Girls Bedroom – Going Beyond the Basics

19 Aug

Are you looking for ideas on how to decorate the girls bedroom? Well, for every child, the bedroom serves both as a haven and a place for creativity. Because the bedroom is more than a place for sleeping, it is important that the childrens bedroom decor can also get their creative juices flowing. The best combination of bedroom design ideas would be the placement of items which balance both relaxation and stimulation and which cater to the children’s interests. Decorating the baby bedroom, the girls bedroom, or the tween bedroom are great chances for parents to feature their artistry and thoughtfulness.

The Baby Nursery

In general, baby nursery decor should be soothing. This is because the infant spends most of his time sleeping. The basics of a nursery include a crib, a table, a chair and a dresser. However, enhancing the child and the mother’s comfort is also a top priority. The nursery could be made more comfortable by adding an easy chair and a footstool for the mother. If the parents plan to spend long periods within the nursery, a daybed could be added. Toys should be appropriate to the infant’s age.

The Girls Bedroom

The girls bedroom is a feminine sanctuary which can feature the girls’ preferences and quirks. However, one should not be limited to the traditional motifs on how to decorate girls bedrooms. Most girls bedroom decorating ideas revolve around making the room as girly as possible. With so many resources in and out of the internet, a dream girl’s bedroom is just a click or a drive away.

Among the essentials of a girly bedroom is the girls bedroom set. Bedroom sets can consist of loft beds or bunk beds. The girls bedding should be soft enough for comfortable sleep but should be strong enough to endure playing and jumping over the bed. Bed coverings include bedspreads, coverlets and comforters. With cold weather, the children might prefer comforters because these are usually heavily quilted and are able to provide more warmth.

Other girls bedroom furniture include decorative mirrors. Whether the occupant is a little girl or an adolescent, mirrors will not be wasted because all girls are fond of checking their appearance. Other decorative additions include soft flowery fabrics for curtains and pastel colors and etchings for the walls. If the girls are interested in the ocean or in astronomy, the room could be patterned on these themes, respectively.

The Tween Girls Bedroom

Between 9 to 12 years, girls become “tweens”. During this period, they want to be independent and they want their bedrooms to be expressions of their personality. They might even want to revamp their entire bedrooms and shift their previous Barbie-themed decorations to punk-themed ones. When having a bedroom make-over for a teen, it is best to have a consultation between the daughter and the parents. Combining both practicality and the girl’s personal preference is a good way of approaching the tween girls bedroom. It is also good for the parents to allow the tween girl to do the decorating herself. This way, she learns how to become responsible and when to ask for help.

Where to Find Girls Bedroom Ideas

Excellent furniture and designs are offered by Pottery Barn, Ikea, Hgtv, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Overstock. These places do not just offer the best deals for decorating different kinds of bedroom interior; they also provide access to different kinds of home decoration. For a homemaker who wants to surprise and please the children or all of the house’s occupants, these are the best places to explore.

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