they are silent in a dark room, and think of ghosts, but they begin to twitter as soon as they can see each other

Eliza Haweis
The Art of Decoration 1889


Good lighting should adapt to different scenarios in any room in which different activities take place, the living room being a good example. Obviously, you do not need the same kind of decorating lights when you are having dinner at the table and you are using for example your special dinnerware than you would need when you are chatting with friends or watching tv. Table lamps are great to bring corner spots to life, check out these table lamp reviews. As you can see, each environment requires different light conditions, so the main goal should be to avoid uniform and flat lighting decor.

One of the golden rules of lighting decoration is to avoid unique floods of light pointing at the whole room; an example being the classic chandelier in the lounge or general fitted lighting in the bathroom. By choosing bathroom lights that give un-shadowed, soft and even lighting you will not also add to the style and decor but also maximize functionality.

In the lounge, it is always recommended to have different types of light throughout to differenciate areas. This way we will also avoid other major issues, especially the excess of concentrated light in one given spot. By diversifying the spot lights, you can use less powerful models and types and project much more pleasant light decor in general. Nowadays you can easily find light models that dimmer and these are perfect as they allow you to adjust the illumination as it is needed each time.

It is very important to enhance the light to bring focus to particular spots, areas, corners or items. Bulbs can be used to enhance a picture or you could use some fixtures to enhance a library or piece of furniture. Apply lateral points of flooding light to achieve a beautiful effect and also bring out the detail in the texture, color and shape of any piece.

We must learn to play with the feelings that are produce by artificial light. Mix warm light bulbs with the whiter effect of tungsten halogen lights, use indirect lighting points or even play with backlighting. The final goal is not just to have lovely and decorative lamps at home; but to enjoy the effect they create around the rooms.


Many companies sell lighting that comes with remote controls. Simply schedule the light to your desired look, feel and style and “save” it within the control. Just change the options whenever you feel like it and you will not have to regulate the light manually anymore.

In the dining room it is ideal to have a lamp hanging from the ceiling that provides a warm and welcoming light. Murray Feiss Lighting chandeliers might be just what you are looking for. Don’t for get that in the dining room you really have to get the height right: if the light is too high it takes personality away from the room and if it is too low it will annoy your guests as they try to chat while enjoying their meal. As a general rule, locate the lamp at about eighty centimeters from the table and it will provide lovely light decoration over it without creating shade areas. If the dining area is too long or you have a very big table, just add more lamps instead of having a single central spotlight.

By using the right lighting you can improve your home decoration enormously without having to buy one single accesory.

How to Design a Bathroom

7 Dec

Many people struggle with the idea of how to design a bathroom, but with some simple decorating ideas you can most definitely remodel your bathroom decoration whether large or small. Also, if you take your time and not stress about it, it will be a lot of fun! Think of it as changing your home decoration style, rather than heavy duty work. The mental approach is the key, as with many other things in life.

Visit large department stores like Ikea; their design ideas will definitely trigger off your imagination. As most bathrooms are quite small you have the advantage of being able to paint the walls yourself without having to use the services of professionals which in the end will be hurting your budget. Before you set to do this task, make sure you do a bit of house cleaning and decluttering around major areas and inside the bathroom, and also clean the walls thoroughly and wait for them to dry before you start.

Always try to choose a light type of color for your bathroom walls: you want to make sure you add luminosity through your choice of tones and shades (which is particularly important if your bathroom does not have any windows!). If you like white but you want to experiment with other colors, paint at least one of the walls in white or cream or another option would be to paint half the wall with the desired color and the other half with white. Another idea would be to paint them white and then glue and adhesive strip or a row of tiles (make sure they are all lined up at the same height in all of the walls), or just paint a 15cm line with a strong color to “give more life” to the walls (again, line them up so the height is the same in all walls). This will allow you to have contrasting colors that will also be very useful when choosing your accessories.

When thinking of accessories to match the contrasting colors floor mats, soap dishes, shower curtains, toothbrush holders, accessories for toilet paper and toilet seats are some of the many elements to consider. Also, you can place near the sink cabinet an attractive wicker basket or wire basket. Put inside the basket a sheet of clothing material that matches the contrasting color of your choice and place a few rolls of toilet rolls inside.

Think of different interior plants that might brighten up the decor in the bathroom and also are not expensive to buy. Place them on shelves, or on a stool or a simple wooden box covered with a pretty cloth. Choose leafy plants that do not need much light. Other elements you could place on the shelves would be old looking glass bottles, glass jars filled with pretty stones, colored salts or shells.

