Eero Aarnio Hanging Bubble Chairs for Rooms: Sophisticated and Chic!

18 Mar

The bubble chair adds grand style to any bedroom. Sophisticated, chic and unique, hanging bubble chairs for rooms are one of the most popular bedroom chairs nowadays. Eero Aarnio is probably the best well known “brand”, the man behind the name was a Finnish interior designer (and furniture designer) well known for his spectacular chairs in fiberglass and plastic. He created the famous Bubble Chair after his popular Ball Chair, designs that became incredibly well known through films amongst other places during the 60s, and are as popular nowadays if not more.

It’s not easy to find really cheap bubble chairs and the cheapest we’ve seen on sale on the net is still above $500+ (from well over $3000!). Amazon offers a great variety of hanging chairs for bedrooms, and the prices are quite unbeatable. Whether you want the chair to enhance the look of your girls bedroom, or just to upbeat the look of a bedroom you’ve grown tired to look at, hanging bubble chairs for rooms are perfect if you have that little bit of extra cash to spend in your home decoration. Have a look at the offers we suggest at

The popular hanging bubble chair by Eero Aarnio in silver:

A timeless classic. These home decorations are not cheap and come at a cost, but they are definitely worth the look and glamour they add to any room at home. Made with acrylic material, the bubble has been grown to the right size with added cushions for comfort and style.


The bubble chair in black:

In red :

A different option in blue (not an Aarnio) from Evinco Design:

Not as well known, but still chic and glamorous, the shell color is perfect to match any blue home decor or to just add an accent to your room.


Finally, the stand if you haven’t got the right fitting for the chair to hang:

Whether you’re looking into enhancing your minimalist interior design at home, or just add a feature that can be seen in many music videos and films, Eero Aarnio hanging buble chairs for rooms are the timeless classic that will set you apart from the rest.


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