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29 Oct

Nowadays, many people have turned into different software programs to help them decorate their homes. Home decorating software has proven to be very popular in the past, especially at the turning of the century. More and more interior decorating programs saw their debut on tv, and many proud owners decided to follow some of the ideas presented in these new and exciting programs.

Interior decorating software is very helpful when choosing colors for your rooms. At the click of a mouse the software arranges the different colors you want to display at home and the results are immediate. All you have to do is key-in the right dimensions and start “playing around” with all the options that are available. It is a lot of fun to design and re-design your room until you are satisfied with the results. The downside is that you get to see so many choices that it might end up confusing you as some people are better off exploring only a few ideas!

You should choose your home designer software according to your computer skills. Some people might find it even more difficult to learn how to use the program and find themselves sketching things back onto a piece of paper again. Another thing you should take into account is the fact that when printing your work the printer will not splash out the same tonal range as you see through the screen. This is due to calibration of the monitor and when things like this start to happen you realize that the whole thing might take longer than expected. And then there is the opposite, when you’ve made a decision according to the look the software presented you with and your colors start to miss-match, again, because of the monitor color resolution. You really need to think about these things before venturing into relying solely on the home decorating software.

There are quite a few different home designer software available in the market while some of them are free, and if you are really thinking about having a complete makeover, your best bet would be to hire home remodeling contractors to do the job.

Plan 3D is a great tool. As the name implies, it shows you the result in 3D which is great to get a more realistic view of what the rooms will end up looking like. You can move things around and even have a “walk through”. It can remodel every aspect of your home, from your garden or backyard to just the roof or basement or your entire house if you wanted to.

Another popular home designer software is Home Decor Browser. It is free (Windows platform) and is less than 2Mb is you wanted to download it to your computer at home.

At the end of the scale you have the infamous AutoCad, but it is an extremely complex piece of software to learn. And it doesn’t come cheap!

If computer skills are not your forte, you should have a look at other types of kits that might help you designing your rooms. The Home Quick Planner comes with literally hundreds of precut stickers of furniture and other fixtures. Other similar kits include E-Z DECORATOR™ Design which you can purchase at different prices depending on your chosen kit combination.

If you have never experimented with this type of software to revamp your home decoration or just start from scratch on a new home, it might be wise to try out the free versions or demos first and see how you well you manage re-decorating your home in front of a screen monitor.

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