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Argos Sofas – Something for Everyone at a Great Price!

4 Apr

When it comes to home decoration Argos is quite unbeatable. Great prices and an endless range of furniture for every room in the house. Maybe not looked at as trendy as other home stores like habitat or John Lewis, Argos nonetheless can cater for every pocket and every style. If you’re decorating your living room, many of the Argos sofas will most definitely dress your room in style while not hurting your pocket that much. You can also go to the high end of the range and purchase an expensive little number that can make your living room look like a million dollars, but we don’t find this necessary. There are too many choices at a great price for you to find the perfect one for your room – one that will cater for your needs while also looking fabulous!

Here we’ve decided to display a nice range of Argos sofas by categories: 3 seater sofas, extra large, a range of Argos leather sofas, a nice range of Argos corner sofas and finally an Argos sofa bed range for you to choose from. Remember that Argos furniture can be delivered to your doorstep.

3 Seater Sofas

Extra Large

Leather Sofas

Corner Sofas

Sofa Beds

As you can see, this amazing store provides all sorts of home decorations for your home as well as products for your garden, all types of accessories, toys for children and adults alike, etc. Shopping with this company is an experience as everything is either done through the catalogue and online. Returning goods if you’re not happy with them has never been easier, and prices are extremely competitive. More upmarket places like Habitat and John Lewis will probably cater for finer ranges but they also come at a price. But with Argos sofas or any other product you can rest assured you’re buying quality products for the price you are paying. Bad news is that if you’re not happy with your delivery you have to start the process all over again – but if you’ve got the time and need to buy cheap sofas or at least furniture that is not pricey, this store is most definitely the one to go for! Oh, and best of all, they are everywhere so you don’t have to travel far to get your catalogue or order.

Wardrobe Designs Evolved Significantly in a Few Decades

4 Feb

Wardrobe Designs Evolved Significantly in a Few Decades

Wardrobe Designs 1

Wardrobes are integral part of human bedroom design since centuries and wardrobe designs evolved from huge four-section items to modern designs where form follows function. Bedroom interior is unthinkable without wardrobes which originally are intended to help us store apparel but during the ages have become a sort of home decoration, too. Bedroom interiors vary in style and you have a wide choice of traditional and modern designs to select from, including bedroom chairs and various elements of home decoration.

Modern Wardrobe Designs Bet on Functionality

Wardrobe Designs 2

photo by favaro JR

Apart from its function to add good looking appearance to our bedrooms, wardrobes should offer functionality and be of use where need for storing clothing appears. They can further enhance the look of the room; think of canopy beds and adding to the style with the furniture you choose to display around them. Wardrobes are an important element of childrens bedroom decor, too, for allowing kids to keep in one place not only clothing but toys and other personal belongings. Most items intended to adorn rooms of children are painted in lively colours as opposed to the dark colours used in painting wardrobes a few decades ago. Find good ideas for your bedroom interior on magazines or the Internet and try to emulate them at home.

Materials Matter

Wardrobe Designs 3

photo by Th♥mås Lǔ

Modern wardrobe designs feature wooden, metal and plastic elements with wooden wardrobes still topping the list of the most popular home decoration of this kind. This style will allow you to also display modern accessories like DVD stands and ultra-chic spotlights in a way that they blend with the rest of the home decor. And while antique furniture stores offer solid wardrobes we all know since Victorian times but modern plastic materials gradually replace nail-studded wardrobes made of wooden materials.

Such new materials allow designers to create modular wardrobes, offering improved functionality while being less space sensitive. A corner wardrobe can save space, for instance, but it is far harder to make such a piece of furniture using wood and metals.

Affordable Prices Are Widespread

Wardrobe Designs 4

photo by Nature form furniture

Some people might be homesick for the solid wooden wardrobes of their childhood but modern wardrobe designs also contributed to the decreasing price levels and affordability of wardrobes. A typical wardrobe now sells for around USD 500 to USD 600, on average, while it could cost fortune a century ago.

Wardrobe designs have changed to serve new purposes and meet new requirements and you will hardly find a wardrobe featuring wood-carving craftsmanship. Not that wood-carving is old-fashioned or something, but designers realized that the primary purpose of an item determines its natural beauty and functionality became a king amongst modern furnishings makers.

Moreover, wardrobe designs managed to break up the ancient idea that bedroom interiors should follow and use dark coloured schemes and today’s customers are able to enjoy vivid colours in their boudoirs. We have to admit that such an interior is far more inspiring than the one existing in our grandfathers’ bedrooms!

House Lighting Is an Art of Combining Elements and Playing with Light

3 Feb

House Lighting Is an Art of Combining Elements and Playing with Light

House Lighting 1

House lighting plays an important part in home decoration and can highlight your good taste while making the difference between a cosy and inviting house and one that lack style. You should bear in mind that three basic types of lighting exist; namely, general, task and accent lighting while living room lighting cannot resemble and function it way exterior lighting do.

Combine Adequate Elements

House Lighting 2

photo by This Year’s Love

Just like everything in your loved house, light decoration should reflect the overall state of mind of its owners and habitants. You can combine chandeliers and pendants but a trivial wall sconce will not look good in front of a pretentious pendant.

Living room lighting, for instance, could combine all the three types of lighting while light decoration in your bathroom should serve the specific needs of this room. You can transform a cheap home decor into a cosy and expensive-looking place by using appropriate accent lighting which allows you to play with lights and shadows in the room.

Exterior Lighting Lends Charm to Gardens

House Lighting 3

photo by Dr DAD

Installing proper exterior lighting is also important element in the work of professional and self-taught house designers. Light decoration can lend charm to a cottage or adjacent garden and create fiery atmosphere without requiring huge investment. You should distinguish between exterior and interior lighting but be aware that house lighting integrates all details of a well-designed lighting scheme.

A discreet outdoor lighting scheme will give you unparalleled atmosphere for romantic garden parties while blinding light is more suitable for large indoor spaces decorated with mirrors. For that reason ball rooms are designed to secure powerful sources of light and lighting is often seemingly extravagant.

Playing with Lights and Shadows

House Lighting 4

photo by Michael_Spencer

Architects discovered long ago that playing with lights and shadows is able to inspire various moods in home-owners. A carefully designed inner space, combining home decoration and lighting in a certain way, can make you feel sad or raise the morale of people who dwell at the place. You can create a similar effect by carefully utilizing mirrors which can direct shafts of light and make small places to look more spacious.

House lighting is not only a business but an art of selecting and combining elements that add more space and cosiness, a combination not easy to achieve. Materials are also important and you should avoid combining wooden and plastic elements of lighting, while details made of wood and metal usually look as a natural combination.

The Right Corner Bathroom Vanity

7 Jun

The Right Corner Bathroom Vanity

If you are looking at refurbishing your existing bathroom have you thought about a corner bathroom vanity unit? Bathroom design has come on in leaps and bounds since the early days of wash stands and a jug and basin, but if you like to harp back to the traditional days by incorporating traditional features in your home decoration you can still have up to the minute contemporary bathroom suites. Corner bathroom vanity units are increasingly popular as you can use all those fiddly wasted areas by installing corner bathroom vanities to add additional storage in a timeless fashion.