Candles always look very attractive in the bathroom and add a romantic atmosphere. Place them on the window sills and the shelves. Also, buy colorful soaps that add the “fun” element to your decor. Coordinate colors with walls and candles. Place different colored cotton balls in wicker baskets to bring some life into the room. Towels with strong colors will also look great, fold them nicely and arrange a nice pile to add “freshness” and enhance the contrasting color once more.

Sometimes playing around with different ideas for our home decor is fun and can be achieved with very little money. Whether you are wondering how to design a bathroom or any other room in the house, keep in mind one important factor: always stick with the budget you have allowed yourself and don’t worry about ideas. They just flow once you set your mind to remodel any room.

You Can Make Your Own Wire Baskets

3 Dec

The fantastic thing about wire baskets is that you can make them yourself at home. People have made an art form out of it, and the way to start is by making a few for your home decor. Also, even if they are not the best wire baskets at first, they will add a fantastic touch to any room with a country decor feel, as imperfection or ragged edge accessories are a good part of the style.

Once you start getting good at it, and if you ever thought about making a bit of extra cash on the side, you can start making them for friends and family. It will relax you and at the same time help your monthly income. If you are just looking for a wire basket to compliment your decor at home, maybe getting yourself into the trouble of learning the craft is not such a good idea. Certain design and craft shops will sell them and there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Your wire baskets can be used pretty much as regular wicker baskets in the sense that you can not only use them for decorative purposes to add to your existing home decoration but also to store the little “bits and pieces” that always appear here and there. They look pretty when in the living room with sweets, candy or chocolate inside; place them in front of a mirror to add depth and shiny to any room. Candles are a nice touch but be careful if you decide to light them as the wire can get really hot. Better to place little gifts or a nice blossom of bright color. Plastic flowers also look fantastic in wire mesh baskets!

Certain places sell furniture (like wardrobes and drawing cupboards) which hold drawers that are not conventional in style (made of wood); but rather have the same appearance as a wire mesh basket that slides into the slots of the furniture. The look works really well if you want to add to the room a modern touch (again, mirrors will compliment the shiny wire).

If you want custom wire baskets because of a particular design you have in mind you either set yourself the task of learning the craft or find someone who can realize the project for you. Think of the colors that will compliment the room and general decor and have your wire basket made to order. Another option –which finds itself in between your custom desire and the lack of originality of most shops – is to buy an average basket and paint it yourself, maybe also adding a touch by placing bits of clothing on the mesh so it brings attention to the eye.

Wire baskets are not difficult to make, but require patience and attention. They will add to your home decor and also serve you as both storage and decoration.

Meaning of the Feng Shui Bagua

17 Nov

You might have heard of the term Feng Shui Bagua, which is the name given to the famous feng shui color chart and it goes back thousands of years ago. It has recently begun to appear in people’s home decor as a most attractive decorative item in any rooms. You might have come across the bagua thinking of using it at home to bring some color to a corner, maybe hanging the chart down a wall or door frame. But it is important to know a bit about its history and meaning.

After years of study, the wise Chinese discovered that the “chi” was associated with numerical models and consequently the patterns of nature could be interpreted through these (by studying the Yin and Yang, the five elements and the trigrams).

Based on Chinese numerology, many theories developed using provisions of the numbers according to the guidelines, position, natural formations and people All theories of classical Feng are based on these formulas. Now, lets have a look at the feng shui bagua map – or feng shui pakua.

The octagonal shape of the bagua or pakua is most used on wood and adorned with the eight trigrams with the yin and yang symbol in the center. They are usually painted with red color, which is the symbol of happiness – or yellow, which is the symbol of nobility, power and stability. Feng shui bagua is considered an excellent protector, capable of deflecting conflict and bad influences, and many Chinese place it outside the house (on the main entrance) to repel any “nasty thing” that could come from outside. It is used when the outside is considered to be “very aggressive” (satellite dishes pointing at the house, busy streets, etc) and is placed discreetly facing it towards the source of negative energy that we need to deflect.

Feng shui baguas can be placed in two different ways – thus following the sequence of the “previous” sky or “subsequent” heaven. Both placements are expected to achieve different effects regarding these two sequences.

The sequence of the sky above represents the idea of the universe, and the power comes from the harmony of its symbols. This bagua is placed above the main door looking out; the trigram “chien” (which symbolizes the father) placed at the top, when our intention is to have protection from the outside. He is said to help balance and harmonize the energies of the home or workplace, and even protects against adverse situations within people living in the house. It can also be placed over the front door with the trigrams looking inside the house, to nurture and transform the energies within the house.

You can also place the feng shui bagua over the front door; the trigrams facing inside the house. The trigram “kun” (representing the mother) at the top, to nurture and transform the energies within the house.

