Achieving Cheap Country Home Decor

2 May

If you think about it, country decor has different implications according to your viewpoint. Cheap country home decor can be achieved but what does country decor mean to you? Does it mean country cottage, Tuscan decor, shabby chic or Rustic?  Each one of them incorporate different colors and the variety of hues and tonal ranges can really make a difference in the general decor.  Lets have a look at each one of them.


Rustic themes would incorporate natural colors and textures such as pottery, wood, leather and wrought iron. Hessian fabrics with natural tones would sit well with the earthy shades of country style. Simply updating the curtain poles to wrought iron and installing a coffee table can change the ambience of a room. Add country style bar stools as part of the design.


For a Tuscan touch stay with the natural textures like stone and wood, metals such as irons and coppers. Colors like terracotta oranges deep reds and browns all work well to achieve this theme. Cheaper laminates can give an Italian Tuscan feel at a fraction of the price of tiles.

Sabby Chic

Shabby Chic is more the distinctly French vintage look, with blues and whites and floral prints coupled with candelabras. French boudoir style furnishings can be achieved by painting old wooden furniture using matt whites and off whites combined with paint effects such as distressed finishes. Try adding creams and whites trimmed with lace. Stripped painted boards work well for flooring with rag rugs to soften. Vases with roses next to rose printed fabrics and voiles at the windows. Day beds can look really effective or a chaise longue could also add to the look.

Country Cottage

A traditional country cottage look could involve floral curtains, antique style rugs and furniture which can be picked up relatively cheaply from auctions or thrift shops to help with the budget.  Paintings hanging on the walls, splashes of flowers and of course open fires complete the look.

As you can see achieving the look is only a matter of spending some time deciding how best to revamp the look of your rooms thus enhancing enormously your home decoration; cheap home decor is not difficult to achieve once you are familiar with the different styles and ready to make a few changes.

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