Storage and Style

If you are looking for a “his and her” basin, for your home a good way to achieve this is by the installation of fitted bathroom corner vanity cabinets as they can really help to optimize space in the smaller bathroom allowing a double sink to fit where you really thought you would only mange to place a vessel sink. Kohler really understand that all the storage gained underneath the double basin would normally be lost but with incorporated cupboards and shelving everything you need for the bathroom experience can be tucked nicely away. Don’t forget to incorporate some form of high shelf even if it is concealed within a cupboard to keep all the dangerous bathroom requirements such as razors and hazardous chemicals away from small children.

Free Standing

For free standing bathroom corner vanities have a look at Belle Foret for an outstanding range of units which can really bring your bathroom to life. Another stockist with an outstanding choice for the largest bathroom or the smallest wash room is Fairmont Designs who really do an extensive range from hand carved to cutting edge contemporary pieces.


For more solutions investigate Lowes who have a range of bathroom furniture and fittings from faucets to toilets that can really add to your sense of bathroom style.

Often if you require a corner bathroom vanity sink it makes sense to have it built in to accommodate the odd shapes that can hinder design in your bathroom. If you are a DIY enthusiast you will be able to purchase all the necessary components and build it yourself, then add custom built tops to give a really professional finish.

Mix and Match

Dreamline bathroom vanities manufacturers a range of bathroom equipment, you may find useful to incorporate into your new bathroom scheme. It can be a good idea to look around at all your options before settling on what you want. Often it is a more cost effective option to buy your various components from different stores to get the look that is individual to your needs. Be aware that sometimes names may be misleading your white corner bathroom vanity in a totally different store could well be called a sink cabinet, a useful piece of information when searching online.

When selecting bathroom furniture or a mirror to fully compliment your design it is a good idea to stick to the specialist shops as the products will be suitable for bathroom interior conditions. Always pay attention to the manufacturers’ advice for care and cleaning to ensure your bathroom stays in excellent condition.

Your Bedroom Interior Design

25 May

Your Bedroom Interior Design

Finally it is the time to get on with the bedroom interior, nothing is more depressing than tired decor and whether you want to just pop on a coat of paint or complete an interior design bedroom you will want to choose with care. When considering decorating your bedroom interior consider what it is used for other than the obvious sleeping. A modern bedroom interior may need to combine many features and design ideas are many.

Paint or Wall Paper

Wall paper is back in fashion, but use it sparingly on a feature wall rather than slapping it all over as was the fashion in the 1980s. Consider the amount of contact the wallpaper will get, wall papering a wall by an entrance or with a light switch on it may not be the best idea in a family home, sticky fingers will soon leave marks on your lovely finish. It is probably best to use washable paint in the heavily used areas of the home. There are many beautiful washable colors that mix, match and coordinate with your wall papers and accessories for splendid bedroom interiors.

The Boudoir

Home decoration is what most of us can afford and whilst we dream of interior decorating, bedrooms by fabulous designers are out of our price range. Don’t be put of though, look around department stores. Macys have some fabulous cost effective linens and accessories to complement any bedroom. Often if you splash out a little on one item be it bedroom furniture or lighting to add to your light decoration, it can make the statement that gels the look and completes the wow factor.

Do you want you bedroom to be a sexy sumptuous haven for you and your husband to spend loving nights of passion, or a calming sea of tranquility to practice yoga, meditation or display your new feng shui bagua decorative item? Or perhaps you want to incorporate many aspects of your personalities? Combining elements of your lifestyle is the key to success when contemplating designs.

Storage will be something of utmost importance, unless you are lucky enough to have a separate dressing room you will need to make the most of the available space. Even the largest rooms can include clever storage ideas like window seats, particularly effective if you have bay windows. You may want to emphasize period features by giving your room a traditional feel. If you are ripping out old fitted wardrobes and looking at replacing them with free standing furniture there are many lovely integrated wardrobe systems that are designed for the modern home, with the interiors having every hi tech addition but the exterior look made to fit well into traditional homes.

Childs Bedrooms

Often a small bedroom interior is harder to work with as you need to maximize on space and storage. Usually the smaller rooms are the children’s rooms and whilst we think being smaller they need less room any parent will tell you the amount of thought required for a kids room to accommodate all the trappings of youth is no easy task. You might want to think of practical solutions like a kids closet organizer or furniture that incorporates storage boxes. Whatever the kids’ ages I recommend looking at Ikea; they stock such great storage solutions that will add to the childrens bedroom decor and have the contemporary look teenagers adore. Children can change there likes and dislikes quite quickly so it is a good idea for a bedroom interior to select accessories that can easily be replaced. Just by selecting lamp shades bedding curtains and rugs a room can be transformed quite cheaply.

Top photo by LotusHead – Bottom photo by Chendra **Cortesy of

bedroom interior design modern bedroom interior

Choosing Your Kitchen Curtains

7 May

Choosing Your Kitchen Curtains

Changing your kitchen curtains is always a very simple and inexpensive way to change the decoration of your kitchen space. We can choose from a really wide variety of fabrics which include natural and synthetic fabrics. You can also choose a combination of both; ultimately this would depend on the style of your kitchen and the lighting as well as any ventilation that is required. Here are some kitchen curtain ideas for you to choose from .

Most kitchen curtains are made of cotton which is a really versatile material. You can find cotton curtains available in different thicknesses. For example, if you want to add luminosity to your kitchen you should definitely opt for light or thin cotton curtains. You can also opt for a combination of both nylon and cotton.

Linen still remains popular in terms of functionality and silk is another natural fiber that might look great in your kitchen especially if you want to create an elegant look. A similar option is to opt for satin curtains. It is important to remember that the textiles used in the kitchen should be resistant and easy to clean or wash. Other  materials to be considered would be rayon or chiffon or rubber fabric, which is easy to clean always popular.

Lighting is a decisive factor when we choose curtains for our kitchen. Decide how much light you want coming through your windows before choosing; if you are after a bright look go for thinner cotton curtains.

The general decor will also depend on your choice of kitchen curtains and valances; for example, if the style is contemporary your curtains should match it, curtains with a more complex design are best for the traditional kitchen and the synthetic curtains will be a great choice for a tropical theme.

Venetian blinds or japanese panels  like Luxaflex are a great option if you are looking for modern kitchen curtains. Metallic colors like silver or dark timber blinds add a touch of class to the room. They are also easy to clean and look slick and cutting edge.

If you are going for the country kitchen curtains style choose natural fibers which will also protect the furnish from UV rays. Combine your new curtains with old style furniture like a nice oak farmhouse kitchen table, a traditional dresser for your crockery or a free standing block. A cottage style kitchen can also look great when it combines lace curtain and blinds or cotton line. Large windows will always look good when dressed with curtains with printed motifs like flowers or patterns.