The “subsequent” heaven sequence consists of a certain ordering of the trigrams, which emerged later to reflect the manifestation of the creative force of nature. It is considered to have a more practical application (earthly type of affairs). It is used to counteract evil spectrus with the trigram “li” located at the top and placed over exterior windows in a an attempt to protect from conflicting neighbors or “aggressiveness” within the house.

Feng Shui Bagua Mirror

Feng shui bagua mirror also uses the figure of Pakua with a small mirror in the center, called the bagua. Some consider the octagonal bagua mirror as one of the most powerful protectors available when a house is affected by the negative chi, helping to balance and harmonize the energies of the house or workplace, and also protecting against adverse situations in general.

The Bagua Crystal

These are crystals carved in the shape of the octagon pakua. It is to be considered an excellent protection for inside and outside the home. The bagua crystal also looks very beautiful when display inside the house.

The bagua symbol adds significantly to both your home decor and the meaning of that decor. Weather you utilize Chinese feng shui symbology to beutify certain spots at home, to compliment the color of your blinds, or couch covers or just because they have a special meaning to you, the fact is that symbols like the feng shui bagua add a certain style and look in any of your rooms. Try to use other decorative elements to compliment these symbols in order to achieve 1) maximum effect within your home decoration and 2) peace within the house.

Wicker Baskets Provide You With Great Options

12 Nov

Have you realised how great and essential are wicker baskets? They help to keep everything at home in the right place! They are great storage devices as well as looking very pretty scattered around the house.

The beauty of wicker baskets never really ever stop. People just love the idea of decorating their homes with lots of different types of wicker baskets, from small ones to big ones to ones that serve practical purposes like wicker laundry baskets or even wicker storage baskets.

These types of baskets are very lightweight, extremely portable and offer great storage. They are quite inexpensive (that would depend on the size) and you can find them fairly easily in lots of different types of stores. Generally, wicker baskets are round, others come in the shape of a box and provide more storage options. Many home owners use the baskets to display beautiful floral arrangements but the beauty of wicker baskets if that they have plenty of other decorative usages.

Different types of baskets would look amazing in your bathroom. Try blue flowers in a wide basket to add some color and style to the bathroom decor. They are a great option for decorative purposes in this room, and great for storing soaps, towels, etc. Why not use small wicker baskets to place potpourri in them or toilet paper or even napkins? Place your small baskets in high shelves for a great look; you can also place in them all your beauty items like your make up or any makeup tips,  lotions and creams.

In the bedroom, white wicker baskets usually look fantastic. You can use them in a variety of ways, for example, to store your jewelry and/or perfumes. A large wicker basket will serve you to store your sewing materials and anything that needs done like socks, sheets, jumpers and cardigans.

You can use your baskets in the nursery to put in your wet-wipes, first aid supplies and any baby items you might need to store. Small; toys and school supplies like pencils, pens, notepads and books could be “nicely hidden” inside a nice wicker basket.

You can also use them in your dining or living room. They can make great television stands and give your home that country look. Use your wicker baskets to display nice flower arrangements and place near the fireplace for a romantic and cozy feel. In the kitchen, there are always corners that could be used to display ornaments. Place a wicker basket there with your spices to add to that rustic-style look.

If you are into crafts, you can then buy cheap wicker baskets and decorate them yourself. Check in your basement or garage, it is possible that you have put away baskets in the past and now is the time to get decorating them! You can use many elements to do this: acrylic paints, varnish, brushes, etc. You can achieve really good results as well as adding to your existing home decoration by giving that old wicker basket a fantastic new look.

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Bathroom Color Schemes

29 Oct

Let’s have a look at very interesting bathroom color schemes that will make the room spark back to life! Whether you’re going for a seashell bathroom decor, the clean cut look or a calm, nice and relaxed feel, the colors you use in your bathroom will determine the mood and ambiance as much as the style and decor.


Bring a sophisticated sheen to bathtime with the gleam of copper. Metallic paint can give a gorgeous roll-top tub an opulent glow, while shelves edged with copper leaf are just to dream of. With this scheme, flooring looks good with a cooper lookalike touch. Sage green and cream would provide the perfect understated backdrop, and grey towels could add accent color without stealing the spotlight from the glamorous copper style.


Using light colors throughout your bathroom will add a sense of space to the smaller room, which is something you can play with throughout your home decoration in general. Too much white can give a clinical feel, but cream crease a clean look that’s easier to live with. Stick to white for the suite, though; not only is a white suite more versatile but it also provides a crisp contrast for the cream, giving it a contemporary edge. Add a touch with gorgeus bathroom vanity sinks and place wood paneling on the walls for a warm and cozy feel. Carved wood cabinets and picture frames will provide your bathroom with great character.


