Childrens Bedroom Decor: Create That Special Room for Them

30 Jan

Ah! The room of the youngest and dearest people in the house: our children. It is very, very important to think about our childrens bedroom decor as they should feel really comfortable in their own beautiful and safe space. Their rooms should be lively and colorful; imaginative just like they are. Look for coordinated type of fabrics and wallpapers; or find decorative painting techniques to place on the wall. These can be really good allies and at the same time allow for a fun touch! It is also important to think about the furniture. When working on our children bedroom decor we have to also think that they grow fast and so the furniture we place in should also grow with the child. If you can find the right accessories they could be an ideal resource to extend the life of your childs room.

Like any other room in our beloved house, the childrens room requires proper spatial planning, especially if we are talking about small rooms! In these particular cases, certain types of childrens bedroom furniture like fitted wardrobes are a really good choice because they can save a lot of room. Think of practical furniture; nowadays there is a wide range to choose from specifically designed to nurse our childrens rooms. Ikea is a great place to browse for storage items, small furniture and a wide range of colorful accessories.

One very useful option which is always really handy when thinking about practical home decoration is to buy beds that come with closets already incorporated that may even include a desk area. Another possibility you could consider would be beds that turn into a sofa, so during the daytime the room would appear less cluttered. If you decide to go for the latter, make sure you buy very good quality beds; you want the mattress to be the perfect one for your child; not all mattresses are that comfortable or made for every night sleeping. The other good thing about these folding beds is that during the day they allow some space for the children to play in the room.

Childrens bedroom decorating is easy if you put yourself in the mind of the child and think what would you really like. Parents usually make the mistake of decorating their childrens rooms they way “they like it” rather than the way the child would like it. Think about when you were a child; the things you would have wanted in your room like posters, or particular toys displayed on the shelves. Moreover, it is always wise to have an extra bed in case some day your child wants to invite a friend to stay the night. Trundle beds are great and have a widespread appeal because they offer the perfect solution without taking up any extra space.

The usual lack of space often makes childrens bedroom decoration difficult especially when they have to share the room with their siblings. Although the ideal and most convenient solution is that every child has their own single bed, there are other options you might want to consider, for example the bed bunks, which can be perfect when the rooms are small (plus they allow for even more room for storage)

After the age of three or four children begin to have a very clear idea of how their rooms should look like. Ask them about their tastes and preferences and “work with them” in developing the decoration. Choice of colors, textiles, what they find comfortable, what they don’t really like… it will make your life a lot easier in the end! Childrens bedroom decor is about decorating the room as much as listening to what they would be happy with! If in doubt; just remember when you were a child yourself….

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