Choosing your Curtains

The first step when choosing our kitchen curtains is to think of its purposes as well as how it will fit the rest of the decor. Matching existing accessories like kitchen canisters or trays, color of the worktops and cabinets, is always a good way to start. Look at the lighting and decide if we want to enhance it even more, if we are looking for even more brightness, what is the practical purpose of the curtain (to cover or reduce light, for privacy, to hide certain defects, etc). Also, we should not choose our curtains simply cater just aesthetic reasons, for example so they adapt to a certain to a decorative style, to enhance a design or color or just to create the desired effect.

As with any home decoration accesory, when choosing your kitchen curtains always look for practicality and functionality as well as style.

List Price: ($16.99)
Sale Price: ($16.99)
Availability: (Usually ships in 1-2 business days)

List Price: ($16.80)
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Childrens Bedroom Decor: Create That Special Room for Them

30 Jan

Ah! The room of the youngest and dearest people in the house: our children. It is very, very important to think about our childrens bedroom decor as they should feel really comfortable in their own beautiful and safe space. Their rooms should be lively and colorful; imaginative just like they are. Look for coordinated type of fabrics and wallpapers; or find decorative painting techniques to place on the wall. These can be really good allies and at the same time allow for a fun touch! It is also important to think about the furniture. When working on our children bedroom decor we have to also think that they grow fast and so the furniture we place in should also grow with the child. If you can find the right accessories they could be an ideal resource to extend the life of your childs room.

Like any other room in our beloved house, the childrens room requires proper spatial planning, especially if we are talking about small rooms! In these particular cases, certain types of childrens bedroom furniture like fitted wardrobes are a really good choice because they can save a lot of room. Think of practical furniture; nowadays there is a wide range to choose from specifically designed to nurse our childrens rooms. Ikea is a great place to browse for storage items, small furniture and a wide range of colorful accessories.

One very useful option which is always really handy when thinking about practical home decoration is to buy beds that come with closets already incorporated that may even include a desk area. Another possibility you could consider would be beds that turn into a sofa, so during the daytime the room would appear less cluttered. If you decide to go for the latter, make sure you buy very good quality beds; you want the mattress to be the perfect one for your child; not all mattresses are that comfortable or made for every night sleeping. The other good thing about these folding beds is that during the day they allow some space for the children to play in the room.

Childrens bedroom decorating is easy if you put yourself in the mind of the child and think what would you really like. Parents usually make the mistake of decorating their childrens rooms they way “they like it” rather than the way the child would like it. Think about when you were a child; the things you would have wanted in your room like posters, or particular toys displayed on the shelves. Moreover, it is always wise to have an extra bed in case some day your child wants to invite a friend to stay the night. Trundle beds are great and have a widespread appeal because they offer the perfect solution without taking up any extra space.

The usual lack of space often makes childrens bedroom decoration difficult especially when they have to share the room with their siblings. Although the ideal and most convenient solution is that every child has their own single bed, there are other options you might want to consider, for example the bed bunks, which can be perfect when the rooms are small (plus they allow for even more room for storage)

After the age of three or four children begin to have a very clear idea of how their rooms should look like. Ask them about their tastes and preferences and “work with them” in developing the decoration. Choice of colors, textiles, what they find comfortable, what they don’t really like… it will make your life a lot easier in the end! Childrens bedroom decor is about decorating the room as much as listening to what they would be happy with! If in doubt; just remember when you were a child yourself….

Crystal Decor: Harmony at Home

13 Jan

Crystal Decor: Harmony at Home

In addition to other types of decorative elements for your home, crystal decor will most definitely add harmony as well as a positive energy if you know what crystals to place and their properties.

Some people like to mix the idea of feng shui with crystal decorations as they are quite an original and innovative way to decorate your home. Mankind has been using stones and crystals for millions of years to turn them into jewelry, ornaments, talismans or even for medicinal purposes. They have always been associated with the spiritual or the esoteric: priests, warriors and kings used them for their “magical” healing properties. Crystals are stones that have a high power of vibration, according to some, and therefore can be used to work energetically to help enhance the harmony between the body and the mind.

Crystal Decoration

In addition to their curative values, they can also be used to add harmony to our homes when placed in different places according to their patterns, shapes, colors and type of stone. If feng shui home decorating is something that does not fall into what your budget permits, then opt for crystals decorations instead to achieve a very similar look and feel.

Black tourmaline will add a clean energy to your home. It should be placed where it “feels” needed; in spots where families argue or there have been fights in the past. It is also advisable to place behind the front door; this stone will always clear up negative or dense type of energies.

Hematite will help with the stability, strength and roots of the home. It will keep the house connected to the land. Its ideal location would be on each corner of the perimeters of the house.

The transparency of Quartz and Amethyst will also clear out any negativity or dense energy in your house. You can place them anywhere and they will look absolutely beautiful as ornaments: on a table or desk, on the shelves or cabinets, enhancing any black mirrored furniture, adding style to your window sills, near colorful curtains or wood blinds or just on your side table in the bedroom or by the main door. Wherever you place them, they will glaze wonderfully.

It is important to understand that crystal decorating is about where you place these precious stones rather than just placing them where you think they will look beautiful. Shape, color and effect has to be taken into consideration to make the most out of them at home. Place the beautiful amethyst stone on your desk at the home office as it will help you concentrate better.

Try the fashionable crystal pyramids. They come in all sorts of colors and are made with different types of crystals. Place a rosaen quartz pyramid where the family gathers every evening to help balance emotions.

If you prefer to add to your home decoration with larger objects, the size of crystals will be important; stones that are the size of a hand, for example, are suppose to keep harmony at all times. Group together smaller sized stones for a lovely crystal decor effect.

List Price: ($75.00)
Sale Price: ($169.96)
Availability: (Usually ships in 1-2 business days)

List Price: ($35.99)
Sale Price: ($21.66)
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List Price: ($7.69)
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Home Decor: Fabrics

11 Jan

When thinking of your grand home decor, fabric patterns, styles, look, feel and material should be considered by your personal taste rather than the effect each and everyone of them will provide to your rooms. The reason why I think this way is because at the end of the day it is all good if silk makes your rooms nice, fresh and airy but what good is it if you are not keen on the fabric, the texture or its particular shine. You will live in your home and you should determine which fabric will be best for you to share it with, and, once you have made up your mind, you can determine other aspects like colors and where to place the fabric. Think of it like dressing up: you might prefer skirts to trousers or blouses to tops whether they are appropriate for the occasion or not: the important thing for the everyday wear is to be as comfortable as possible. You can then be flexible about colors, makeup and general accessories.

Prints, Patterns or Plain

Whether you choose to have patterned or printed fabric is also up to your personal taste although there are some things that you need to take into consideration. Colorful prints add great visual style but you should really place them in larger rooms where there are no patterns or prints that might clash or take over, rooms with soft and light colors. You just don’t want to overcrowd the area. Also it is a good idea that you use these types of printed patterns to upholster your biggest pieces of furniture like sofas or armchairs. If you want to upholster a chair or stool, go for more classic styles like stripes or smaller patterns, and if budget is a problem you can always opt for the practical ottoman slipcover. At the end of the day you want to make sure you do see the grand design. Don’t worry about plain fabrics looking dull or bland as sometimes it is better to avoid the possibility of a fatal clash. In case you wanted to mix and match, it is advisable to go for a combination of different textures like silk, thread, leather and velvet.

