Kitchen Doors – Boosting the Look of Your Beloved Kitchen

17 Sep

The kitchen, with welcoming kitchen doors, is a place where good food is prepared and memorable moments are spent. As such, it has to be designed in such a way that makes it exude an atmosphere of beauty and comfort.

Door Materials and Designs

A kitchen door can be made of steel, glass, wood, and laminate. The material that one chooses usually depends on the overall home decoration. Wood doors, particularly oak kitchen doors, complement a house with country decor. One can respray kitchen doors and cabinets made of plain wood to gain a new look. This is an excellent alternative for people who want to revamp their kitchens but do not want to waste old kitchen and cabinet doors. When using wood, one can choose between solid wood and wood veneers. In general, veneers are cheaper and are available in small pieces that can be arranged to cover the door in its entirety.

When one is aiming for a minimalist interior design, one can opt for glass doors. Clear glass can be used to create an illusion of space whereas frosted glass can be used to conceal the interior of the kitchen. A minimalist kitchen design with white decor and glass doors is always a sight, particularly if something in the kitchen provides a contrast. One winsome idea is to use a black or red pantry or cabinet door to create a focal point in a white-themed kitchen.

Laminated doors can be used when Tuscan is the general theme of the home decorations. Tuscan decor features warm and earthen colors. There are a lot of colors and textures available for laminate doors. One great idea is to go for bold hues of reds, browns and golds for the doors and for the kitchen tiles, then add airy Italian kitchen curtains to achieve that complete Tuscan effect.

Stainless steel may also be used particularly for professional and kitchen unit doors. This material is particularly advantageous for a fitted kitchen because even if the space is minimal, splatters or grease on this door can be wiped away easily. It is a low-maintenance material that is available in various colors, which can be chosen to provide the preferred kitchen look. An exterior kitchen door that opens to the back of the house is exposed to the elements. Therefore, it has to be resistant to water, wind, insects and fungal growth. A stainless door is also good for this purpose.

Door Handles

Kitchen door handles also add character to the kitchen. There are bows, knobs, bar handles and D handle designs for kitchen cupboard doors. When buying a handle for the door of the kitchen, it is important to measure the distance between two holes (hole centers) where it will be placed. Most modern kitchens start at 64 mm handles. The door handles available in the market begin at this number and increase in length in 32 mm increments.

Where to Find the Best Doors

When searching for kitchen door options, one can visit Lowes, Ikea, Howdens, Wickies and Mfi. These stores feature various designs that fit different kitchen lifestyles. Whether one is looking for replacement kitchen doors or simply searching for ideas on how to improve the home kitchen, these places provide excellent choices at the right prices.

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