Living Room Decor

11 Jan

The living room is the room in the house in which we spend most of our time, and so the our living room decor should really be considered as much as possible in order to make it as comfortable and welcoming as we can. We ought to consider many important factors when it comes to decorating our room: range of tonal ranges we would like to add, styles that identifies us the most, type of furniture that best suits our lifestyle and finally adequate lighting.

Comfort and Style

It seems that the choice of furniture for the living room is limited to sofas or armchairs, but the truth is that today there are many different options and we can customize the room to many different tastes and at the same time give it character. If the room is spacious, the best thing would be to create an enclosed space in which people can feel really comfortable. There are many types of distribution of the furniture, but the one in the shape of a U will be perfect to create the feeling of welcoming and gathering together.

If you are looking for living room decorating ideas think always of the right accessories to add. Follow closely any color schemes you might have chosen for the area and adorn accordingly. This room is one of the busiest in the house and we need to be practical when thinking of furniture and other elements. You should always consider good storage in order to create more space and thus allow for the place to always look neat and tidy. Many living rooms – especially the older ones – might have libraries with lots of books in them; maybe this is the time to start thinking of re-decorating the room and adding shelves to create a more modern living space.


Due to today’s smaller type of houses (at it is the case with bungalows and apartments), many homes share the living room with other living areas; this is not only because of lack of space but also to do with new trends and the desire to live in open and airy spaces. The home office, the dining room, reading room, etc might all be contained within one big space together with the living room. In a way, this poses a greater difficulty for distributing the space accordingly in order to achieve harmony and balance. We could put together different styles into one, by opting to leave the space open and wide, or, on the contrary, by using decorative architectural elements or other resources.


Indeed, we have access to many different resources in order to add independence to two or more different rooms that “live” together within the same space. Sliding doors, for example, are an idea choice for separating the environments and so they allow us to enjoy an open space when desired, while at the same time and once shut, spaces have been given “independence”.

An arch or particular type of entrance is enough to visually separate two different environments that live within the same given space. If your living room is rather a large one, you can create the effect of a gap between the environments by having two different heights defined by wooden floors. This will add great visual depth to the room. Columns and pillars will allow us to frame different areas and even the furniture offers many possibilities: from the simplicity of using a sofa to define areas to achieving different styles within the different environments gathered in the living room; decorating each one of them with different styles can look great if you think of an overall scheme that works.

Always think of your living room decoration when it comes to the smaller elements like mirrors, frames, paintings, lamp shades, cushions, etc. Remember that they should match accordingly; it will be really difficult for you to fail with any type of home decoration if everything follows the desired color scheme and style and you keep mantaining consistency. Try to stay away from too much contrast in order to be “safe” and think what sort of “feeling” you want your room to have: warm? modern? minimalist? stylish? contemporary? Your living room decor could look spectacular with a few simple ideas like arrangement of the furniture and corners that you bring to life.

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