Crystal Decor: Harmony at Home

13 Jan

In addition to other types of decorative elements for your home, crystal decor will most definitely add harmony as well as a positive energy if you know what crystals to place and their properties.

Some people like to mix the idea of feng shui with crystal decorations as they are quite an original and innovative way to decorate your home. Mankind has been using stones and crystals for millions of years to turn them into jewelry, ornaments, talismans or even for medicinal purposes. They have always been associated with the spiritual or the esoteric: priests, warriors and kings used them for their “magical” healing properties. Crystals are stones that have a high power of vibration, according to some, and therefore can be used to work energetically to help enhance the harmony between the body and the mind.

Crystal Decoration

In addition to their curative values, they can also be used to add harmony to our homes when placed in different places according to their patterns, shapes, colors and type of stone. If feng shui home decorating is something that does not fall into what your budget permits, then opt for crystals decorations instead to achieve a very similar look and feel.

Black tourmaline will add a clean energy to your home. It should be placed where it “feels” needed; in spots where families argue or there have been fights in the past. It is also advisable to place behind the front door; this stone will always clear up negative or dense type of energies.

Hematite will help with the stability, strength and roots of the home. It will keep the house connected to the land. Its ideal location would be on each corner of the perimeters of the house.

The transparency of Quartz and Amethyst will also clear out any negativity or dense energy in your house. You can place them anywhere and they will look absolutely beautiful as ornaments: on a table or desk, on the shelves or cabinets, enhancing any black mirrored furniture, adding style to your window sills, near colorful curtains or wood blinds or just on your side table in the bedroom or by the main door. Wherever you place them, they will glaze wonderfully.

It is important to understand that crystal decorating is about where you place these precious stones rather than just placing them where you think they will look beautiful. Shape, color and effect has to be taken into consideration to make the most out of them at home. Place the beautiful amethyst stone on your desk at the home office as it will help you concentrate better.

Try the fashionable crystal pyramids. They come in all sorts of colors and are made with different types of crystals. Place a rosaen quartz pyramid where the family gathers every evening to help balance emotions.

If you prefer to add to your home decoration with larger objects, the size of crystals will be important; stones that are the size of a hand, for example, are suppose to keep harmony at all times. Group together smaller sized stones for a lovely crystal decor effect.

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