The right combination can provide fantastic dynamism to your chosen room, but try not to abuse the look using too many different styles. If you don’t want to abuse your home decorating fabric style, you will find that most shops will sell four or five different types of printed fabrics (wide and thin stripes, flowers, natural motifs) that go well together because they share the same color.

Home Decorating Fabrics: Which Ones?

Besides being beautiful and adding to your home decor, fabrics must be functional and adapt to all sort of different uses. For example, not all fabrics are suitable for upholstery but it is also obvious you do not need the same type of fabric to upholster the sofa in a house where there are children running around than the one for the fabulous decorative chair or stool displayed in your bedroom. So as you can see it is really a matter of value, and above all, always check the labels for care and maintenance before selecting your fabric.

Synthetic and Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics are very nice and offer superior durability. Among the most used at home is cotton, its essential virtue its resilience and the nice and fresh feel. Plus its great power of absorption. Another natural fabric is wool, its quality would be warmth. It is durable, elastic, flexible and has a lovely feel. Linen (from a plant) is fresh and very pleasant to the touch. It is widely used for making curtains but its main problem being the creases. Silk has a great shine and is strong and elastic at the same time. The fabric is also very sensitive to the light which it causes it to age rather quickly. Angora, cashmere and mohair are other types of natural fabrics.

When thinking about home decorating, fabrics that are manmade or synthetic also have great benefits as they are very resistant to stains, creases and everyday wear and tear. The most popular are the polyamides (derived from petroleum) which have the property of not shrinking or creasing (i.e. nylon and polyester). Acrylic is a synthetic fabric that sometimes is mixed with wool or cotton. It is light and provides excellent insulation but it is less resistant than the previous ones and tends to generate static electricity.

All in all, almost any fabric for home decor is capable of transmitting many different sensations because of its texture, patterns or/and colors. If you are unsure about how to come about your home decoration if you are re-decorating – and don’t want to go through the painful process of painting walls and buying furniture to change the whole home decor – fabric will definitely be one of the best choices to go for.

Living Room Decor

11 Jan

The living room is the room in the house in which we spend most of our time, and so the our living room decor should really be considered as much as possible in order to make it as comfortable and welcoming as we can. We ought to consider many important factors when it comes to decorating our room: range of tonal ranges we would like to add, styles that identifies us the most, type of furniture that best suits our lifestyle and finally adequate lighting.

Comfort and Style

It seems that the choice of furniture for the living room is limited to sofas or armchairs, but the truth is that today there are many different options and we can customize the room to many different tastes and at the same time give it character. If the room is spacious, the best thing would be to create an enclosed space in which people can feel really comfortable. There are many types of distribution of the furniture, but the one in the shape of a U will be perfect to create the feeling of welcoming and gathering together.

If you are looking for living room decorating ideas think always of the right accessories to add. Follow closely any color schemes you might have chosen for the area and adorn accordingly. This room is one of the busiest in the house and we need to be practical when thinking of furniture and other elements. You should always consider good storage in order to create more space and thus allow for the place to always look neat and tidy. Many living rooms – especially the older ones – might have libraries with lots of books in them; maybe this is the time to start thinking of re-decorating the room and adding shelves to create a more modern living space.


Due to today’s smaller type of houses (at it is the case with bungalows and apartments), many homes share the living room with other living areas; this is not only because of lack of space but also to do with new trends and the desire to live in open and airy spaces. The home office, the dining room, reading room, etc might all be contained within one big space together with the living room. In a way, this poses a greater difficulty for distributing the space accordingly in order to achieve harmony and balance. We could put together different styles into one, by opting to leave the space open and wide, or, on the contrary, by using decorative architectural elements or other resources.


Indeed, we have access to many different resources in order to add independence to two or more different rooms that “live” together within the same space. Sliding doors, for example, are an idea choice for separating the environments and so they allow us to enjoy an open space when desired, while at the same time and once shut, spaces have been given “independence”.

An arch or particular type of entrance is enough to visually separate two different environments that live within the same given space. If your living room is rather a large one, you can create the effect of a gap between the environments by having two different heights defined by wooden floors. This will add great visual depth to the room. Columns and pillars will allow us to frame different areas and even the furniture offers many possibilities: from the simplicity of using a sofa to define areas to achieving different styles within the different environments gathered in the living room; decorating each one of them with different styles can look great if you think of an overall scheme that works.

Always think of your living room decoration when it comes to the smaller elements like mirrors, frames, paintings, lamp shades, cushions, etc. Remember that they should match accordingly; it will be really difficult for you to fail with any type of home decoration if everything follows the desired color scheme and style and you keep mantaining consistency. Try to stay away from too much contrast in order to be “safe” and think what sort of “feeling” you want your room to have: warm? modern? minimalist? stylish? contemporary? Your living room decor could look spectacular with a few simple ideas like arrangement of the furniture and corners that you bring to life.

Grand Home Decor: Fabric is Perfect to Dress Your House

11 Jan

So you’re thinking: I want to change my home decor. Fabric: is it a good enough option for a big change? The color, texture and prints of fabrics will most definitely add a particular style to your rooms in general. Think of all the different materials available when we think of home decorating: fabric can provide them. Silk, cotton or linen are ideal if you want to add freshness while chenille and velvet are fantastic to add warmth to your rooms.

Once you chose the color range, the big questions is: where do you start? Although many people do differ when it comes to decorating your home with fabrics, it is always advisable to begin with the biggest piece you need to upholster in each and every room. This will be most definitely the sofa in the living room, the headboard in the bedroom and the curtains in the dining room. This way, it will be easier to coordinate the rest of the room.

To achieve continuity and avoid clashes from one room to the next, we should have a good idea of the global look, feel and style we want to add to our homes. A good start would be by using the same material or type of print throughout. On the other hand, one must bear in mind that the fabrics are great if we want to hide flaws in our rooms or enhance particular areas. So, before deciding on the final look it would be convenient to study the different characteristics of the space we want to dress: dimensions, orientation, size and shape of the windows or ceilings amongst other features. An airy, ample space will look a lot more comfortable if we dress the house windows with thick curtains. But in contrast, small rooms will look a lot better with materials like silk, linen or organza.


Remember what the professionals do: a pinup board that helps you with the overall look and feel. Collect all sort of samples from all sort of fabrics that will be part of your room – sofas, chairs, curtains, carpets (check out cheap carpet cleaning) or even lampshades -, with the intention of creating a fantastic overview of the whole style and see how they look next to each other. Start discarding the ones you like the least. Staple on the board the remaining ones; the ones you definitely want to display in your rooms. After choosing the fabrics or materials, check how they behave with both artificial and natural light, and, finally, take the board with you when you set off to buy your new furniture so you can check how the finishes combine together.

