How to Design a Bathroom

7 Dec

Many people struggle with the idea of how to design a bathroom, but with some simple decorating ideas you can most definitely remodel your bathroom decoration whether large or small. Also, if you take your time and not stress about it, it will be a lot of fun! Think of it as changing your home decoration style, rather than heavy duty work. The mental approach is the key, as with many other things in life.

Visit large department stores like Ikea; their design ideas will definitely trigger off your imagination. As most bathrooms are quite small you have the advantage of being able to paint the walls yourself without having to use the services of professionals which in the end will be hurting your budget. Before you set to do this task, make sure you do a bit of house cleaning and decluttering around major areas and inside the bathroom, and also clean the walls thoroughly and wait for them to dry before you start.

Always try to choose a light type of color for your bathroom walls: you want to make sure you add luminosity through your choice of tones and shades (which is particularly important if your bathroom does not have any windows!). If you like white but you want to experiment with other colors, paint at least one of the walls in white or cream or another option would be to paint half the wall with the desired color and the other half with white. Another idea would be to paint them white and then glue and adhesive strip or a row of tiles (make sure they are all lined up at the same height in all of the walls), or just paint a 15cm line with a strong color to “give more life” to the walls (again, line them up so the height is the same in all walls). This will allow you to have contrasting colors that will also be very useful when choosing your accessories.

When thinking of accessories to match the contrasting colors floor mats, soap dishes, shower curtains, toothbrush holders, accessories for toilet paper and toilet seats are some of the many elements to consider. Also, you can place near the sink cabinet an attractive wicker basket or wire basket. Put inside the basket a sheet of clothing material that matches the contrasting color of your choice and place a few rolls of toilet rolls inside.

Think of different interior plants that might brighten up the decor in the bathroom and also are not expensive to buy. Place them on shelves, or on a stool or a simple wooden box covered with a pretty cloth. Choose leafy plants that do not need much light. Other elements you could place on the shelves would be old looking glass bottles, glass jars filled with pretty stones, colored salts or shells.

Candles always look very attractive in the bathroom and add a romantic atmosphere. Place them on the window sills and the shelves. Also, buy colorful soaps that add the “fun” element to your decor. Coordinate colors with walls and candles. Place different colored cotton balls in wicker baskets to bring some life into the room. Towels with strong colors will also look great, fold them nicely and arrange a nice pile to add “freshness” and enhance the contrasting color once more.

Sometimes playing around with different ideas for our home decor is fun and can be achieved with very little money. Whether you are wondering how to design a bathroom or any other room in the house, keep in mind one important factor: always stick with the budget you have allowed yourself and don’t worry about ideas. They just flow once you set your mind to remodel any room.

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