Living Room Color Schemes: Bring it to Life!

11 Jan

Color is such a useful and effective tool when it comes any type of home decoration, and if you are thinking or revamping any room in your house with the aid of colors, you should start working around with your living room color schemes and think of adding warmth, vitality, harmony, relaxation and even many optical effects that can help us enhance the natural light of your room.

Take your time to check out what needs to be done: space, furniture distribution and other accessories should be key to decide the color scheme that we want to use depending on our personal tastes and what we want to achieve. Home decoration is NOT an exact science and the order of how and why we do things can be altered many times due to different circumstances. An armchair or sofa that we fell in love with in a magazine can really destroy our color scheme plans and force us to study a different range of colors that will coordinate with the initial piece. Whatever the case, it should be clear that it is extremely important to coordinate the colors of the furniture with the colors of the walls, textures and other accessories.

Choosing your Color Schemes

When you are thinking of color schemes for living rooms or in fact any room in the house you should stick with certain basic rules. The experts when it comes to decoration recommend avoiding more than two or three colors in one given scheme in order to achieve a pleasant and relaxing feel. The choice of color is a very personal decision, not everybody reacts the same when it comes to certain tones of yellow or red, which for many can be a stimulating and lively color, but aggressive and not welcoming to others. So, the only possible advice that can be given without failure is to choose a range which you really feel comfortable with. If you are not really sure of the color palette or scheme you want, try cutting out photographs and pictures from magazines, postcards, add bits of clothing, pins, the material any color you can think of that looks “good and pleasant in your head”. Pin it up against the walls and leave for a few days. See how you feel afterwards, if you start to unlike it then that is not the color scheme you want to go for. If you can live with your designed board for more than a week, you can live with it for a very long time.

The Perfect Living Room Color Scheme?

Depending on your chosen tonal ranges we can really speak about three color schemes. Tonal pattern is the first one: a pattern that is made of two or three shades of just the one color (for example: white, off white and egg white). This option is perfect for those who want to achieve a serene environment, but its apparent simplicity might be a little bit deceptive. In fact, it is not easy to create a tonal scheme that dynamically displays an interesting look. Another possibility would be to combine colors that are close to the color wheel, such as terracotta, brown and orange; or blue and purple. This would be the harmonic scheme, and it will add a relaxing atmosphere to your living room. Finally, we can opt for creating a scheme that is based in contrasting colors (opposite colors) like orange and blue or red and green. This is a risky one, but it also enables you create very dynamic and challenging environments.

Color Ranges

Colors can be grouped into two main groups; warms and colds. Oranges, earthy tones, yellows and reds belong to the warm tonal ranges, while blue, green or gray are considered cool colors. To ensure a harmonious result it is ideal to combine same of each tonal range (cools with cools; warms with warms). In the above mentioned scheme with contrasting colors we could use the opposite type of tonal range to highlight elements in the room such as walls, the fireplace or pillars.

As you can see, there are many living room color schemes options for you to choose from: find the feel you want to add to the room start creating a pin up board with your favorite colors, materials and photographs.

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Lovely Living Room Color Schemes

Creative Commons License photo credit: Wonderlane

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