Kitchen Canister Set Types, Styles and Colors

11 Jun

If you are having your dream kitchen installed and are looking for ways to finish your stunning new look or just want to give your existing kitchen a new lease of life examine the many possibilities a kitchen canister set can bring to your kitchen.

Ceramic Kitchen Canisters

There are many sets with air tights seals to ensure the contents are kept fresh. Often when looking for country kitchen canisters ceramic is a good choice as the materials have been used for many years and the designs tend to fit well into a traditional style. Vintage kitchen canisters are often in ceramic also, but of course there are also contemporary versions so do not limit yourself when exploring ideas. For the retro look opt for markets and stalls or car boot sales, sometimes second hand shops will have beautiful items in display in very good condition and fantastic prices. Newer versions can be found in the shops if you want to spend your money in the latest stock. For both options check out eBay, Amazon, Ruby Lane, Go Antiques and Shop Goodwill Auctions.

Metal Canisters

Copper kitchen canisters will also compliment a country, or vintage style kitchen as well as a more modern design. Pewter sets are also available and slightly more unusual, though you will have to pay the price dearly. Horchow stocks an absolutely amazing collection of the most breathtaking canisters; prices range from two numbers to the hundreds, but it is most definitely worth a look. Check out their beautiful handbag cookie jars to extra-accessorize your kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchen canisters are really up to the minute and can bring any kitchen into the 21st century. Metals come in matt finishes or have a high shine to give different looks according to your style. If you are looking for a Tuscan style, metals such as bronze and copper, work very well.

Colored Canisters

Red kitchen canisters are really having a revival and there are some super varieties worth looking at. Lime green and jades are also very fashionable at the moment, but don’t forget that classic blue or white tend to be timeless and if you are looking to introduce a new shade to compliment your existing colors. Decorative kitchen canisters include ideas such as fleur de lis designs in a dramatic pistachio. Again, Horchow offers a vast arrange of very decorative ones in all sort of colors as well as styles and shapes. Be ready to spend a bit of money to acquire most of their kitchen canister sets, which are little treasures to behold.

Glass Kitchen Canisters

Glass comes in many colors and styles so whilst if you want the contents on display clear glass or pastel shades may be more translucent, but if you want to conceal your food items there are many darker colors. Red canisters in glass can be particularly effective whether you are looking to achieve a retro style type of home decoration or a highly modern finish.

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