Country Decor at Home

3 Dec

If you are thinking of adding a new look to your home decoration I would recommend you opt for country decor as it is easy to achieve with a few touches here and there on what you’ve already got. If you are starting from scratch, it is very easy to implement it and still not have to spend a lot of money as many accessories can be obtained from second hand shops and bargain stores. Here we will have a look at the feel country home decor can give to the different elements of the house (floors, walls and furniture).

For French country decor style shades of cream with ornate furniture will add sophistication and a serene and peaceful look. For an air of elegance, beautiful accessories, fixtures and timeless furniture like dressing tables become extremely important when it comes to adding decorative touches. Think “dream in cream”- from the walls to the furnitures to the flowers in a jug. A mix of finishes would add variety as well. Use carved wooden cupboards and a slightly distressed table to break up the color and give the eye something to settle on. A touch of fade gilt on a picture frame and burnished silver on the decorative wood carving would add depth, while books and logs can bring dashes of darker color.

Fine tune your country decor style with a corner sofa that is simple and discreet enough to allow other decorative pieces to show off. A Lloyd Loom chair or the right type of interior plantation shutters would bring some texture in while ornate cupboards would look really elegant. Country decorating is all about fixtures, elements and accessories; a low table would be such a practical addition to achieve the look. Get wall clocks that would match the style and a simple fireplace with plain surroundings would become a plain canvas for a dramatic display. Old picture frames would really add to the style, you don’t even need a picture inside as the frame on its own is beautiful enough. An unusual carving perhaps once part of a larger piece of furniture would be stunning and add to the country decor, as well as logs piled high inside the fireplace.

Accessories should stick strongly to the cream scheme, but one or two metallic pieces can be added to pick up the light. Using metallic pieces is a good way to wave variety into a mono-color room. They won’t jar like colored pieces but they do break up the one-shade monotony.

Country decorations are all about style and simplicity. For example, try fresh blue and mauve to join forces together with lashing of white to create a pretty country look that’s inspired by nature. When it comes to color look no further than the natural elements for tones that make your heart sing and instantly refresh any room. Fresh blue on the walls combines well with mauve duvet covers and white cushions; place in the room a pretty armchair covered in a large gingham check fabric in blue and white. Combine these elements with a pale, neutral carpet, white furniture and curtains with leafy motifs and you’ll end up with a breezy, country decor feel-good bedroom. For the ultimate comfort and a great night sleep in a room that now looks this comfy, you may want to check the mattress pads guide site for great tips and ideas.

For accessories place a coffee table and chest of drawers that share the same mix of pale good looks – a country classic – and pretty details. A table with a woven shelf and turned legs would look really nice while the chest could have glass inset drawers and rounded brass handles so it would burst with old-style elegance (again, French country decorating style).

Unusual curtains that are made by stitching together lengths of different colored fabrics (Ikea style) will offer a relaxed and pretty country look. Shades of green and white features (like a pretty blue flower-sprig design) add to the effect. Tie the curtains at the top to wooden rings, a pretty detail that also means they would be less complicated to make than tab tops.

For country decor accessories, fresh flowers are a country living room essential and look great in an old jar rather than a vase – reinventing use for vessels is a great way to add to the country decor style!

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