Decorate Your Bathroom with a Free Standing Bathroom Mirror

15 Dec

If you have been thinking of decorating your bathroom with a free standing bathroom mirror you will be able to choose amongst three different styles: articulated mirrors that usually attach to the wall (next to the sink); small mirrors that have been designed for close-ups (for shaving and plucking) and large free standing mirrors (full length) which will take a lot more room in your bathroom but will add a lovely touch to your home decoration so they are the ones to opt for is your priority is style over practicality. Also, with these types of mirrors you can always check out the full length of your body before getting ready in your dressing room or bedroom. The downside is that steam will get on the way if you have just taken a shower or a bath.

You can find frames in all sorts of materials for the larger mirrors (from bamboo frames to wood, plastic and metal) and also a great variety of colors. The smaller mirrors (articulated and the ones designed for close ups) will usually come in metal frames or plastic, and the colors vary but the majority come in silver and white. They are extremely practical for the bathroom but the one to go for is the larger free standing mirror as it will look stunning placed anywhere in the room and also will add a fantastic touch of sophistication. Accessories are of extreme importance in general as they are really what “make” the rooms what they are. Check out Your House, Your Home for great home accessories as well as fantastic tips and advice.

The bathroom is by far one of the rooms we most frequently visit. It is also the room visitors will need to go to and thus it really needs to be taken care of not only in terms of cleanliness but also style and personality. There is no more gratification for your guests than to visit the bathroom and find that they can look at themselves in a full length free standing bathroom mirror; these types of mirrors are fantastic to pump up anyone’s vanity! No doubt the smaller free standing versions will be necessary for cosmetic touch-ups; have both mirrors in your bathroom or choose from many beautiful bathroom mirror cabinets for the perfect combination in terms of practicability.

Selecting a specific model might not be the easiest if you have a very precise idea of what type of decor and style your are looking for. The trend dictates that bathroom must play with decorative lines and at the same time be harmonious, simple, elegant yet practical. You will find a huge array of different styles when it comes to choosing your mirrors. Remember to comply with the color schemes you have dictated with the rest of the accessories to coordinate appropriately with the rest of the decor. Also you need to check walls if you are attaching the articulated mirrors to them for space and feasibility.

What are you waiting for? Find the perfect free standing bathroom mirror that will add and compliment to your decor and at the same time help your personal hygiene!

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