Color Schemes for Bathrooms: Blue Hues

3 Jun

Look at the color wheel and you will see that blue can give you a crisp and clean impact and also furniture and fittings can be as important as color in setting the scene. A sleek metal cabinet and stainless steel bath paneling can add to the modern color schemes for bathrooms, the clinical and also cutting edge feel. Reflective surfaces also earn their keep if you are wanting to work with color schemes for small bathrooms. Blue on the walls provides just enough color to make the look livable, while splashes of red could energize the scheme.

Cool blues and aquas, reminiscent of sea and sky, are popular choices for bathrooms. It’s easy to see why, as they are real feel good hues. The blue color scheme for bathroom will bring together a number of harmonizing shades; from watery aquas to rich turquoise, to create a look that is enrichingly colorful but also deeply relaxing.

Small amounts of pure white, in the bathroom fittings and on the skirting board, provide a clean contrast for the floor to ceiling color.

Adding Contrast

Contast is the name of the game if you want to jazz up your restroom. A bright and breezy bathroom will take deep pinks and sparkling whites, which will stand out against the sea of cool blue. For inspiring schemes, try painting different wall panels so they can act like stripes, leading the eye upwards and adding to the height of the room. They also draw together fittings like the basin, any shelves, or a free standing bathroom mirror if the room happens to be a spacious one, making the accessories and vanities stand out and really eye catching.

Repeat the deep pink in other areas of your bathroom like a window frame. Bathroom color schemes like deep Mediterranean blue mixed with aqua and pink work really well in almost any bathroom decor style, creating an electrifying contrast

that comes from accents you could add of bright pink. Look for inspiration in the smaller things, like the color of your plastic bath toy, for example. The yellow of a rubber duck is glorious and easy to mix with many different types of color designs. Paint your floorboards white to provide a light base for these types of strong colors; the clean white of the bath and simple sheer curtains will freshen up the look instantly. A nice color scheme for bathroom is to also play with different hues of the same color.

Colors play an important part to any home decoration, whether you decide to revamp the walls or just add that accessory that brings to life any dark corner in the room.

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