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19 Jan


Your home is your sacred spot so no wonder you are looking for some home decorating pictures and ideas that will really make your home a special place for you. After a long hard day at work or taking care of the children, you need to have a time to relax and by decorating your house to suit your needs, you will often find yourself in a state of bliss. Have a look at these fabulous pics and get your own ideas flowing!

living room - purple and blue

Photos by ooh_food

home decorating ideas - vibrant minimalism home decorating ideas 2 - red and white
Photos by: by DNA Art Online

Your home decoration should reflect you and should have a sense of unique style. Maybe you just love art work and different types of paintings? Then you can make a theme through out your home with your favorite artist. Walls in your home need to look alive and this will brighten up the whole room as well, so give your walls some love by putting up pictures or art work. Also, the right color schemes play an important part. Check the next pics to get ideas of what could work in your home:

home decorating ideas 3 - black and white color scheme mixed color scheme
Photo by :: ADELINE :: www.adessentials.sg Photo by Tapisserie Decoration

living room dark scheme

Photo by ooh_food

Maybe your home is a bit more modern and you are going for the modern look and feel? Maybe some modern kitchen cabinets are in order. Match your cabinets to your table and create a whole new look in your kitchen. If you are going with the modern look you will want to choose the darker colors such as black cabinets with cherry wood trim perhaps? Something along those lines as black is the one color that all modern designs tend to have.

home decorating ideas 3 - elegant kitchen decor modern kitchen decor
Photos by kobiz7

kitchen decor

Photos by ooh_food

When it comes to being peaceful there is no doubt about it that the bedroom designs need to be done so in a way that the seem to just wipe away all the stress. Before going to sleep you will need to feel nice and relaxed and one way to do this is have a nice cool and earthy toned room that just screams serenity. By adding some nice bedroom chairs you can make your bedroom into a tranquil little place. After all, how can you fall asleep if your environment is not soft and subtle…

bedroom decor - lime green

bedroom decor - miniamlistic design

wall bedroom decor

Photos by ooh_food

Bathroom designs are often another big topic when it comes to discussing how to decorate and transform one’s home. Depending on the size of your bathroom will of course depend on how much free range you have to work with. Take into consideration the size and what type of message you would like to send when you are decorating your bathroom. For lovers of the seashell bathroom decor style, check out the uniqueness of the layout in the relevant pic:

bathroom decor 1

seashell bathroom decor

Photos by ooh_food

These home decorating pictures and ideas are to help you decide what you want to do with your home, so enjoy them and let your creativity be seen.

Photo Credit: *janine*

Home Decorating Ideas

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