To create amazing grand home decoration, fabric is most definitely a way to go and also something you should consider before buying your furniture, selecting accessories or even dressing your walls.

Home decor: fabric to dress your house

photo credit: TALUDA – Cortesy of

Minimalist Interior Design – Redefine the way your Interiors look

7 Jan

Why not give your home a clean look with a minimalist interior design style? Minimalism is about playing around with color, lighting and also space and the general rule is to add to the rooms only what is necessary. When we talk about minimalist interiors what comes to mind is white decor and mainly open spaces as minimalism seeks to strike the perfect balance between what is essential and light.

Minimalism refers to an artistic movement that uses minimal elements and basics like pure colors, simple geometric shapes and the use of natural fabrics. This doesn’t mean you can’t still include many of the more extravagant items which you may have previously been keep to protect with a comprehensive home insurance policy. However, when it comes to your decor choices, you should aim to keep it simple in order to achieve the minimalistic effect. In order for you to add the minimalist interior look you would have to integrate all these elements in a balanced way to get the feel of space and calmness at home.

Where to Start?

Usually we find that it is almost impossible to change the look of the whole house at once and so we have to start with the different rooms. The advantage of this is that it will inspire us to do the rest of the rooms as we go along. In the lounge, start with the furniture. Place a sofa with a neutral solid color, cream or white or even off white will do nicely. Decorate the sofa with cushions that match the style and colors.  And now the difficult part: getting rid of the bits and pieces that we really do not need or use. Most minimalist interior designers recommend that you only dispense of the very essential furniture like the coffee table, sofa and TV stand.

It is important to always say no to anything that could signify an excess like pieces of furniture that you don’t really use. When it comes to color, choose only one and stick with it; think black, greys, beiges and chocolate. Paint the walls white and try to decorate only with one or two tables. If your lounge has large French doors or windows, you can choose cream curtains to allow the natural light to come through. When talking about accessories choose only single elements or materials like wood or metal. Glass will most definitely look fantastic with the white walls as it reflects and adds to the sense of space.

Try adding pieces or accessories in odd numbers; three candles nicely place will look better than four and add a better sense of balance to the room.

In the dining room, have only the chairs that you need so we can balance space and shape nicely. For minimalist interior decorating style, bar stools are perfect in the kitchen especially if you haven’t got room for a kitchen table. If you do, stay away from any tablecloths or centerpieces that do not add to the decor. A nice small vase with a couple of colorful blossoms will do. Add spacious exquisiteness and beauty with an under mount kitchen sink for the ultimate minimalist and clean-cut design.

Keep bathrooms minimal by having only the necessary accessories. A walk in shower is the ideal solution to space saving and also a real trend nowadays. Cream walls and plenty of light coming through if your bathroom has windows. Light colored blinds will add to the minimalist design.

In the bedroom you would want to have only the mattress or maybe a futon, a side table and wardrobe. For ultimate comfort check out My Memory Foam Mattress Pad. Use neutral colored sheets, again cream or white to add brightness to the room.  Think of closet storage systems and other devices that might help you with organising your clothes and other accessories like shoes or towels: remember, we are looking into creating as much visual space as possible.

Avoid any type of pattern and dress the windows with light colored blinds or curtains. Pine is also a good option when thinking of the minimal furniture you are going to have in your bedroom. You can also opt for a contemporary style while keeping the look simple and functional with Danish modern furniture. Whichever style you decide to use to  incorporate the minimalist look in your home, always try to achieve a sense of space together with simplicity, taste, harmony and balance.


You will find that minimalist interior designs are great in terms of keeping your rooms clean as there is not that much furniture to go through. Also, if your home needed that “extra space” the white colors will add that feel. Modern minimalist interior design is based on storage and how clever can you be at “hiding” your accessories like towels, blankets, shoes and coats. Have three books on the shelf and you will read them. That simple.

Minimalist interior design will also help you to relax and feel one with your home. The important thing is to understand that general home decoration doesn’t have to be about expensive accessories from top department stores. It is about defining the person within the confines of their home.

White Decor – Decorating with White will add Elegance and Style

6 Jan

Many people do not consider white a true color but rather a value; the union of all other colors. If you want to display white decor at home you have to be cautious as its intrinsic nature makes it a neutral color and therefore rather difficult to work with and be successful at the same time.

Black, the whole range of grays and creams – being fawn, beige, biscuit, sand, suede, etc – are all natural colors as well and so to work with black and white decor at home should also be done carefully.

Decorating With White

White as always been associated with innocence and purity. It is the color brides choose for the wedding dresses and it is also connected to spiritualism, religion, angels and peace. When it comes to home decor, decorating with black and white or just white adds lots of simplicity to any room. These neutral colors visually enlarge any given space and can even add a sense of both emptiness and infinity all combined into one mixed with a lovely touch of coolness and calm. In addition, it also enhances natural light and, on its own, it is its own light “source” due to its brightness. For example, if you want to make any room feel bigger than what it really is, all you have to do is paint the walls white and place light wooden floors. Add white bedroom furniture to your budoir and the overall result will be soft and spacious.With the right accessories like a heated mattress pad you can avoid cluttering your room with lots of unnecessary extra duvets and blankets, especially during the winter period.

Take into Consideration…

When we talk about white home decor we are also saying timeless, elegant and obviously and above all neutral. Some people might think that opting for white is the easiest choice and they can’t be further from the truth. White decor involves knowing how to play with different textures and materials that can create very different atmospheres (and not always the desired one!). Its simplicity may allow for achieving rooms that have a wonderful and romantic aura whilst harmonious.

Now, any room that has been mainly painted with white will need more maintenance than the rest. Stains and flaws will show a lot more on the walls and you will need to repaint often if you want that cleanliness and hygienic look to shine through. White blends really well with natural materials such as wood, linen or textured rugs and also mixes well with the other neutral colors like black, cream, beige or gray. Moreover, it will make the other colors appear rather dimmed thus creating textures in the room. You can also use white decor to highlight the elegance and style of certain materials and shapes. To add a fresh touch, combine with green or light cream; if you want to give your rooms a modern feel black white decor will do the job nicely while mixing it with the right accessories will add a touch of color but beware: misused, whites and creams can seem “dirty”! Also, remember that hospitals use white all through their halls, rooms and offices so you really want to avoid ending up looking like one.

Pure, Timeless and Elegant

White decoration can really look fantastic at home as it brightens it up and the idea of adding that pure touch is just lovely when done correctly. It is a very traditional color that is nowadays been used continuously in home decor magazines, showrooms and many fairs to do with decorative styles. White is most definitely back and it is considered to be very trendy at the moment.

