Ceramic Kitchen Canisters: Adding Color to your Kitchen

12 Apr

Elegant, timeless, classic, charming, practical and colorful; ceramic kitchen canisters offer the perfect storage solution for your kitchen needs. Adding color to your kitchen is essential if you want to move away from the traditional white functional room: a kitchen should be synonym of fun while we do our cooking, a place to gather for coffee and chats, and so it should look inviting as well as cozy. While home decoration is usually not an easy task, at the time of choosing the right accessories for any room we can allow ourselves to think a bit more laterally; adding the final touches can be a lot of fun as well as inexpensive. Being creative with these accessories is key if you want your kitchen to stand out or make it unique. Functionality is always important, but more than often accessories can also do a fantastic job as decorative items.

Popular Colors

The most popular ceramic kitchen canister colors are usually white, red, black and blue. Depending on your kitchen decor you would choose accordingly; or mix the colors to add some spice. A white kitchen canister set will add elegance as white is the symbol of class and sophistication, and should go well with any style. It is the more traditional color and still the most popular canister set in the market. Villa Verde, by Wilfred Ceramics makes beautiful delicate sets for the sophisticated look, while an Emile Henry’s canister simplicity will look very charming on your worktop. The plain ceramic is just gorgeous and the canisters come with a lid. Black is also synonym of elegance and many people have opted for this color when it comes to their home decor. Oggi supplies black sets with hinged airtight lids and locking clamp closure. Black also mixes well with other colors, and you will be able to find beautiful Italian sets; check out Evitavonni for a classic style that mixes black with a colorful fruit still life. Fiesta also makes a simple but stunning black canister.

Red is symbol of energy and radiance. Fruit shaped red canisters like red apples or strawberries will add that summery feel to your kitchen. Check out Mamma Ro’s shiny small canister or add the Tuscan Red if you’re looking for something a little more glamorous. Cobalt blue is absolutely glorious and will make any corner in the kitchen stand out. Fiesta’s solid blue is full of life or if you’re only after a touch of blue but a clear glass canister, check out the almost unbreakable Cristar set of three.


Spend your money wisely and buy the perfect ceramic kitchen canisters that will go well with your decor and general style. Some pieces are a lot more expensive than others, especially when you buy branded ones. Fiesta, for example, can be a bit on the dearer side while other unknown brands will cost you a third of the price. Think of functionality as well as the decorative aspect of these accessories. Sometimes the more inexpensive ones will add the effect we are looking for so there will be no need to spend more than the necessary amount. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that colorful canisters add a wonderful touch as color is really the spice of life!

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