Kitchen Cupboards – Tips for Appealing Kitchen Storage

17 Sep

Because the kitchen is a place where food is prepared, it has to have storage units such as kitchen cupboards. Originally, a cupboard just referred to a table with shelves that displayed cups, saucers and plates. Eventually, the term was used to refer to a closed storage unit. The term is now used interchangeably with the word cabinet.


Generally, like kitchen doors, the material used is wood. Among the popular wood types are maple, cherry, alder, oak and beech. Cherry is usually more expensive than either oak or maple. One can also opt for plywood and particle board/chipboard which are both less expensive than solid wood. Particle board is a wood product made of wood by-products such as ships, shavings and saw dust. Melamine or fiber boards are also good alternatives.


The six-sided box or carcase is the prototype for a kitchen cupboard. The frames and the kitchen cupboard doors are made of solid wood most of the time, whereas the other five sides consist of plywood or particle board. It is important for buyers or DIY owners to choose just the right plywood or particle board formulation because the cupboard may become deformed if the material is not rigid or strong enough. The recommended plywood thickness is 3/8 inch to ¾ inch for the sides and ¼ inch for the bottom.

How to Improve the Look

There are many cupboard ideas which can be used to complement the home decoration. One can opt for raised panels or flat panels. New kitchen cupboards have slab or frameless designs and are appropriate for a fitted kitchen with limited space. You also have to think of making room for other necessary appliances like the popular combi boiler or practical and decorative accessories like your kitchen curtains. Keep in mind that these newer storage options provide a more streamlined appearance.

To maximize the aesthetic impact of these storage units, the appropriate colors should be used. If one wants a tropical kitchen design, warm pastels could be used, together with kitchen curtains that allow in the breeze. If one wants a minimalist interior design look, white or black accents or metal finishes could be added to the doors of the cabinets.

One great way of adding a unique look to the kitchen is to use the right kitchen cupboard handles. The basic forms are bows, bars, D handles and knobs. These kitchen cupboard door handles can be made of aluminum, brass, chrome, ceramic or wood. When one is choosing handles, the general look of the kitchen should be given a thought. It is best to opt for the handle which can serve its function and provide visual satisfaction to the kitchen’s occupants. Like the handles used in the pantry, the ones used for cupboards should be comfortable to use and durable enough.

When one does not plan to revamp the kitchen but just want to add some uniqueness and spice to the area a look, kitchen cupboard stickers are an option. These simulate the look of the cupboard and usually come in kitchen appliance or utensil motifs (e.g. tea pot, cups, pitchers).

Excellent Sources

A search engine can turn up a lot of online stores but only a few are as reliable as Lowes, Ikea, Menards and Sears. These companies are known for their commitment to excellence and homemaker satisfaction. Whether one is looking for cupboards for the kitchen or for anywhere else in the house, one cannot go wrong when visiting these places.

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