Feng Shui Home Decorating

17 Nov

You might be thinking of adding a new style to your rooms; feng shui home decorating can be achieved easily but it is important to understand the meaning of Feng shui (which is based in the famous Chinese philosophy and emphasizes the importance of harmony within the home and ourselves) – as seen in the bagua post. The most common knowledge people have of feng shui when it comes to their home decor, is that the position of furniture such as beds and wardrobes play an important role if we want to achieve that harmony in the rooms and our home in general.

If you are unsure on how to decorate your home basing it on feng shui principals and you really need this particular style to dominate the decor, you should consult a professional in the matter as they will be able to advise you on how the whole philosophy could work in your house in particular.

Some people use the term “feng shui” as a verb when it comes to decoration; like “feng shui-ing your bedroom, or feng shui-ing your style”. It is interesting to see how the philosophy when it comes to decoration has taken the western world by storm; many people believing it does help when it comes to harmony and inner-peace.

If you wanted to “try out” the philosophy at home, I would advise that you start with your bedroom, as it is the place where you spend the most time in. Sleeping is important for us to be able to perform the day after, and feng shui is believed to help enormously in that matter. To start, you need to know about the five elements that dominate feng shui home decoration: would, earth, metal, water and fire. Each one of them has strong colors that represent them: green and brown for wood. Blue and black for water. Yellow and light brown for earth. White and gray for metal, and finally red, orange purple and strong pink for fire.

These five elements can be used not only with the way you apply color to your house, but also as a guide for choosing certain shapes. Wood is related to rectangular shapes, earth would be square, water wavy, metal is round and finally fire is triangular.

Also, some people might have difficulties determining which property of the elements comes first (color, shape or material). For example, one of your tables is made of metal, green color and the shape is triangular. Which one should you consider first? So, according to our feng shui home decor chart, you would go for the color first, then the shape and finally the material of which it is made (green, triangular, metal).

Feng shui teachings are not a panacea, but they so help a great deal when it comes to us achieving harmony. The knowledge we get with it widens our horizons and it also shows us a different way of seeing and understanding life. Internalization is a powerful tool that allows us to improve our quality of life.

Buy your furniture and “customize your home” the feng-shui style only if you feel it is right for you, but in general it should make you feel more energetic and give you peace and inner calm. Nobody knows your home better than yourself, use your common sense to connect with your internal thoughts and you will know what enhances the energy at home, what provides you with harmony and protection.

As you can see, Feng shui is fascinating as both a way of life and using that way of life to decorate your home. There are many books that will offer you feng shui home decorating tips that can help you decide what to buy, where to arrange your furniture, etc. My personal tip is: hire a professional for a serious make-over if you can afford it. It might be about time your house had more of a feng shui home decor style, look and feel!

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