Grand Home Decor: Fabric is Perfect to Dress Your House

11 Jan

So you’re thinking: I want to change my home decor. Fabric: is it a good enough option for a big change? The color, texture and prints of fabrics will most definitely add a particular style to your rooms in general. Think of all the different materials available when we think of home decorating: fabric can provide them. Silk, cotton or linen are ideal if you want to add freshness while chenille and velvet are fantastic to add warmth to your rooms.

Once you chose the color range, the big questions is: where do you start? Although many people do differ when it comes to decorating your home with fabrics, it is always advisable to begin with the biggest piece you need to upholster in each and every room. This will be most definitely the sofa in the living room, the headboard in the bedroom and the curtains in the dining room. This way, it will be easier to coordinate the rest of the room.

To achieve continuity and avoid clashes from one room to the next, we should have a good idea of the global look, feel and style we want to add to our homes. A good start would be by using the same material or type of print throughout. On the other hand, one must bear in mind that the fabrics are great if we want to hide flaws in our rooms or enhance particular areas. So, before deciding on the final look it would be convenient to study the different characteristics of the space we want to dress: dimensions, orientation, size and shape of the windows or ceilings amongst other features. An airy, ample space will look a lot more comfortable if we dress the house windows with thick curtains. But in contrast, small rooms will look a lot better with materials like silk, linen or organza.


Remember what the professionals do: a pinup board that helps you with the overall look and feel. Collect all sort of samples from all sort of fabrics that will be part of your room – sofas, chairs, curtains, carpets (check out cheap carpet cleaning) or even lampshades -, with the intention of creating a fantastic overview of the whole style and see how they look next to each other. Start discarding the ones you like the least. Staple on the board the remaining ones; the ones you definitely want to display in your rooms. After choosing the fabrics or materials, check how they behave with both artificial and natural light, and, finally, take the board with you when you set off to buy your new furniture so you can check how the finishes combine together.

To create amazing grand home decoration, fabric is most definitely a way to go and also something you should consider before buying your furniture, selecting accessories or even dressing your walls.

Home decor: fabric to dress your house

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