Choosing Your Kitchen Curtains

7 May

Changing your kitchen curtains is always a very simple and inexpensive way to change the decoration of your kitchen space. We can choose from a really wide variety of fabrics which include natural and synthetic fabrics. You can also choose a combination of both; ultimately this would depend on the style of your kitchen and the lighting as well as any ventilation that is required. Here are some kitchen curtain ideas for you to choose from .

Most kitchen curtains are made of cotton which is a really versatile material. You can find cotton curtains available in different thicknesses. For example, if you want to add luminosity to your kitchen you should definitely opt for light or thin cotton curtains. You can also opt for a combination of both nylon and cotton.

Linen still remains popular in terms of functionality and silk is another natural fiber that might look great in your kitchen especially if you want to create an elegant look. A similar option is to opt for satin curtains. It is important to remember that the textiles used in the kitchen should be resistant and easy to clean or wash. Other  materials to be considered would be rayon or chiffon or rubber fabric, which is easy to clean always popular.

Lighting is a decisive factor when we choose curtains for our kitchen. Decide how much light you want coming through your windows before choosing; if you are after a bright look go for thinner cotton curtains.

The general decor will also depend on your choice of kitchen curtains and valances; for example, if the style is contemporary your curtains should match it, curtains with a more complex design are best for the traditional kitchen and the synthetic curtains will be a great choice for a tropical theme.

Venetian blinds or japanese panels  like Luxaflex are a great option if you are looking for modern kitchen curtains. Metallic colors like silver or dark timber blinds add a touch of class to the room. They are also easy to clean and look slick and cutting edge.

If you are going for the country kitchen curtains style choose natural fibers which will also protect the furnish from UV rays. Combine your new curtains with old style furniture like a nice oak farmhouse kitchen table, a traditional dresser for your crockery or a free standing block. A cottage style kitchen can also look great when it combines lace curtain and blinds or cotton line. Large windows will always look good when dressed with curtains with printed motifs like flowers or patterns.

Choosing your Curtains

The first step when choosing our kitchen curtains is to think of its purposes as well as how it will fit the rest of the decor. Matching existing accessories like kitchen canisters or trays, color of the worktops and cabinets, is always a good way to start. Look at the lighting and decide if we want to enhance it even more, if we are looking for even more brightness, what is the practical purpose of the curtain (to cover or reduce light, for privacy, to hide certain defects, etc). Also, we should not choose our curtains simply cater just aesthetic reasons, for example so they adapt to a certain to a decorative style, to enhance a design or color or just to create the desired effect.

As with any home decoration accesory, when choosing your kitchen curtains always look for practicality and functionality as well as style.

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