Decorative Mirrors: A General View

13 Dec

One of the right elements for decoration that you can use to really stylize your home are decorative mirrors. Throughout history mirrors have been part of people’s lives, first used a toilet accessory and later as pieces of furniture that earned their own right throughout living rooms, wardrobes, halls and even kitchens.

A decorative mirror will add a “touch of class” to any wall, next to most accessories like a wall clock and almost any type of home decor and design. They can be very elegant and artistic, it’s all about the frame that contains them. Striking examples would be the baroque style or hand made metal frames. Perhaps the most obvious decorative feature about mirrors is that they add a sense of spaciousness to any room due to the reflection created on the other walls. Couple that with other triggers like light and color, play with the “settings”, and you will have the perfect decorative wall mirror on display.

Any room that is decorated with mirrors will instantly gain in personality and style as well as adding an element of sophistication. The beauty about mirrors is that they can be used to add to your home decoration in almost room in the house. Even in the attic a well placed mirror will offer an interesting look. It will depend on your imagination and artistic sense to achieve the type of decor you are looking for; and mirrors can definitely help if chosen with care. They are key when it comes to decorative accessories because they can offer a fantastic sense of continuity, breadth and depth of space. It will give your rooms a distinctive style and at the same time provide a different perspective – because of the objects that they reflect.

Decorative wall mirrors come in different shapes, styles and sizes as well as having a variety of frames. Find the one that suits your taste and that will strengthen the style of the room and also add practicality. Try to locate them in places where they will not break easily or pose a danger to people who are nearby, especially children.

Mirror Decor – A few guidelines

If the room in which you are adding decorative mirrors is small, place them only in the one wall and your space will be doubled. Try to avoid mirrors with frames.

An attractive way to hang a mirror is with a slight inclination at the top so that the reflection of the objects offer an interesting perspective.

If you place a decorative mirror opposite a wall that has not been decorated it will give out a cold and empty feeling.

Wet your finger to create a mark on the wall rather than using pens or any other type of ink that will permanently stain the paint.

Sometimes bits of paint come off the wall when hammering nails. Stick cello tape to it in the shape of a cross and place the nail or hook in the center to avoid damaging the wall.

Don’t place any mirrors where the sun can hit any part of it at any given time of the day. Also be careful to not hang any mirror so it reflects parts of the room we don’t want to enhance.

The beauty about decorative mirrors is that they fit any style or type of decor you are want to achieve for almost any room.

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