The Importance of Living Room Lighting

7 Jul

If you are looking at living room lighting to enhance your home decoration there are many types to consider. For instance; do you want recessed lights or overhead ceiling lights, or perhaps wall fixtures will be what you need to compliment your living arrangements. You probably want to combine different types of lighting to make the most of your living area but knowing what to select can be difficult and time consuming. Do look in magazines and on line for ideas and ask friends for advice. HGTV have some very good ideas to inspire you and are certainly worth investigating for family room lighting ideas before you spend your hard earned cash.

Living room lighting ideas will depend very much on the interior design you have in mind for your room. The many uses of the room will impact any decisions you may have to make, you may have a dining area that will require a different aspect than the area in which you relax and watch TV.

As the modern home is so often open plan, the need for living room lighting designs has really come into its own. Look at the crystal candelabra, for example. It can be really extravagant and add that extra touch to your room. Each type of room has its own characteristics. The loft conversion with high ceilings and great swathes of space will need a totally different approach from a traditional Victorian home, or an ultra modern apartment. But it is always down to personal taste.

For contemporary designs that you can search by price; to ensure you do not exceed the budget and get good discount lighting and accessories try Lowes who also offer tips on installing lighting in your home.

Defining separate areas can be effectively achieved not only by  the use of particular accessories like area rugs, screens, plants and devices like partitions, but also by appropriate lighting coupled with color and furniture.

It is a good idea to take the time to examine the characteristics of different lighting types:

Ambient Lighting

An ambient lighting source bathes a room with a glow. A dimmer switch may be all you need to create this atmosphere, or a paper lantern. Wall sconce living room light fixtures can also provide excellent ambient lighting that flatten an interior and create minimal shadow. Fluorescent and incandescent lights use much less energy and give off considerably less heat then standards lights, so are they are cool in more ways than one and good for illuminating house plants whilst helping the environment.

Accent Lighting

Lighting that adds interest to an area or highlights features is accent lighting Halogen spotlights and track lighting are ideas to consider or opaque shades on table lamps can give you the desired effect. Ikea has some excellent examples including recessed lighting which can be an excellent way to create a wall of light to separate or define an area.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is used to perform daily activities such as reading. Living room lights will need to have aspects of task lighting particularly important if you intend to read or knit in your living room area. If you have children it is a must for them to complete homework assignments or read story books. Safety and health must always be a design priority when selecting light decoration for your home.

Natural lighting

Natural light actually moves and is often referred to as kinetic light. As a candle flickers, the sun moves so natural light depends on many things like the seasons or the time of day. Living room color schemes are a very important aspect of decorating, but consider decorative mirrors to reflect light and bounce color, rather than using too much bright color in your room. Well placed mirrors can double the impact of a feature wall as well as bouncing natural living room light around the room. Pottery barn have a good selection of living room decor including a great range of lighting from chandeliers to occasional lamps.

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