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11 Jan

When thinking of your grand home decor, fabric patterns, styles, look, feel and material should be considered by your personal taste rather than the effect each and everyone of them will provide to your rooms. The reason why I think this way is because at the end of the day it is all good if silk makes your rooms nice, fresh and airy but what good is it if you are not keen on the fabric, the texture or its particular shine. You will live in your home and you should determine which fabric will be best for you to share it with, and, once you have made up your mind, you can determine other aspects like colors and where to place the fabric. Think of it like dressing up: you might prefer skirts to trousers or blouses to tops whether they are appropriate for the occasion or not: the important thing for the everyday wear is to be as comfortable as possible. You can then be flexible about colors, makeup and general accessories.

Prints, Patterns or Plain

Whether you choose to have patterned or printed fabric is also up to your personal taste although there are some things that you need to take into consideration. Colorful prints add great visual style but you should really place them in larger rooms where there are no patterns or prints that might clash or take over, rooms with soft and light colors. You just don’t want to overcrowd the area. Also it is a good idea that you use these types of printed patterns to upholster your biggest pieces of furniture like sofas or armchairs. If you want to upholster a chair or stool, go for more classic styles like stripes or smaller patterns, and if budget is a problem you can always opt for the practical ottoman slipcover. At the end of the day you want to make sure you do see the grand design. Don’t worry about plain fabrics looking dull or bland as sometimes it is better to avoid the possibility of a fatal clash. In case you wanted to mix and match, it is advisable to go for a combination of different textures like silk, thread, leather and velvet.

The right combination can provide fantastic dynamism to your chosen room, but try not to abuse the look using too many different styles. If you don’t want to abuse your home decorating fabric style, you will find that most shops will sell four or five different types of printed fabrics (wide and thin stripes, flowers, natural motifs) that go well together because they share the same color.

Home Decorating Fabrics: Which Ones?

Besides being beautiful and adding to your home decor, fabrics must be functional and adapt to all sort of different uses. For example, not all fabrics are suitable for upholstery but it is also obvious you do not need the same type of fabric to upholster the sofa in a house where there are children running around than the one for the fabulous decorative chair or stool displayed in your bedroom. So as you can see it is really a matter of value, and above all, always check the labels for care and maintenance before selecting your fabric.

Synthetic and Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics are very nice and offer superior durability. Among the most used at home is cotton, its essential virtue its resilience and the nice and fresh feel. Plus its great power of absorption. Another natural fabric is wool, its quality would be warmth. It is durable, elastic, flexible and has a lovely feel. Linen (from a plant) is fresh and very pleasant to the touch. It is widely used for making curtains but its main problem being the creases. Silk has a great shine and is strong and elastic at the same time. The fabric is also very sensitive to the light which it causes it to age rather quickly. Angora, cashmere and mohair are other types of natural fabrics.

When thinking about home decorating, fabrics that are manmade or synthetic also have great benefits as they are very resistant to stains, creases and everyday wear and tear. The most popular are the polyamides (derived from petroleum) which have the property of not shrinking or creasing (i.e. nylon and polyester). Acrylic is a synthetic fabric that sometimes is mixed with wool or cotton. It is light and provides excellent insulation but it is less resistant than the previous ones and tends to generate static electricity.

All in all, almost any fabric for home decor is capable of transmitting many different sensations because of its texture, patterns or/and colors. If you are unsure about how to come about your home decoration if you are re-decorating – and don’t want to go through the painful process of painting walls and buying furniture to change the whole home decor – fabric will definitely be one of the best choices to go for.

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