One of the most appreciated characteristics of this color is its versatility. It is a tone that can be combined with almost any type of decoration and still manage to look good. Although it does appear as if there is only one white, you can find infinite shades for you to choose from: from eggshell to ash, apple, barley, chalk, jade, linen, marble, off white, vanilla, cotton… the choices are endless. White decorating is most definitely the most effective way to light up any dark rooms, corners or spots. ON floors with limited visual space, this color is crucial because it creates a visual sense of depth and both classical and avant-garde designers have chosen this color for its tone, calmness and relaxing feel.

When it comes to your home decoration, it could be said that any room that has been decorated with white will never go out of style. Amongst its many advantages are that it sheds much light into any room, visually expanding the space and blending nicely with almost every given shade. It is a perfect color for decorating any style, but particularly perfect if you want to achieve the minimalist interior design look. Minimalism aims to create very visually simple environments where less is more and almost any type of

white decor can help us achieve this style easily.

Photo Author:  Shho

White decor in any room will add a sense of space - Cortesy of - Author: shho

White decor in any Room will add a sense of space – Cortesy of

The Art of Light Decoration at Home

5 Jan

Illuminating the home properly is essential and the right light decoration can enhance our home decor enormously when it is done right. The sunlight brings vitality and spaciousness to any given space, and light decorations through artificial lights pointing at different spots and corners are fundamental to creating the right atmosphere and environment in order to define the style and meaning of a room.

Although this type of lighting seems to be a secondary issue, the truth is that the right type of lighting decoration is not looked at properly in most homes.

People are like birds, they are silent in a dark room, and think of ghosts, but they begin to twitter as soon as they can see each other

Eliza Haweis
The Art of Decoration 1889


Good lighting should adapt to different scenarios in any room in which different activities take place, the living room being a good example. Obviously, you do not need the same kind of decorating lights when you are having dinner at the table and you are using for example your special dinnerware than you would need when you are chatting with friends or watching tv. Table lamps are great to bring corner spots to life, check out these table lamp reviews. As you can see, each environment requires different light conditions, so the main goal should be to avoid uniform and flat lighting decor.

One of the golden rules of lighting decoration is to avoid unique floods of light pointing at the whole room; an example being the classic chandelier in the lounge or general fitted lighting in the bathroom. By choosing bathroom lights that give un-shadowed, soft and even lighting you will not also add to the style and decor but also maximize functionality.

In the lounge, it is always recommended to have different types of light throughout to differenciate areas. This way we will also avoid other major issues, especially the excess of concentrated light in one given spot. By diversifying the spot lights, you can use less powerful models and types and project much more pleasant light decor in general. Nowadays you can easily find light models that dimmer and these are perfect as they allow you to adjust the illumination as it is needed each time.

It is very important to enhance the light to bring focus to particular spots, areas, corners or items. Bulbs can be used to enhance a picture or you could use some fixtures to enhance a library or piece of furniture. Apply lateral points of flooding light to achieve a beautiful effect and also bring out the detail in the texture, color and shape of any piece.

We must learn to play with the feelings that are produce by artificial light. Mix warm light bulbs with the whiter effect of tungsten halogen lights, use indirect lighting points or even play with backlighting. The final goal is not just to have lovely and decorative lamps at home; but to enjoy the effect they create around the rooms.


Many companies sell lighting that comes with remote controls. Simply schedule the light to your desired look, feel and style and “save” it within the control. Just change the options whenever you feel like it and you will not have to regulate the light manually anymore.

In the dining room it is ideal to have a lamp hanging from the ceiling that provides a warm and welcoming light. Murray Feiss Lighting chandeliers might be just what you are looking for. Don’t for get that in the dining room you really have to get the height right: if the light is too high it takes personality away from the room and if it is too low it will annoy your guests as they try to chat while enjoying their meal. As a general rule, locate the lamp at about eighty centimeters from the table and it will provide lovely light decoration over it without creating shade areas. If the dining area is too long or you have a very big table, just add more lamps instead of having a single central spotlight.

By using the right lighting you can improve your home decoration enormously without having to buy one single accesory.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Whether Large or Small, Your Bathroom Decor should Always be taken into Account

25 Dec

Whether you have a large or small bathroom at home, it is really fun and easy to come up with fantastic bathroom decorating ideas to jazz it up a little or for a full make-over. If you decide to go for the latter, make sure your bathroom is clean and that you clear up any accessories or furniture before you start (also allow for the walls to dry after you clean them thoroughly). Decide if you want to paint the walls or use wallpaper. A combination of both could also look great.

Bathroom Decor with Accessories

Borders near the ceiling or right against it usually look fantastic in the bathroom. If you are particularly looking for small bathroom decorating ideas white, creams and  off-white are the colors you should go for. Tiles are also great to add on the walls; you could add a strip around the middle section on all walls for consistency. Moroccan style tiles are really popular and add that “spice” to the bathroom. Again, your accessories should always match.

There are hundreds of bath and shower curtain designs, colors, styles and patterns. You might want to consider plastic shower doors that depict different landscape scenes or in vibrant colors that match your walls. They are a good choice as they allow plenty of light into the bathroom which is usually needed especially if there are no windows.

One of the most popular bathroom decor ideas is to add color by spray painting some of your accessories. Choose a color that is original and nowhere to be found in the bathroom; not only it will make your accessories stand out but it will also create fantastic luminosity and spots where the eye can rest easily. Make sure the color combination falls under the same scheme. Varnish your accessories first so as time passes they are still untarnished. Spray paint and allow to dry before placing; with a color this accented you will be amazed at the results.

Roll your towels nicely and place inside wicker baskets. If the color of the wicker doesn’t go with the rest of your bathroom decor, don’t be afraid of adding color to them. Match with a nice floor mat and the different toothbrush accessories. Make sure to visit our bathroom seashell decorations post to have a look at great accessories that can highly improve the look of your new and exciting scheme!

Make your own Shower Curtains

This is one of the easiest and more effective bathroom decoration ideas. Although it is true that you can find shower curtains in almost every color imaginable, there is nothing more fulfilling than creating your own. Take the right measurements first and double check so they fit accordingly (if you have a bath, measure the length, width and height). Allow for the curtain to fall underneath the height of the bath if you happen to have both incorporated in one. Choose the right material (plastic or waterproof) and cut according to the measurements taken. Buy an extra 1meter to the measurements taken. You will have to also cut holes for the hangers and place plastic accessories. You can find them at many DIY stores or large department stores.

Your chosen material should be washed thoroughly before you start working with it. Fold it in half so you end up with two sheets of equal measure. Fold again the top of the material in rectangular shapes so we can add the holes for the curtain rod.

Cover Shelves for Protection

Decorating ideas for bathroom shelves can also include covering them with small curtains with the appropriate matching colors to cover your personal accessories like creams, ear buds, deodorants, etc. Measure the length and width of your shelf or shelves; three different curtains would look ideal (two for the sides and one for the front).

Your material should be durable like a mix of cotton and polyester. It will not only provide your shelves with the right protection but it will add a fantastic touch to your bathroom decoration. You can use Velcro to attach the material in a way that you only have to flip it to access your personals. If you find that making your own covers is too complicated or haven’t got the time, take the measurements, choose a great material and have them professionally made. Shelf covers will make your bathroom stand out as they can really add originality and are a great decor accessory.

