Cheap Home Decor Items can Dress your Rooms Nicely

2 Jun

For ideas for cheap home decor items without compromising style read on for style ideas. The quickest cleanest way to get a new fresh style is to establish what needs to be changed and what can be incorporated from the old style. If you have pastel shades on your walls a quick wash down with sugar soap and a touch up of the hard wear areas with remnants from the last decorating job, or a tester pot in the same shade will save time money and mess.

A roll or two of wallpaper can give you a feature wall with little effort or cost. Select your wall with care, it could be the chimney breast, or perhaps alcoves you wish to wallpaper. Or perhaps a special paint effect on one wall, or a strong color, but remember you really only need on feature wall or strong color in a room unless it is enormous.

Effectiveness is the Word

By using mirrors you can double the effect of a feature wall, with a fraction of the cost and mess. Another classic idea is to define areas using rugs or accent colors. New seat pads for the dining chairs and a table runner, combine this with matching or coordinating cushions and curtains for the lounge and you can pull a scheme together nicely without costing the earth.

To define and separate try using a room divider, this could be a bead curtain or large plants placed strategically, perhaps on a box or small chest to good effect if there is not budget for a shelving divider like the sort you can find in Ikea for relatively good prices. Don’t forget in the kitchen you can change your kitchen canister sets, or kitchen utensils to get a fresh new look.  In the bathroom simply changing the shower curtain, or adding a new bathroom fixture set can give a really effective fresh new look.


If you have run out of original home decoration ideas, stroll around the thrift stores. The shelves are usually filled with all sort of inexpensive accessories that might give you an idea of what you are looking for; cheap home decor does not have to “show”; you can achieve it easily by combining existing fixtures and accessories with new ones that will cost you next to nothing.

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