Meaning of the Feng Shui Bagua

17 Nov

You might have heard of the term Feng Shui Bagua, which is the name given to the famous feng shui color chart and it goes back thousands of years ago. It has recently begun to appear in people’s home decor as a most attractive decorative item in any rooms. You might have come across the bagua thinking of using it at home to bring some color to a corner, maybe hanging the chart down a wall or door frame. But it is important to know a bit about its history and meaning.

After years of study, the wise Chinese discovered that the “chi” was associated with numerical models and consequently the patterns of nature could be interpreted through these (by studying the Yin and Yang, the five elements and the trigrams).

Based on Chinese numerology, many theories developed using provisions of the numbers according to the guidelines, position, natural formations and people All theories of classical Feng are based on these formulas. Now, lets have a look at the feng shui bagua map – or feng shui pakua.

The octagonal shape of the bagua or pakua is most used on wood and adorned with the eight trigrams with the yin and yang symbol in the center. They are usually painted with red color, which is the symbol of happiness – or yellow, which is the symbol of nobility, power and stability. Feng shui bagua is considered an excellent protector, capable of deflecting conflict and bad influences, and many Chinese place it outside the house (on the main entrance) to repel any “nasty thing” that could come from outside. It is used when the outside is considered to be “very aggressive” (satellite dishes pointing at the house, busy streets, etc) and is placed discreetly facing it towards the source of negative energy that we need to deflect.

Feng shui baguas can be placed in two different ways – thus following the sequence of the “previous” sky or “subsequent” heaven. Both placements are expected to achieve different effects regarding these two sequences.

The sequence of the sky above represents the idea of the universe, and the power comes from the harmony of its symbols. This bagua is placed above the main door looking out; the trigram “chien” (which symbolizes the father) placed at the top, when our intention is to have protection from the outside. He is said to help balance and harmonize the energies of the home or workplace, and even protects against adverse situations within people living in the house. It can also be placed over the front door with the trigrams looking inside the house, to nurture and transform the energies within the house.

You can also place the feng shui bagua over the front door; the trigrams facing inside the house. The trigram “kun” (representing the mother) at the top, to nurture and transform the energies within the house.

The “subsequent” heaven sequence consists of a certain ordering of the trigrams, which emerged later to reflect the manifestation of the creative force of nature. It is considered to have a more practical application (earthly type of affairs). It is used to counteract evil spectrus with the trigram “li” located at the top and placed over exterior windows in a an attempt to protect from conflicting neighbors or “aggressiveness” within the house.

Feng Shui Bagua Mirror

Feng shui bagua mirror also uses the figure of Pakua with a small mirror in the center, called the bagua. Some consider the octagonal bagua mirror as one of the most powerful protectors available when a house is affected by the negative chi, helping to balance and harmonize the energies of the house or workplace, and also protecting against adverse situations in general.

The Bagua Crystal

These are crystals carved in the shape of the octagon pakua. It is to be considered an excellent protection for inside and outside the home. The bagua crystal also looks very beautiful when display inside the house.

The bagua symbol adds significantly to both your home decor and the meaning of that decor. Weather you utilize Chinese feng shui symbology to beutify certain spots at home, to compliment the color of your blinds, or couch covers or just because they have a special meaning to you, the fact is that symbols like the feng shui bagua add a certain style and look in any of your rooms. Try to use other decorative elements to compliment these symbols in order to achieve 1) maximum effect within your home decoration and 2) peace within the house.

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