Plants and Bowls

When looking for decorating ideas for the bathroom plants and bowls will give you that edge without having to spend a lot of money. Nature elements always look good in almost any room, and the bathroom is the right place to display them.

Have you got a free standing bathroom mirror? Add a large plant next to it so the reflection adds warmth to the room. Smaller plants like cacti would look great on the top shelves next to your bathroom accessories or on corner cabinets.

Bottles, glass bowls filled with pebbles or sand will also look attractive and add an edge to your bathroom decor. Seashells, potpourri, bath salts, floral arrangements and scented candles can be placed along the shelves and can be really pleasing to the eye. Seashell bathroom decor is very popular and there are many different accessories to complement it. Use different color candles to place in every corner of the bathroom; some may go on the side of the tub and the other alongside mirrors and shelves above the sink.

Your see through glass bowls can be used to place your hair clips, cotton, manicure accessories and many other commonly used items in a bathroom. For kids bathroom decorating ideas place plastic toys like rubber ducks or bath books alongside your other decorative items. They will add color and a lovely spark to the room.

When it comes to bathroom decorating ideas the key is to experiment with elements that will add originality, style and functionality to the room. This idea can be extended to other rooms thus improving your home decoration in general therefore creating a sense of identity and consistency.

Bathroom decorating ideas pictures:

Bathroom complete
Creative Commons License photo credit: juhansoninRunyan Sink BOld master in the bathroom
Creative Commons License photo credit: ewen and donabel
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Textured Walls: Add Depth to Most Rooms with Wall Texturing

19 Dec

There are two ways in which you can create textured walls: with the aid of paint (thus resembling the desired texture) or by building the wall WITH the texture.

Wall texture through the aid of paint

This option is very inexpensive and simple and can also be done without the need of professionals. Just paint with a base color first and lay the first layer with a strong brush or roller. Wait for one day for the pint to dry and proceed to add the next coat. Apply a second layer with the textured roll of your choice. You will find hundreds of them with different textures like corrugated skin, prints, stone, leather, rock, etc. If you want to apply even textures use a sponge for the second coat.

Textured paints are a mix of water and dye products and when superimposed on surfaces they mimic certain natural finishes. They are very easy to clean and usually give out a matt sort of appearance. Generally, with 1kg of paint you will be able to layer a 5m2 wall. After applying the second coat the paint should be distributed in different directions in irregular dosages. Before it dries, you can smooth out the surface with a flexible plastic spatula by pressing blobs of paint and thus creating a blur effect.

Venetian stucco

Another technique used for texturing walls is the “stucco” which is really suitable for walls in poor conditions or with ugly imperfections. The stucco technique will conceal these imperfections due to its thick consistency (between 2 and 3mm). The product used is a ready to apply mix which is very easy to use for coating and very resistant to dirt.

Extend a layer of the product with a textured roller and smooth the surface with a rubber or plastic spatula. Change the stroke directions often so it becomes rough and irregular. Once it dries, apply a second coat. Distribute it over the surface in small amounts the size of a walnut, and again change the stroke directions often.

When the surface dries completely it must be polished. This technique consists of rubbing the pint with a clean spatula until we achieve a silky luster finish. Tip: the flame of a lighter one meter away from the wall will tell you if the job is done – just make sure that the flame’s reflection is clear and bright.

Building the wall

This is a more complicated option and it really requires the aid of professionals. You can use different materials to achieve the desired look like cement, plaster, brick or stone. The brick wall texture is very popular but the general disadvantage is that they are difficult to clean. The actual texture can accumulate dust and dirt over a period of time.

Your textured walls should be in harmony with the rest of the room or home decor by matching with the furniture, curtains and other accessories.

Your textured walls should match the rest of the room or home decoration with existing furniture, curtains and other accessories thus creating a harmonious environment.

How to Design a Bathroom

7 Dec

Many people struggle with the idea of how to design a bathroom, but with some simple decorating ideas you can most definitely remodel your bathroom decoration whether large or small. Also, if you take your time and not stress about it, it will be a lot of fun! Think of it as changing your home decoration style, rather than heavy duty work. The mental approach is the key, as with many other things in life.

Visit large department stores like Ikea; their design ideas will definitely trigger off your imagination. As most bathrooms are quite small you have the advantage of being able to paint the walls yourself without having to use the services of professionals which in the end will be hurting your budget. Before you set to do this task, make sure you do a bit of house cleaning and decluttering around major areas and inside the bathroom, and also clean the walls thoroughly and wait for them to dry before you start.

Always try to choose a light type of color for your bathroom walls: you want to make sure you add luminosity through your choice of tones and shades (which is particularly important if your bathroom does not have any windows!). If you like white but you want to experiment with other colors, paint at least one of the walls in white or cream or another option would be to paint half the wall with the desired color and the other half with white. Another idea would be to paint them white and then glue and adhesive strip or a row of tiles (make sure they are all lined up at the same height in all of the walls), or just paint a 15cm line with a strong color to “give more life” to the walls (again, line them up so the height is the same in all walls). This will allow you to have contrasting colors that will also be very useful when choosing your accessories.

When thinking of accessories to match the contrasting colors floor mats, soap dishes, shower curtains, toothbrush holders, accessories for toilet paper and toilet seats are some of the many elements to consider. Also, you can place near the sink cabinet an attractive wicker basket or wire basket. Put inside the basket a sheet of clothing material that matches the contrasting color of your choice and place a few rolls of toilet rolls inside.

Think of different interior plants that might brighten up the decor in the bathroom and also are not expensive to buy. Place them on shelves, or on a stool or a simple wooden box covered with a pretty cloth. Choose leafy plants that do not need much light. Other elements you could place on the shelves would be old looking glass bottles, glass jars filled with pretty stones, colored salts or shells.

Candles always look very attractive in the bathroom and add a romantic atmosphere. Place them on the window sills and the shelves. Also, buy colorful soaps that add the “fun” element to your decor. Coordinate colors with walls and candles. Place different colored cotton balls in wicker baskets to bring some life into the room. Towels with strong colors will also look great, fold them nicely and arrange a nice pile to add “freshness” and enhance the contrasting color once more.

Sometimes playing around with different ideas for our home decor is fun and can be achieved with very little money. Whether you are wondering how to design a bathroom or any other room in the house, keep in mind one important factor: always stick with the budget you have allowed yourself and don’t worry about ideas. They just flow once you set your mind to remodel any room.

You Can Make Your Own Wire Baskets

3 Dec

The fantastic thing about wire baskets is that you can make them yourself at home. People have made an art form out of it, and the way to start is by making a few for your home decor. Also, even if they are not the best wire baskets at first, they will add a fantastic touch to any room with a country decor feel, as imperfection or ragged edge accessories are a good part of the style.

