Glass Kitchen Canisters – Sparking up your Kitchen Corners

30 May

A quick easy and cost effective way to bring some life back into your kitchen is the addition ofgla glass kitchen canisters. You do not have to have a brand new fully fitted kitchen to get a designer look in your home. Neither do you have to spend a lot of money when it comes to certain kitchen accessories. What people look for mainly is that individuality that makes the kitchen yours. Sometimes, it is the little things that make all the difference. Canisters are always a great addition in terms of functionality and as decorative items. If you are considering glass canisters, for kitchen effect and practicality, don’t just look at standard clear glass kitchen canister sets, but rather go for originality. It is the simple ideas that usually go a long way!

So, if you intend to use clear glass there are many shapes you can draw on, square glass is effective when used along side oval or round glass. Do not think that uniformity is necessarily the way to go when it comes to either traditional or more contemporary glass kitchen canister sets. Look at retro glass to get ideas and if your kitchen could really do with a full revamp; a lick of paint and the addition of a retro kitchen canister set can help set the style so it pulls the look together giving an intended retro look without breaking the bank.

The beauty of the glass kitchen canister set is that with a little thought the mixing and matching of various sizes shapes and colors can add to fantastic results; rather than detract from both the style and functionality of your canisters. Cobalt blue, green or red glass all look sophisticated while still adding the clean and sparking look. Pick the colors so they match with the rest of your kitchen decor. Decorating with clear canisters is easy and can be achieved in no time. Keep in mind that clear bubble is young looking and adds a touch of fun, while the fleur de lis canister together with the Art Italica – which mixes the baroque style and clear glass – are great for the sophisticated or grand kitchens.

Herbs and spices sit nicely displayed in small glass kitchen canisters, but if you use differing styles for herbs there is less chance of them being placed amongst the spices. This can be a practical help if you tend to be a bit hit and miss in the kitchen or the children are not terribly good at putting things back in the correct place. If you are using clear glass kitchen canisters to display different levels of pasta, rice, spices, etc, make sure they are not anywhere near where children can reach. These tend to look “pretty” and enticing especially for the little ones; we don’t want to risk the children near decorative items that can also be quite dangerous.

Tip: another benefit is glass has an easy to clean surface, a quick wipe with a soapy sponge and all the sticky fingerprints that get left behind in a busy kitchen are soon gone. You may also want to check ceramic kitchen canisters and the Fiesta kitchen canister sets.

Whether blue, green, red or clear, glass will always add a touch of class and sophistication to the look of your kitchen thus adding to your home decoration with its distinctive touch. It is modern, clean and will illuminate and spark up any corner in the room.

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