House Lighting Is an Art of Combining Elements and Playing with Light

3 Feb

House Lighting 1

House lighting plays an important part in home decoration and can highlight your good taste while making the difference between a cosy and inviting house and one that lack style. You should bear in mind that three basic types of lighting exist; namely, general, task and accent lighting while living room lighting cannot resemble and function it way exterior lighting do.

Combine Adequate Elements

House Lighting 2

photo by This Year’s Love

Just like everything in your loved house, light decoration should reflect the overall state of mind of its owners and habitants. You can combine chandeliers and pendants but a trivial wall sconce will not look good in front of a pretentious pendant.

Living room lighting, for instance, could combine all the three types of lighting while light decoration in your bathroom should serve the specific needs of this room. You can transform a cheap home decor into a cosy and expensive-looking place by using appropriate accent lighting which allows you to play with lights and shadows in the room.

Exterior Lighting Lends Charm to Gardens

House Lighting 3

photo by Dr DAD

Installing proper exterior lighting is also important element in the work of professional and self-taught house designers. Light decoration can lend charm to a cottage or adjacent garden and create fiery atmosphere without requiring huge investment. You should distinguish between exterior and interior lighting but be aware that house lighting integrates all details of a well-designed lighting scheme.

A discreet outdoor lighting scheme will give you unparalleled atmosphere for romantic garden parties while blinding light is more suitable for large indoor spaces decorated with mirrors. For that reason ball rooms are designed to secure powerful sources of light and lighting is often seemingly extravagant.

Playing with Lights and Shadows

House Lighting 4

photo by Michael_Spencer

Architects discovered long ago that playing with lights and shadows is able to inspire various moods in home-owners. A carefully designed inner space, combining home decoration and lighting in a certain way, can make you feel sad or raise the morale of people who dwell at the place. You can create a similar effect by carefully utilizing mirrors which can direct shafts of light and make small places to look more spacious.

House lighting is not only a business but an art of selecting and combining elements that add more space and cosiness, a combination not easy to achieve. Materials are also important and you should avoid combining wooden and plastic elements of lighting, while details made of wood and metal usually look as a natural combination.

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