Kitchen Tiles – Value Added Decorations to a Stylish Home

12 Aug

Tiles are significant additions to your home decoration. The best part when choosing kitchen tiles is that there are a lot of options. With different sizes, colors and even textures, they help a homemaker or an interior designer achieve superb designs for kitchens. A kitchen tile is not only used on the floor but also on the walls, backsplash and even countertops. Apart from being attractive, tiles are durable and water and stain-resistant.


There are various kitchen tiles ideas to choose from. If the concept involves a love for the sun, the sea and the breeze, then the best option is tropical decor. This style brings the refreshing beauty and calmness of tropical islands to the kitchen. It would greatly help if the tropical tiles are combined with kitchen curtains with Hawaiian beach or tropical flower prints. There is no need for a complete makeover as long as the area has cabinets and appliances and has a lot of sunlight coming in.

On the other hand, if one prefers an antique yet artistic and simple but elegant style, an excellent choice is the Tuscan decor. The theme of this style focuses on the elements of wood and earth. The use of this style should not be a barrier for installing modern kitchen cabinets and kitchen canisters. This ancient-modern infusion fascinates a lot of people because it gives them a nostalgic feeling. Country decor is similar to the Tuscan decor but the central themes of this style are comfort and hospitality which comes with country living. Mexican tiles could be utilized to put some natural accents. Dark ceramic tiles could be used to create a rustic atmosphere. A wood counter is the perfect match for the country theme.

Create Impact

After picking out what style to apply, the next step is to create an impact. Using colored-tiles with contrast increases the appeal of decorations. Various decorative kitchen tiles that could be bought at cheap prices make the kitchen look and feel unique.

It is a fact that kitchens can be messy because they are always being utilized. A good kitchen has to maintain cleanliness and a soothing atmosphere. The following are some kitchen tiles ideas that will help achieve the “perfect” kitchen.

To make the impression of wide space, dark-colored tiles should be used for the kitchen flooring. Kitchen floor tiles should also be durable and easy to mop, because work in the kitchen involves spillage and dropping of utensils from time to time. Kitchen glass tiles should not be installed on the flooring since they break easily. For the said reasons, glazed and porous tiles are also not recommended.       For kitchen tile backsplash ideas, one has to keep in mind that the backsplash will get all the dirt and spills of daily cooking. Thus, the tiles used should be easy to clean and tough.

Kitchen wall tiles also enhance space and improve appearance. For textured walls, one may choose either rough or smooth tiles. Smooth textured tiles result to gleaming kitchens because they reflect light. They are easier to clean because smooth areas do not accumulate dirt easily. However, if the rustic look is preferred, it is better to choose tiles with rough texture. If a decision cannot be made between these two textures, kajaria kitchen tiles could be used because they offer both grace and flexibility.

The Art of Decorating

The kitchen is the “stomach” of the home and there are different means to make it look artistic and beautiful. It could be tiring but very rewarding. With help of an infinite assortment of tiles and patterns, a magnificent personalized tiled kitchen is now accessible and affordable. Good luck and happy decorating!

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