Once you start getting good at it, and if you ever thought about making a bit of extra cash on the side, you can start making them for friends and family. It will relax you and at the same time help your monthly income. If you are just looking for a wire basket to compliment your decor at home, maybe getting yourself into the trouble of learning the craft is not such a good idea. Certain design and craft shops will sell them and there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Your wire baskets can be used pretty much as regular wicker baskets in the sense that you can not only use them for decorative purposes to add to your existing home decoration but also to store the little “bits and pieces” that always appear here and there. They look pretty when in the living room with sweets, candy or chocolate inside; place them in front of a mirror to add depth and shiny to any room. Candles are a nice touch but be careful if you decide to light them as the wire can get really hot. Better to place little gifts or a nice blossom of bright color. Plastic flowers also look fantastic in wire mesh baskets!

Certain places sell furniture (like wardrobes and drawing cupboards) which hold drawers that are not conventional in style (made of wood); but rather have the same appearance as a wire mesh basket that slides into the slots of the furniture. The look works really well if you want to add to the room a modern touch (again, mirrors will compliment the shiny wire).

If you want custom wire baskets because of a particular design you have in mind you either set yourself the task of learning the craft or find someone who can realize the project for you. Think of the colors that will compliment the room and general decor and have your wire basket made to order. Another option –which finds itself in between your custom desire and the lack of originality of most shops – is to buy an average basket and paint it yourself, maybe also adding a touch by placing bits of clothing on the mesh so it brings attention to the eye.

Wire baskets are not difficult to make, but require patience and attention. They will add to your home decor and also serve you as both storage and decoration.

Country Decor at Home

3 Dec

If you are thinking of adding a new look to your home decoration I would recommend you opt for country decor as it is easy to achieve with a few touches here and there on what you’ve already got. If you are starting from scratch, it is very easy to implement it and still not have to spend a lot of money as many accessories can be obtained from second hand shops and bargain stores. Here we will have a look at the feel country home decor can give to the different elements of the house (floors, walls and furniture).

For French country decor style shades of cream with ornate furniture will add sophistication and a serene and peaceful look. For an air of elegance, beautiful accessories, fixtures and timeless furniture like dressing tables become extremely important when it comes to adding decorative touches. Think “dream in cream”- from the walls to the furnitures to the flowers in a jug. A mix of finishes would add variety as well. Use carved wooden cupboards and a slightly distressed table to break up the color and give the eye something to settle on. A touch of fade gilt on a picture frame and burnished silver on the decorative wood carving would add depth, while books and logs can bring dashes of darker color.

Fine tune your country decor style with a corner sofa that is simple and discreet enough to allow other decorative pieces to show off. A Lloyd Loom chair or the right type of interior plantation shutters would bring some texture in while ornate cupboards would look really elegant. Country decorating is all about fixtures, elements and accessories; a low table would be such a practical addition to achieve the look. Get wall clocks that would match the style and a simple fireplace with plain surroundings would become a plain canvas for a dramatic display. Old picture frames would really add to the style, you don’t even need a picture inside as the frame on its own is beautiful enough. An unusual carving perhaps once part of a larger piece of furniture would be stunning and add to the country decor, as well as logs piled high inside the fireplace.

Accessories should stick strongly to the cream scheme, but one or two metallic pieces can be added to pick up the light. Using metallic pieces is a good way to wave variety into a mono-color room. They won’t jar like colored pieces but they do break up the one-shade monotony.

Country decorations are all about style and simplicity. For example, try fresh blue and mauve to join forces together with lashing of white to create a pretty country look that’s inspired by nature. When it comes to color look no further than the natural elements for tones that make your heart sing and instantly refresh any room. Fresh blue on the walls combines well with mauve duvet covers and white cushions; place in the room a pretty armchair covered in a large gingham check fabric in blue and white. Combine these elements with a pale, neutral carpet, white furniture and curtains with leafy motifs and you’ll end up with a breezy, country decor feel-good bedroom. For the ultimate comfort and a great night sleep in a room that now looks this comfy, you may want to check the mattress pads guide site for great tips and ideas.

For accessories place a coffee table and chest of drawers that share the same mix of pale good looks – a country classic – and pretty details. A table with a woven shelf and turned legs would look really nice while the chest could have glass inset drawers and rounded brass handles so it would burst with old-style elegance (again, French country decorating style).

Unusual curtains that are made by stitching together lengths of different colored fabrics (Ikea style) will offer a relaxed and pretty country look. Shades of green and white features (like a pretty blue flower-sprig design) add to the effect. Tie the curtains at the top to wooden rings, a pretty detail that also means they would be less complicated to make than tab tops.

For country decor accessories, fresh flowers are a country living room essential and look great in an old jar rather than a vase – reinventing use for vessels is a great way to add to the country decor style!

An Easy Life with a Kids Closet Organizer

26 Nov

To maintain your children’s rooms nice and tidy it is imperative for you to get one of those uncomplicated kids closet organizer. They are amazing, easy to fit and in a matter of seconds you can turn all your kid’s chaos into order.

Children do not really understand about home decoration, the meaning of space and the energy that keeping a house looking beautiful and “homey” actually takes. Sometimes, they find it hard just keeping their rooms tidy! It is no rocket science that things like floor cleaning or clearing up are not much fun. If your kids are really messy and you’ve also decided to have your carpets cleaned, try commercial carpet cleaning for the best results.  There is nothing better than starting afresh when re-organizing or re-decorating rooms.

Chidren might be a bit messy sometimes, but also remember how much they love to have fun all the time.  Organizing their stuff at home is not something they would be looking for but you can take it to your advantage; kids closet organizers or even portable closets can encourage the children to be tidy because it will make the task easy, fun and also it doesn’t take long.

There are a few things you have to take into account when purchasing one. Your child’s height, for example. They will most definitely put the task “on the side” if reaching becomes a problem. How about organizing their clothes so each shelf corresponds to one day of the week? That would make their task a lot easier when they are about to get ready to go to school. Also, there are lots of themes to choose from. Your kids will love it when getting ready!

You could even have a different kid closet organizer for toys. That way they can clear up the room easier, having a storage place for clothes and a different one for their toys – check out this site on storage boxes tips to make the most out of the available space. It is important that you choose an organizer that is functional and not just pure design. You may have to spend a little more money for a specialized one, but the goal really is to make sure the room is kept tidy at all times and going only by the style might not provide you with the adequate one.

Even though a closet organizer for kids comes in all sorts of materials and designs, you want to look for something that will grow with your child if you don’t want to spend money every year on the organizers. A fun and kiddy design will outgrow your child quickly.

Prices start at around $15 to $20, and you can purchase an already made one or a kit that you set up yourself. For your kids closet organization you can find anything from baby clothes closet dividers to shelf hanging organizers, crunch can, days of the week hanging shelf, hampers, pockets over doors, shoe organizers, adjustable doublers, triple storage bins, etc. Types include organizers with different components like cabinet baskets, drawers, hangers, bins and/or shelves. As for materials, they come in wood, plastic, metal, laminate and wire.

Can you think of anything better than the floor of your child’s closet clutter free? The kids closet organizer will do the job nice and easy!

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