The Art of Light Decoration at Home

5 Jan

Illuminating the home properly is essential and the right light decoration can enhance our home decor enormously when it is done right. The sunlight brings vitality and spaciousness to any given space, and light decorations through artificial lights pointing at different spots and corners are fundamental to creating the right atmosphere and environment in order to define the style and meaning of a room.

Although this type of lighting seems to be a secondary issue, the truth is that the right type of lighting decoration is not looked at properly in most homes.

People are like birds, they are silent in a dark room, and think of ghosts, but they begin to twitter as soon as they can see each other

Eliza Haweis
The Art of Decoration 1889


Good lighting should adapt to different scenarios in any room in which different activities take place, the living room being a good example. Obviously, you do not need the same kind of decorating lights when you are having dinner at the table and you are using for example your special dinnerware than you would need when you are chatting with friends or watching tv. Table lamps are great to bring corner spots to life, check out these table lamp reviews. As you can see, each environment requires different light conditions, so the main goal should be to avoid uniform and flat lighting decor.

One of the golden rules of lighting decoration is to avoid unique floods of light pointing at the whole room; an example being the classic chandelier in the lounge or general fitted lighting in the bathroom. By choosing bathroom lights that give un-shadowed, soft and even lighting you will not also add to the style and decor but also maximize functionality.

In the lounge, it is always recommended to have different types of light throughout to differenciate areas. This way we will also avoid other major issues, especially the excess of concentrated light in one given spot. By diversifying the spot lights, you can use less powerful models and types and project much more pleasant light decor in general. Nowadays you can easily find light models that dimmer and these are perfect as they allow you to adjust the illumination as it is needed each time.

It is very important to enhance the light to bring focus to particular spots, areas, corners or items. Bulbs can be used to enhance a picture or you could use some fixtures to enhance a library or piece of furniture. Apply lateral points of flooding light to achieve a beautiful effect and also bring out the detail in the texture, color and shape of any piece.

We must learn to play with the feelings that are produce by artificial light. Mix warm light bulbs with the whiter effect of tungsten halogen lights, use indirect lighting points or even play with backlighting. The final goal is not just to have lovely and decorative lamps at home; but to enjoy the effect they create around the rooms.


Many companies sell lighting that comes with remote controls. Simply schedule the light to your desired look, feel and style and “save” it within the control. Just change the options whenever you feel like it and you will not have to regulate the light manually anymore.

In the dining room it is ideal to have a lamp hanging from the ceiling that provides a warm and welcoming light. Murray Feiss Lighting chandeliers might be just what you are looking for. Don’t for get that in the dining room you really have to get the height right: if the light is too high it takes personality away from the room and if it is too low it will annoy your guests as they try to chat while enjoying their meal. As a general rule, locate the lamp at about eighty centimeters from the table and it will provide lovely light decoration over it without creating shade areas. If the dining area is too long or you have a very big table, just add more lamps instead of having a single central spotlight.

By using the right lighting you can improve your home decoration enormously without having to buy one single accesory.

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