Spicy colors warm up any cream scheme, and yellow ochre paintwork on the basin and loo housing would add a regal touch. Mix it with orange and cream tiles alternating to make a subtle splashback.

A blind in crisp ginger and white ticking can really brighten up windows and mirror corners. Baskets and wooden accessories work with earthy colors to create a lovely and natural feel. Handmade framed pictures (i.e. paper and willow cane) add an ethnic touch as well as extra color.

Small Spaces

Although light shades give bathrooms the illusion of space, deep colors can also work wonders in small bathrooms, adding drama and warmth. Use them plain rather than patterned, and stick to simple styling. An example would be a room with a hint of oriental style, rose pink, honey-colored wood and buff mosaic to create a very welcoming mix.

Earthy shades turn up the heat in chilly high-ceilinged rooms in a way that draws attention to and makes the most of its original features. Three colors to keep in mind: deep reds for the walls, a slightly darker shade on picture rails and a pale yellow between rails and covings. Also, warm caramel tones of wood flooring and loo seats complement the rest of the colors.

Purple and Yellow

Yellow and purple are lovely complimentary colors. When combining these two very strong tones, keep the deeper one for the lower part of the room. It “grounds” the scheme, while the brighter shade keeps the atmosphere airy. Continue the wall colors over shelves and skirtings. A scheme of two bold colors needs touches of a third for balance. A sharp green does a really good job with purple and yellow.

If You Can’t Decide…

If you can’t decide which color to go for, try them all together! Bright yellow, turquoise and lilac used cheek in jowl in the same small area might sound like a recipe for disaster, but they bring a fun, lively look to any bathroom. More colors can be included as accents: deep pink, orange and green can add both light and dark tones. Also check out living room color schemes.

So there, plenty of lovely bathroom color schemes for you to choose from!

Cheap Home Decor and Expensive Looking Results

14 Sep

Cheap Home Decor and Expensive Looking Results

What a wonderful feeling when people visit you at home and congratulate you on your good taste when looking at the way you have stylized your home decoration. But, like everything in life, good things come with money. Well, I’ve got good news for you. Cheap home decor is not only possible but also can be very easy to achieve if you spend time, use your imagination and pay a bit of attention to a few home remodeling tips.

Let’s have a look now at some cheap home decor ideas you can easily implement in your house:

Try to combine different style, like modern and classic. They usually look very good when put together, especially in the kitchen area. For modern kitchen plain doors a creamy or soft color can look sensational, while quality taps and accessories give the room the classical edge. Look at cheap home decor catalogs; you will see that inexpensive MDF works very well indeed if you want to achieve the classic-modern look. Accessories play an important role in the look and style of any room and you shouldn’t overlook a variety of choices. The renowned Karlsson clocks, for example, will add a modern touch to any wall and you can fetch one for as little as $19.99.

When we look at colors if in a tight budget, copy the shade of the existent tiles and try to match the color to paint the ceiling. Use the same color but in a paler shade to paint the walls and create a bit of depth. This way you allow the tone to show but it sparks up the room. If your worktop is also made of inexpensive wood, use colors like chrome, plum, cream or white to lift the look while allowing your worktop to fill the kitchen with warmth – especially if you used blue to paint your walls or ceilings, as it is considered to be a cool color.

Cheap home decorating is another way of saying: revamp your rooms without spending tons of money! Remove your doors and use MDF that you can get cut to fit at any DIY store where you could also look for cheap blinds. To fit the MDF doors don’t remove any of the hinges that were already in place. When thinking about colors, almost any nice shade will do when painting your new doors. Just fit on them long or extravagant handles and the door will instantly come to life looking like you purchased them in one of those really expensive shops.

Your kitchen is maybe a bit small and you are looking into making it seem “bigger”. Glass does this job really well and is very easy to clean. You don’t have to spend a lot of money when you buy it as you only need to place a few around the kitchen using mirror screws. It is also very discreet making the room feel nice and airy. Ikea sells them by the pack and they look fantastic one placed on the kitchen walls. If the rest of the rooms in your house are also small, you can use these mirrors to great effect. Just remember: glass or mirrors to make a room look more spacious!

Nowadays, manufacturers make very realistic wood laminate flooring. Pale colors are lovely, again, to “add space” to smaller rooms. These types of floors also add warmth to your rooms, the resemblance is sometimes uncanny. They come in an amazing variety of finishes, so go ahead and peak again through the catalogs.

Cheap home decor, as you can see, is only a matter of setting your mind into finding the right decorative items for the right rooms. Yes, it will be time consuming as you need to check the various stores, etc, but well worth it in the end especially for your pocket!